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The Best Multi-Pet Insurance Options

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James Booth
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James Booth
Written by
James Booth
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James is the managing editor of ProtectMyPaws and his main focus is to ensure every article on our site is backed by trustworthy research and written in a clear way. He is a self-proclaimed cat person after growing up with grumpy Hemingway and later taking in feral Louie.
James Booth
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James Booth
Edited by
James Booth
Senior Writer
James is the managing editor of ProtectMyPaws and his main focus is to ensure every article on our site is backed by trustworthy research and written in a clear way. He is a self-proclaimed cat person after growing up with grumpy Hemingway and later taking in feral Louie.
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Having more than one pet in your household can be a real joy for your whole family, especially if you have small children. Pets can significantly reduce stress, help with loneliness, and improve your mood. The energy levels in your home will skyrocket the more pets you have.

But, as your pack and pride in your family grow, so will your monthly costs. A single dog can cost you about $12,000-$18,000 on average throughout his entire life, and a cat’s lifetime ownership can stack up to $15,000. Imagine what you’ll be paying if you have several little creatures depending on you.

The biggest part of those amounts is comprised of veterinary costs. Routine care, such as spaying/neutering, vaccinations, flea prevention, and dental and ear cleaning is something you’d be regularly spending money on. And accidents and illnesses can happen too, unfortunately resulting in astronomical vet bills.

Luckily, there’s pet insurance that can help you avoid paying most of it (or be reimbursed for the money you paid, in most cases). Adding multiple pets to your pet insurance policy will only cut those costs significantly since most companies offer discounts for multiple pets.

In this article, we selected the top pet insurance companies that offer discounted prices if you’re a multi-pet family and decide to insure your canines and felines with accident, illness, or wellness coverage.

Statistics for the average initial and lifetime costs for dogs and cats.

How Does Multi-Pet Insurance Work?

Multi-pet insurance means exactly as the phrase suggests – acquisition of a pet insurance policy for multiple animals under a single name. Although there are instances where all of your pets can be put in a single policy, multi-pet insurance usually indicates as many policies as the number of pets you’re enrolling.

Each of your pets will be insured with its own policy, but they’ll be registered under your name and managed from a single account. That is the case because every pet has different needs, so they would be offered the appropriate coverage according to their breed, gender, age, size, and medical history.

The possibility of having individual insurance policies allows you to tune each one to your personal preferences. You might want full and dental coverage for your 12-year old Border Collie with 90% reimbursement rate, but you’d be comfortable with getting accident-only and wellness coverage for your 1-year old Beagle with 70% reimbursement rate because you believe they’re young and have low chances of getting sick, but require more vaccines and preventive care treatments. 

That way the monthly premium for your Beagle won’t have to be as high as that of the Border Collie.

The Benefits of Having Multi-Pet Insurance

Multi-pet insurance is valuable to pet owners because with it you get to pay one monthly premium for all your pets, instead of multiple bills if you insure your pets with different providers.

Moreover, your paperwork is drastically reduced since you’re not juggling between multiple insurers. There will be one bill to pay, one payment date, and also one renewal date if you wish to continue with the same coverage.

An additional benefit of opting for multi-pet insurance are the discounted prices. Most of the companies that offer multi-pet insurance would throw in a 5-15% off on your additional pets’ policies. Some would even discount the cost of the initial policy of your first insured pet.

What Does Multi-Pet Insurance Cover?

Having pet insurance for your canine, feline, and exotic companions is crucial for their wellbeing and happiness. Pet insurance covers accidents, illnesses, and wellness veterinarian procedures, and extends to reimbursement for emergencies, loss, theft, and death of your pets.

In a nutshell, with multi-pet insurance, you get the same original coverage, customized to fit the needs of each of your pets. That includes examinations, diagnostics, dental procedures, treatments for hereditary conditions, and so on – all depending on the specific insurance company that you choose.

What you need to be cautious about when picking your options is the age requirements and the limit for how many pets you can put on your multi-pet insurance policy.

Most companies have minimum and maximum age limits for pets that they allow to be insured. Some allow an unlimited number of pets on a multi-pet policy, but some restrict the number to 6-10 pets. It’s left to you to research and get to know what your options are.

List of the Top Providers Offering Multi-Pet Insurance

Here, we’ll cover the best pet insurance companies in the US that offer the multi-pet insurance feature. For your convenience, we’ll only include those companies that offer discounts for signing up multiple pets. 

You can learn about the rest of the companies that comply with our criteria and earned their place on our curated lists by visiting our Best Pet Insurance Companies 2021: The Ultimate Overview article.


Dog Insurance by Nationwide and what it includes

Nationwide is one of the pioneers of pet insurance. They are well known in the industry for providing worldwide pet insurance coverage, require no exam period, and cover bilateral conditions.

The company offers 5% discount for your 2nd and 3rd dog or cat, and 10% discount for the 4th and every subsequent dog or cat if you sign up for a multi-pet insurance policy.

Being the only pet insurance for exotic animals, Nationwide offers multi-pet options on their Avian & Exotic Pet Plan. For every additional exotic pet that you add to your multi-pet policy, you’ll receive 15% off on their monthly premium.

Read the full Nationwide Pet Insurance review.


multi-pet Insurance coverage by Embrace featuring a dog

Embrace is great when it comes to stacking up on discounts. Besides savings for multiple pets, they offer discounts for military and as clients that sign up through their employer. They also have diminishing deductibles for healthy pets.

Regarding multi-pet insurance, Embrace grants up to 10% off on all pets enrolled on a single policy, including the premium for the initial dog or cat.

ASPCA Pet Insurance

ASPCA pet insurance featuring a black dog

ASPCA will include coverage for pre-existing conditions on your insurance policy if your pet doesn’t display any related symptoms for a period of 180 days. Other great features offered by ASPCA are the option for direct vet bill payment and the fast claim turnaround times.

A discount of 10% is calculated on each monthly premium for every additional pet that you add to your multi-pet insurance policy obtained through ASPCA.


Figo dog insurance featuring a dog and a bicycle

You can find Figo often topping “best pet insurance companies” charts. That’s mostly due to their competitive pricing and comprehensive coverage options. Their plans are thoroughly customizable and they boast one of the best mobile apps for managing your policy and claims.

Figo does offer a multi-pet insurance discount, but its amount varies by state. It’s calculated on each additional pet premium and ranges between 5% and 10%.


Cat Insurance by VPI (Nationwide) featuring a kitten

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) is a Californian subsidiary of Nationwide. It offers the same coverage and policies as Nationwide.

Hence, the multi-pet discount you can receive with VPI is as follows:

  • 5% discount for the 2nd and 3rd pet;
  • 10% discount for the 4th and any subsequent pet;
  • 15% for each additional exotic pet.

Pets Best

Pet Insurance by Pets Best with benefits listed

Pets Best is characterized by its affordability, unlimited lifetime payout options for claims, and a 24-hour vet hotline. They also offer direct vet bill payment and impose no restrictions for pets.

With them, you can apply a 5% discount to your multi-pet insurance policy and enjoy a cheaper monthly premium.


Cat insurance by Progressive featuring a kitten

Progressive is administered by Pets Best, but if you sign up for Pets Best through Progressive, you’d receive an initial 5% off your monthly premium. What we love about Progressive is that they provide car-related accident coverage for your pets with every auto insurance you obtain through Progressive.

Just like Pets Best, you’d receive a 5% discount for each additional pet on your multi-pet insurance policy.


Pet insurance by GEICO featuring a man kissing a French Bulldog

GEICO is extremely popular with its all-encompassing insurance policies covering every aspect of life. Their pet insurance options are administered through Embrace and carry the same benefits that you’d get by signing up with Embrace.

The discount for adding additional pets to your policy is 5% or 10% (depending on your state) for the entire monthly premium.


customizable pet accident and illness coverage by AKC

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is considered to be one of the oldest, but also one of the most transparent pet insurance companies on the market. With easy-to-understand information of what you get if you sign up with them, AKC boast coverage for bilateral and hereditary conditions, burial, and cremation procedures.

You can score a 5% discount, even on your initial pet insurance policy, if you sign up two or more pets with AKC.


Pet Insurance by USAA featuring a woman holding a baby French Bulldog

USAA is another pet insurance provider that runs its policies through Embrace. While they provide the same coverage as Embrace, USAA members will receive an additional 15% off on their pet insurance plans.

Their multiple-pet discount amounts to 10%. If you’re a former or current active duty military member, you can get the 10% off as well, but you’re not allowed to use both. The maximum discount that can be applied to your monthly premium is 25%.


Pet insurance by Petco featuring a Rough Collie and a domestic cat

Among the tons of services they provide for pets, Petco now offers pet insurance. It comes with up to 90% reimbursement rate, direct vet bill option, and they even throw in a pet concierge service for free.

Regarding multiple pets, they are more than welcome on a single policy. If you decide to sign up your whole pet family for the multi-pet insurance coverage, every pet besides the first one will receive a 10% off on its monthly premium.


Complete cat insurance coverage by Hartville featuring a woman petting a domestic cat

Hartville is amazing when it comes to building custom pet insurance coverage. You can choose from multiple deductibles, reimbursement rates, and payout options to better fit your needs. They come with one of the best smartphone apps in the industry, to help you manage your policy and claims quickly and conveniently.

The discount they offer for including multiple pets on a single policy is 10%. Note that this discount doesn’t apply to the price of the first pet’s monthly premium.

Prudent Pet

Key point on pet insurance by Prudent Pet, featuring a baby pug

Taking the number one spot in the “pet insurance companies” category on Trustpilot is no small feat, especially for such a young company like Prudent Pet. That shouldn’t come as a surprise considering their amazing coverage options with no payout limits and age restrictions. Having an experienced veterinarian to talk to online anytime you need it, only aids its strong position.

If you opt for multi-pet insurance coverage, every additional pet that you add to that policy will get a 10% discount on its monthly premium.


Dog Insurance by SPOT featuring sick and injured dogs

SPOT is another novice in the pet insurance industry that offers flexible accident and illness coverage that includes chronic issues and alternative therapies as well. Just like Prudent Pet, they grant access to a virtual vet portal, 24/7.

SPOT rewards its customers with 10% off for enrolling additional pets, with the discount being applied to the pet that has a lower monthly premium.


Customizable cat insurance plan by PetPartners featuring a grey cat

One of the veterans of pet insurance, PetPartners are actual pet lovers going above and beyond to provide the proper health coverage your pets require. Their Customer Care team is a top-notch service that will always assist you with any query you might have.

PetPartners will apply a 5% discount when you add an additional pet to your multi-pet insurance policy.


Puppy insurance by Pumpkin featuring a brown puppy

Founded during the Covid-19 pandemic, Pumpkin managed to overcome the drawbacks of lockdowns and attract thousands of pet parents to get pet insurance for their pet children. We love them because they implement technology to predict future health problems your pet might face, and regularly donate to animal charities.

When you enroll in a multi-pet insurance with Pumpkin, you’ll be awarded with 10% off on your monthly premium.


Pet medical coverage by Eusoh featuring a collage of cats and dogs

Eusoh is quite different from traditional pet insurance companies. They represent community-based funding when it’s time to reimburse your vet bills. For a flat monthly fee, you can join the Eusoh community and enjoy its benefits such as transparent pricing and comprehensive coverage.

Even though Eusoh isn’t an ordinary pet insurance company, they do offer wonderful benefits when you register multiple pets with them. You won’t get anything for your 2nd pet, but the 3rd and 4th ones will be eligible to enroll for only $10/month. What’s more, the 5th and every subsequent pet will receive free medical coverage!

Pet Assure

Pet medical coverage by Pet Assure displaying pricing plans

Pet Assure is another alternative to pet insurance on our list. In a nutshell, they’re a discount program and offer 25% off on every vet bill at any vet clinic that participates in their program. What’s amazing about them is that they impose literally no exclusions and restrictions. Pre-existing conditions are covered and any type of animal is welcomed to enjoy the program.

To cover a single cat with Pet Assure costs $9.95/month and the price for a single dog is $11.95. However, if you decide to cover multiple pets, the prices get substantially cheaper. 2-4 animals on a single policy costs $16.95/month, and for only $21.95/month you can get every pet in your household covered, even if you have 37 pets.


Pet insurance by Allstate featuring a dog

Allstate is yet another pet insurance provider administered by Embrace. Besides the basic accident and illness coverage, they have a wellness program as well. Providing a clean medical history report for your pet is just another of their strong assets.

With Allstate, you’ll receive a 10% discount on all the pets that you include on a multi-pet insurance plan.


Dog insurance by MetLife featuring an african-american family with a dog

MetLife started offering pet insurance the moment they acquired PetFirst. Since 2019, they administer pet coverage policies with low deductibles and add-ons such as routine care and a pet panel rich with tips and resources.

The multi-pet discount that comes with a MetLife policy is 5% off for your 2nd registered pet and 10% off for any additional pet.

Liberty Mutual

Cat insurance by Liberty Mutual featuring a sleeping cat

Following MetLife’s footsteps, Liberty Mutual collaborated with Hartville in order to broaden their services and offer pet insurance policies to their clients. They boast highly customizable accident and illness plans and their smartphone app is on the high end when compared with similar apps in the same industry.

If you decide to register multiple pets with Liberty Mutual, you can score up to 10% off on their monthly premiums (not applicable for the pricing plan for the first registered pet).


Pet insurance by Wagmo featuring a puppy and a kitten

Wagmo is one of the youngest female-led startups in the pet insurance space, valuing technology and design over human liability. They implement an AI-powered chatbot that handles everything customer-related. Another very strong asset is their fast claim turnaround.

To incentivize customers to get pet insurance for every pet in their home, Wagmo offers a 5% discount on their multi-pet insurance policies.


Dog insurance by Odie featuring a baby French bulldog

Another decently priced pet insurance provider on our list is Odie. A novice on the market, offering customizable plans, short waiting periods, no entry fees, and no age and breed limits.

Besides the fantastic options that you can choose to tune the price of your monthly premium, Odie will reward you with a 5% discount if you sign up multiple pets with them.

Companion Protect

Dog insurance by Companion Protect featuring a girl playing with a brown French bulldog

Offering an unordinary perk, Companion Protect curates a network of veterinary clinics called the Vetwork, where you can enjoy higher reimbursement rates and lower deductibles. The rest of the vet clinics are still available to you, but with no special benefits.

The Vetwork is only a start to everything you get with Companion Protect. They offer one of the highest multi-pet discounts among their competitors. With them, you’d get 15% off your monthly premium when you register multiple pets.


Dog insurance by TrustedPals featuring a drawing of a dog playing with a ball

If you’re in for a full pet protection that covers everything on your end, TrustedPals can certainly be a trustworthy option. They offer a plan that you can tailor options like 100% reimbursement and $0 deductible, so the only thing left for you to pay is your monthly premium.

To help things stay affordable, TrustedPals will allow you to snag a 5% discount on all of your plans if you cover more than one pet with them. Meaning, the more pets you enroll in, the bigger the savings.


Pet insurance by Toto featuring a collage of cats and dogs

To all those who feel generous not only to their pets but even the less fortunate ones, Toto might be your best bet. While they deliver some solid pet insurance options, they constantly donate to dozens of charities that help homeless animals find shelter and proper care.

Toto adds a 5% discount to each of your pet’s premiums when you register more than one pet with them. That includes an extra donation, for each of your registered pets.

Multi-Pet Insurance Statistics

Settling down for two, three, or four furry (or furless) creatures is arguably always better than having only one in your family. Who would say no to double or triple the unconditional love and joy that pets bring?

Apparently, 25% of all pet owners (there are about 85 million households that own at least one pet) can’t resist that temptation and decide to take care of at least one dog and one cat.

Additionally, cat-owning homes have two cats on average, and those who keep birds own at least three on average.

All in all, it’s evident that America is one pet-loving nation. However, only about 1% of pet owners acquire pet insurance, and we estimate that about 20% of those seek protection for multiple pets. That’s not a great outlook for pets across the country, but things are optimistically moving up with an annual average increase of 23.4%

Hopefully, if pet owners keep up that pace, they’ll reach satisfactory levels in the near future.

Statistics for the average number of cats and dogs per family in the US.

Is Multi-Pet Insurance Worth It?

Will pet insurance help cushion the blow to your bank account and ease your headaches? We certainly believe so. But is multi-pet insurance really worth the effort?

If your household boasts more than one pet, chances are you’d benefit greatly by acquiring an insurance policy for all of your pets. It’s a great way to minimize paperwork and it’s very convenient by helping you stay tidy. Most importantly, it will save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

You can always choose to cover the medical expenses for your pets separately, even with different insurance providers. However, in our experience, going for a single company to take care of the matters for you turns out to be the smartest move.


Jamming your home with lots of barking, meowing, and chirping will fill it with non-stop fun and positivity for your entire family. But more noise and mess doesn’t have to mean more money and paperwork.

Setting up every little creature in your family with a multi-pet insurance policy will significantly save you time and money and reduce most of the stress when things go wrong. 
Going over this article will help you get familiar with the best options in the industry. If you want more insight into the monthly premiums for each company, visit our Pet Insurance Cost Comparison article.


Is multi-pet insurance cheaper than separate policies?

That is almost always the case. Pet insurance companies usually offer discounts for registering multiple pets with them, so it would be cheaper to sign them up on one policy instead of choosing a different company for each pet. Some companies don’t offer discounts in this situation, but in this article, we made sure to include only those that do.

Can you insure different types of pets with one policy?

Most definitely. Every company insures cats and dogs separately and they have no problem including both on a single policy. Nationwide (VPI) extends beyond this capability, and allows you to add a large number of different kinds of pets to your policy. Rabbits, fish, birds, reptiles, rodents, and many other exotic animals are covered by Nationwide. Pet Assure provides discounts for as many different animals as you wish to get healthcare for.

Will a multi-pet insurance coverage include preventive care for my pets?

Wellness and preventive care plans are almost always supplemental add-ons to primary pet insurance coverage. So, a multi-pet insurance coverage will include preventive care for your pets only if you’re willing to pay extra and add such a plan.

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