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Best Pet Insurance Companies: The Ultimate Overview

G. John Cole
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G. John Cole
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G. John Cole
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Graeme is a senior writer at ProtectMyPaws, working with our in-house team of data analysts and researchers to produce original studies and reports you will find under the Pet Care section of the site. Even though he doesn't have any pets at home now, Graeme grew up with a yellow Lab called Jake and a goldfish called Rudolph.
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Our best friends deserve a safe future. Getting the proper insurance for your pet will not only guarantee a long, healthy life for your dearest companions, but it will also help you keep your bank account balance less affected by emergencies.

All of us are well aware of how costly an unexpected trip to the veterinary clinic can be. To take care of some conditions and injuries, you might end up facing a five-figure price tag.

That being said, instead of finding yourself in an uncomfortable situation where you’d need to decide between not saving your pet’s life or going into debt, you could plan and make sure to buy the appropriate pet insurance.

It’s sad to hear about unfortunate cases where people leave their pets in shelters or are forced to put them down because they couldn’t afford proper care.

So, to avoid all the towering costs that come with all the medical expenses for your pet, getting an adequate insurance plan is crucial. In this article, we’ll provide you with a detailed overview of the top pet insurance companies in the US.

First, let’s see how having your pet on a healthcare insurance plan can benefit you.

Why Do You Need Pet Insurance?

No matter whether you’re having a newborn kitten or adopting a 10-year-old Jack Russel, setting up an insurance plan immediately is of utmost importance!

Every pet owner hopes the worst won’t come to their pet, but ask around and you’ll realize that trips to the vet clinic happen more often than you’d imagine. So, going for a pet insurance plan will cost you a rather low monthly subscription, but in turn, it can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Pet insurance plans can get from cheap to expensive rather quickly. It all has to do with your pet’s species, breed, gender, age, geographical location, and medical history. It’s worth noting that a big chunk of pet insurance companies don’t issue insurance for animals with pre-existing conditions. However, rest assured that if this affects you, we’re covering companies that do offer pet insurance plans regardless of your pet’s history of diseases and underlying disorders.

The best thing about buying a pet insurance plan is that most policies cover about 90% of the medical expenses on your vet bill. It goes without saying that making sure that your policy covers as many procedures as you can possibly get is crucial. Also, there’s an annual expense cap that you need to pay attention not to surpass.

Now let’s kick off our definitive, all-encapsulating list of the best pet insurance companies!

Comparison Table

CompanyClaim Limit OptionsDeductibleReimbursement
Nationwide$10,000 – Unlimited, Benefits Schedule

50%, 70%, 90%
Embrace$5,000 – $30,000$200 – $1,00070%, 80%, 90%
Healthy PawsUnlimited$100 – $1,00050%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%
ASPCA$3,000 – $10,000$100 – $50070%, 80%, 90%
Figo$5,000 – Unlimited$100 – $1,50070% – 100%
VPI$10,000 – Unlimited, Benefits Schedule

50%, 70%, 90%
Progressive$5,000 – Unlimited$50 – $1,00070%, 80%, 90%
TrupanionUnlimited$0 – $1,00090%
GEICO$5,000 – Unlimited$200 – $1,00070%, 80%, 90%
Bivvy$1,000 – $5,000$50 – $25050%
AKC$3,000 – $10,000$100 – $1,00070%, 80%, 90%
USAA$5,000 – Unlimited$200 – $1,00070%, 80%, 90%
Petplan$5,000 – Unlimited$250 – $50070%, 80%, 90%
Petco$5,000 – Unlimited$100 – $50070%, 80%, 90%
State FarmUnlimited$0 – $1,00090%
Hartville$2,500 – $10,000$100 – $50070%, 80%, 90%
PetFirst$2,000 – $10,000$50 – $50070%, 80%, 90%,
Pets Best$5,000 – Unlimited$50 – $1,00070%, 80%, 90%
24PetWatch$5,000 – $20,000$100 – $1,00080%
Prudent Pet$10,000 – Unlimited$100 – $1.00070%, 80%, 90%
SPOT$2,500 – Unlimited$100 – $1,00070%, 80%, 90%
PetPartners$1,000 – Unlimited$100 – $1,00070%, 80%, 90%
PetPremium$3,000 – $10,000$100 – $50070%, 80%, 90%
Pumpkin$10,000 or $20,000 – dogs
$7,000 or $15,000 – cats
$100 – $50090%
Pet AssureUnlimited$025%
Allstate$5,000 – Unlimited$200 – $1,00070%, 80%, 90%
MetLife$2,000 – $10,000$50 – $50070%, 80%, 90%
Costco$7,500 – $15,000$300 – $50070%, 80%, 90%
AAAUnlimited$100 – $75060%, 70%, 80%, 90%
AARP$5,000 – Unlimited$250 – $50070%, 80%, 90%
Liberty Mutual$5,000 – Unlimited$100 – $50070%, 80%, 90%
Lemonade$5,000 – $100,000$100 – $50070%, 80%, 90%
APIC$1,000 – Unlimited$0 – $1,00070%, 80%, 90%
Wells Fargo Health Advantage


Credit-based payment
AAHA$5,000 – Unlimited$250 – $50070%, 80%, 90%
Wagmo$20,000$500 – $1,000100%
Odie$5,000-$40,000$50 – $1,00070%, 80%, 90%
Bingo$50,000$250 – $1,00080%
Companion Protect
$50 for in-house vets$100 for other vets90% for in-network vets80% for other vets
TrustedPals$4,000 – Unlimited$0 – $75070%, 80%, 90%, 100%
Toto$2,500 – $15,000$100 – $50070%, 80%, 90%

1. Nationwide

  • AM Best Rating: A+
  • BBB Rating: A+

Nationwide is recognized as one of the most renowned insurance companies covering pretty much all insurance types. Thousands of pet parents put their trust in their policies and prove Nationwide is more than just a pet insurance provider. They’re pet lovers!


  • Up to 90% reimbursement and unlimited claims on the Whole Pet plan;
  • No exam period;
  • Covered bilateral conditions;
  • Worldwide travel insurance;
  • The top pet insurance for exotic animals.

Nationwide offers three pet insurance plans.

The Whole Pet plan includes full coverage on every medical treatment and exam supported on Nationwide’s insurance coverage list. With this plan, you’ll get up to a 90% reimbursement rate on the price of your vet bill and receive your money within 30 days of your claim submission via direct deposit or check.

We love the Whole Pet with Wellness plan because there is no exam period and no bilateral exclusions. Another great aspect is that there are no claim limits on it.

The second plan is the Major Medical plan that is intended for those who want a more affordable option. It covers full or partial coverage on most (but not all) accidents and illnesses.

The final plan – Pet Wellness – caters to those who prefer to have vaccination and blood work tests covered for their pets. This plan also includes microchipping, deworming, and parasite prevention.

Nationwide is amazing because it covers travel insurance for your pet, anywhere in the world. The company is also one of the few to offer healthcare coverage for exotic animals.


There are few letdowns with Nationwide that can’t go unnoticed. Their insurance plans don’t cover pre-existing conditions which are important for some pets, especially older ones. Grooming is also not included in their insurance policies.

The Major Medical plan works on a different reimbursement method. It uses a benefit schedule which means that there are fixed reimbursement amounts for each incident. For example, if your dog receives a kidney transplant for $15,000, you’d only be reimbursed $2,525 because that’s the fixed price for this procedure.

Read the full Nationwide Pet Insurance review.

2. Embrace
  • AM Best Rating: A+
  • BBB Rating: A+

Even though they cater pet insurance exclusively towards dogs and cats, Embrace has been doing a great job since 2003. It’s deemed as one of the pet insurance companies with the best customer support and a great discount system.


  • Annual deductible;
  • Medical history review;
  • Discounts – 5% military and 10% multi-pet;
  • Comprehensive Wellness Rewards program;
  • Worldwide travel insurance.

Embrace’s accident and illness policy uses an annual deductible method, which means you’ll pay only one deductible for as many vet bills per year.

To be certain of what’s covered for your pet, Embrace offers a medical history review conducted by giving your pet a full health assessment. That way you know exactly what goes into your insurance policy.

Embrace is terrific when it comes to discounts. You can receive up to a 10% discount for a multi-pet insurance plan. There’s also a 5% military discount and a 15% discount if your insurance policy is acquired through USAA. Your deductible is also reduced by $50 each year you don’t submit an accident or illness claim.

They also have a Wellness Rewards program, covering several benefits such as vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, microchipping, exam fees, grooming, teeth cleaning, massage therapy, and much more. This program rewards you with $25 in yearly savings.

Pet Insurance coverage by Embrace featuring a dog


Embrace’s insurance policy covers only 14-year-old or younger pets for illnesses and accidents. 15-year-old and older pets are only covered for accidents.

They also don’t cover pre-existing conditions and impose bilateral exclusions – not great for certain breeds predisposed to cranial and anterior cruciate ligament fragility.

On top of that, Embrace has a one-time $25 entry fee and a $1 transaction fee each month.

3. Healthy Paws

  • AM Best Rating: A++
  • BBB Rating: A+

Healthy Paws is one of the most recognized and top-rated pet insurance companies in the US. They really do care about animals; so much so that they’ve helped thousands of homeless animals find homes and receive proper care, by donating over $1.3 million.


  • Healthy Paws can cover the vet bill for you;
  • Claims processing within 2 working days;
  • No per-incident and annual limits for unlimited lifetime coverage;
  • Free and seamless pet insurance policy transfer.

Paying your vet bill, submitting a claim, and waiting to be reimbursed by your insurance company is how the usual process works. Not with Healthy Paws; if the clinic where your pet had their procedures done has an agreement with Healthy Paws, the insurance company pays the vet bill and you won’t have to pay in advance.

Claims at Healthy Paws must be submitted within 90 days from the day of the procedure and they’re usually processed within 2 days.

What we love about Healthy Paws is that they offer unlimited lifetime coverage without per-incident or annual restrictions. Other than the US, your insurance policy is valid in Canada too.

Another amazing thing about Healthy Paws is that you can transfer your pet insurance policy to another person without any interruption in coverage.


Pet wellness (common procedures that enhance your pet’s wellbeing such as spaying/neutering, vaccinations, deworming, flea and tick prevention, etc.) is not a benefit you’d get with Healthy Paws. They do not cover vaccinations, exam fees, grooming, spaying, or neutering.

The real bummer about Healthy Paws are their age restrictions. New Yorkers can’t get their pets covered if they’re older than 4 years. In the other parts of the US, pets older than 6 don’t qualify for hip dysplasia coverage, and pets older than 8 don’t have unlimited coverage.

4. ASPCA Pet Insurance

  • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: A+

You probably know about the ASCPA and the wonderful work they do to put an end to animal cruelty and rescue and protect homeless animals. Well, now they’ve partnered with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance to bring one of the best pet care insurance models in the US.


  • Covered vet bill or 8-9 days for reimbursement payment;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • Accident-only insurance coverage available;
  • Wellness plan available;
  • Pre-existing conditions exclusion is removed if the pet goes 180 days symptom and treatment-free.

ASPCA Pet Insurance has a good standing when it comes to processing claims. The processing time averages 8 to 9 days, but the COVID-19 pandemic might have increased that time by a bit (just like it did with everything else).

However, you can opt-in for vet bill payment by ASPCA Pet Insurance instead and eliminate the reimbursement hassle.

One of the rare benefits offered by pet insurance companies is a money-back guarantee. ASPCA Pet insurance offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with how they do business. 

If you’re a real sucker for your pet’s health, they offer a wellness plan which covers vaccines, heartworm prevention, flea and tick medication, and dental cleanings. An accident-only plan is also available.

The best thing about ASPCA Pet Insurance is probably their policy on pre-existing conditions. If your pet doesn’t need any treatment or displays no symptoms for 180 days, it’s deemed healthy and you’ll get the full coverage. Your pet’s age also doesn’t matter when it comes to getting fully-covered healthcare.


Customization of your insurance plan isn’t a strong suit of ASPCA Pet Insurance since you can do so only once a year.

Some customers complain about receiving low reimbursement rates from ASPCA Pet Insurance. According to their policy, reimbursement rates can be as low as 70%.

Another drawback is that you’ll need to pay a $2 monthly transaction fee if you don’t opt for annual billing.

5. Figo

  • AM Best Rating: A-
  • BBB Rating: B

Figo is a pet insurance provider offering one of the most competitive options on the market and no less coverage than the other top pet insurance companies. Moreover, Figo comes with one of the best smartphone apps we’ve tried for a pet insurance business.


  • Figo Pet Cloud – the best pet insurance app for managing your policy, submitting claims, and connecting with vets and other pet parents;
  • Various reimbursement rates: 70%, 80%, 90%, and 100%;
  • Annual deductible;
  • Three plans with $5,000, $10,000, and unlimited coverage limits.

As we mentioned, the Figo Pet Cloud App connects you to all things pet – from vet clinics to other pet parents. It also makes discovering pet parks, pet-friendly restaurants, and pet daycare a breeze.

The app is where you manage your documents and submit your claims as well. One of its best features is the 24/7 live vet access – video chatting with a vet anytime you have questions is an amazing benefit.

Claims must be submitted within 180 days from the date of the procedure and they’re usually resolved within 4 days at the latest. Reimbursements, which can be as low as 70% and as high as 100% (only a few pet insurance companies offer a 100% reimbursement rate), are collected via check or direct deposit.

Figo also uses an annual deductible method and imposes no upper age limit for any pet. However, a lower age limit is 8 weeks old.

Pet travel insurance is available with Figo for the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

If you’ve got more than one pet on your policy, you’ll get a 10% discount on your monthly price.


Like many pet insurance companies, Figo lacks a wellness plan, meaning procedures such as vaccines, spaying/neutering, teeth cleaning, and grooming aren’t covered. 

Behavioral therapy is also on the list of exclusions as well as bilateral conditions such as hip and elbow dysplasia, luxating patellas, cruciate ligament injuries, cataracts, etc.

Additionally, if you don’t opt for annual billing, each monthly transaction has a $2 fee.

6. VPI

  • AM Best Rating: A+
  • BBB Rating: A+

Veterinary Pet Insurance, an underwriter for Nationwide in California, was the first company in the US to offer pet insurance, starting in 1980. They insured the very famous and much loved Rough Collie dog –  Lassie and set off the pet insurance industry in the country.

We’ve covered Nationwide at the very top of this list, and here are the most important takeaways:


  • Whole Pet with Wellness is one of the most generous pet insurance plans in terms of covering illnesses, accidents, routine care, wellbeing, and prevention;
  • Birds and exotic pet insurance;
  • 90% reimbursement rate;
  • Unlimited claims;
  • No exam period;
  • No bilateral exclusions;
  • Worldwide travel insurance.


  • No coverage for pre-existing conditions;
  • Benefits schedule for the Major Medical plan;
  • While their deductible is annual, its price is pretty high – $250.

7. Progressive

  • AM Best Rating: A+
  • BBB Rating: A+

Another pet insurance company with which your four-legged family members can safely thrive is Progressive. Offering one of the most customizable policy builders, Progressive is a long-standing insurer trusted by many. Its pet insurance policy is administered by Pets Best – a company we’ll take a look at below on this list.


  • Affordable pet insurance policies;
  • Optional Wellness Routine Care Plan;
  • Direct vet bill payment option;
  • $1,000 for an injured pet in a car accident with an auto insurance policy.

Progressive Pet Insurance offers one of the most affordable monthly premiums on a policy which can go as low as $1 per day. Furthermore, if you want more coverage and a better reimbursement rate, with Progressive Pet Insurance, you can customize your plan by choosing your deductible ($50-$1,000), annual limit ($5,000 or unlimited), and reimbursement percentage (70%-90%).

They do have an accident-only policy which is even cheaper than their main plan – it can start at just $6/month and it doesn’t take age nor breed into consideration. 

Their Wellness Routine Care Plan can be purchased in addition to their BestBenefit Accident and Illness Plan and it will add vaccines, routine care, dental, and more to your coverage.

Progressive Pet Insurance processes claims promptly and offers direct vet bill payments.

Something to appreciate with Progressive is that they add Pet Injury Protection to every auto insurance policy they sell. If you have purchased your auto insurance through them and have a pet injured in a car accident, you’ll be reimbursed up to $1,000 for your veterinary expenses.


Progressive Pet Insurance doesn’t cover exam fees, cremation, and burial in their policy. As is the case with many pet insurance companies, they don’t cover pre-existing conditions either.

Another thing that really bummed us out is that they show no love for other insurance companies and don’t allow bundling with other insurance policies.

8. Trupanion

  • AM Best Rating: Unrated
  • BBB Rating: A

Trupanion makes it quite easy to understand what you get if you sign up for their medical insurance policy for pets. They provide concise info on everything that’s covered and excluded in the policy you’ll receive, so you’d never be surprised at a later stage.


  • Coverage for bilateral conditions;
  • Unlimited payouts;
  • A fixed 90% reimbursement rate;
  • Trupanion Express – direct vet bill payment;
  • One of the best pet dental insurance providers.

Bilateral conditions are a big health concern for many pets – they happen often and cost a lot. That’s why many pet insurance providers exclude them from their policies. Not Trupanion – it’s one of the best pet insurance companies for covering any bilateral condition or injury for your canine and feline companions.

There are no limited payouts with Trupanion. If somehow your vet bill reaches a sum of $65,000, for example, Trupanion will reimburse 90% of it. Most companies put a cap on $5,000 or $10,000, so you do the math for how much you’d have left to pay if that was the case.

Besides the usual coverage for known illnesses and accidents, you can add physical therapy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and behavioral therapy and training to your policy for an additional cost.

Trupanion Express is an option you can obtain to get your vet bill paid by them directly. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Lastly, you can sign your pets up for a Trupanion insurance policy from birth. It’s worth mentioning that they also have one of the best dental care coverage included in your policy.


Instead of an annual deductible, Trupanion uses per-incident deductibles, which are usually costlier than the annual ones. 

Pets older than 13 can’t sign up for a Trupanion insurance policy. Trupanion doesn’t provide a wellness plan and their coverage doesn’t include exam fees either.

Trupanion is one of the most expensive options among its competitors. They have a $35 entry fee, and premiums increase by 20% yearly. They’re no fans of discounts either.


  • AM Best Rating: A+
  • BBB Rating: A+

You recognize them on billboards, digital ads, Super Bowl commercials, and whatnot, promoting their all-encompassing insurance policies. A while ago, they started offering pet medical insurance as well. In truth, Embrace Pet Insurance is the company behind GEICO’s pet insurance offer. So, everything you can get through Embrace, you’ll get with GEICO.

We’ve covered Embrace above, but let’s do a quick recap.


  • Annual deductible;
  • Free medical history review;
  • Discounts – 5% military, 10% multi-pet, 15% from USAA, and 10% if offered by employer as an extra benefit;
  • Generous Wellness Rewards program;
  • Accident-only pet insurance available;
  • Worldwide travel insurance.


  • Pre-existing and bilateral conditions are not covered;
  • Hidden fees in the form of a $25 entry fee and $1/month transaction fee;
  • Senior pets (older than 14) can’t enroll for illness coverage. They can be set up with an accident-only policy.

10. Bivvy

  • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: N/A

Bivvy is a relatively young company that’s still trying to find its place in the market. That’s why they offer one of the most affordable monthly premiums among their competitors. However, they still have a long way to go if they want to become one of the household names in the industry.


  • Affordable pet insurance of up to $15/month;
  • Wellness plan as an add-on for an extra of $9/month;
  • No exam required for eligibility;
  • Coverage for hereditary and bilateral conditions.

Depending on the state you’re in, Bivvy will insure your cat or dog for a price ranging from $9 to $15 per month, regardless of your pet’s age, breed, gender, and size. Additionally, their wellness plan that covers exam fees, vaccinations, microchipping, and deworming costs $9/month.

No veterinary exam is required to become eligible for coverage. 

On the extensive list of covered procedures on Bivvy’s insurance policy, you can find hereditary diseases, congenital conditions, endodontic treatments, and euthanasia, which are extremely valuable benefits.

To top that off, Bivvy does cover bilateral conditions –  clauses excluded by many other pet insurance companies.


Numerous drawbacks are to be expected from a rookie company. Some of them are:

  • Available only in a handful of states: AL, AZ, CO, CT, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, LA, MD, MI, MN, MO, NC, OH, OR, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, and WI;
  • Limited payouts of $1,000 – $5,000 and a lifetime payout of $25,000;
  • A per-claim deductible of $50 – $250;
  • Reimbursement rate of only 50%.

11. AKC Pet Insurance

  • AM Best Rating: A-
  • BBB Rating: A+

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has been active for over a century, with a mission to promote responsible dog ownership. Its objective is to advance breeding, studying, and maintaining the wellbeing of purebred dogs.

The AKC has launched the AKC Pet Insurance initiative and in partnership with PetPartners Inc., a company we cover down below, and they serve as an exclusive pet insurance provider to AKC customers.


  • Multiple plans for a wide variety of pet insurance policies;
  • Add-ons for exams, hereditary conditions, wellness, and cremation or burial procedures;
  • Discounts for multi-pet and participation in various AKC events and activities;
  • A 30-day free insurance policy for every AKC member.

AKC Pet Insurance is one of those providers packed with multiple options to choose from. There’s a Basic Coverage plan for accidents and illnesses that has a $500 payout cap per incident, but there’s also a Custom Coverage plan with unlimited payouts.

The CompanionCare plan adds on even more benefits such as alternative and holistic care and coverage for behavioral problems.

For an extra cost, you can opt for the Exam, Hereditary, Wellness, and Final Respects plan to add on even more clauses for the most comprehensive pet insurance policy.

AKC Pet Insurance doesn’t require a vet exam for enrollment and offers a 5% discount for multiple pets, 5% for dogs with a passed test for AKC Canine Good Citizen, and 10% for dogs participating in certain AKC activities.

With each AKC registration, customers receive a 30-day AKC Pet Insurance for free.


Bilateral and pre-existing conditions are excluded from AKC Pet Insurance policies.

On top of their hefty prices, there’s a $3 to $4 monthly transaction fee, which is one of the most expensive additional costs in the industry.

Senior dogs aged 9 and older aren’t eligible for illness coverage.

12. USAA Pet Insurance

  • AM Best Rating: A+
  • BBB Rating: A+

USAA Pet Insurance is another pet insurance provider that is administered by Embrace Pet Insurance. What they offer is pretty much the same as what Embrace offers, except for one difference – you’d get a special discount through USAA.

Let’s recap the pros and cons that come with an Embrace pet insurance policy:


  • The waiting period for accidents is only 48 hours with Embrace;
  • If an illness is cured and doesn’t come back within a year, it’s removed from the  pre-existing conditions list;
  • Valid with any licensed veterinarian in the world;
  • Options for accident-only and wellness-only coverage;
  • Members of USAA receive a 15% discount for their Embrace pet insurance policy.


  • You can purchase a pet insurance policy through USAA Pet Insurance only if you’re a military member or a close family. If not, you can do so directly from Embrace, but you won’t get the 15% discount;
  • Pets aged 14 or older can only receive accident-only coverage;
  • USAA Pet Insurance doesn’t bundle with other USAA insurance policies;
  • Extra monthly fees of $1.

13. Petplan
  • AM Best Rating: A+
  • BBB Rating: A-

“Because pets are family” is Petplan’s motto. Their mission is to make it possible for your pets to have healthier and happier lives and reward you with the peace of mind you deserve. They believe they can achieve this through their comprehensive pet insurance policy, so let’s see what they mean by that.


  • No age, per-incident, or lifetime limits;
  • Covered exam fees;
  • 30-day free look period;
  • Various discounts;
  • Lost or stolen, inability to take care of pets, and vacation-cancellation coverage.

The insurance provider covers all exam fees for emergency sick visits and there are no per-incident or lifetime limits.

They also have a 30-day free look period and are pretty big on discounts. The free look period means that you’ll be able to terminate the policy within the first 30 days if you’re not satisfied.

If you haven’t submitted a claim for a year, you’ll get 15% off on the coverage for the next year. They also have a 5% discount when signing up for a policy online. Military members and veterans, students, vet clinic staff, and animal shelter communities are eligible for 10% discounts.

What separates Petplan from the rest is how they approach some emergencies. If your pet is lost or stolen, Petplan will cover advertising costs and pay rewards to the rescuer. If your pet is still missing or dies, they’ll reimburse the price you paid for it. 

Additionally, if you can’t take care of your pet’s health, Petplan will cover the cost of boarding your pet at a cattery or kennel. If you’re forced to cancel a vacation due to your pet’s illness or emergency, you’ll be reimbursed for it by Petplan.


It can be tricky to maintain eligibility for coverage with Petplan. You have to take your pet to the vet within 48 hours after symptoms begin, otherwise, you won’t be able to claim coverage. Dogs need to have annual exams and checkups to remain covered by Petplan’s insurance.

Petplan is also one of the most expensive options on the market, even though they provide great value for your money. 

14. Petco

  • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: B

Petco has been servicing pet parents across the US since 1956. They supply pet products and food, prescriptions, sitting services, training, grooming, vaccinations, and adoptions. Now, they offer solid pet insurance for the ultimate protection of your furry BFFs.


  • Flexible and affordable pet insurance;
  • Pet concierge service included for free;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • 90% reimbursement rate;
  • Direct vet bill payment option;
  • An amazing wellness plan – Vital Care.

Flexible and affordable is how Petco advertises its pet insurance. They surely don’t want you to feel pressured into a situation where you’d suffer heavy expenses if your pet’s life was on the line. They offer plans starting as low as $1/day. 

With Petco, you can get your pets covered at any emergency veterinary clinic or specialist in the US. They also offer a pet concierge service – pet health professionals and certified vet professionals to guide you for no extra charge.

Petco offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and always pays a reimbursement of 90%. They are big on training and grooming, so if these are some of your priorities, take Petco into consideration.

Compared to other pet insurance providers, Petco’s waiting periods are relatively short and they offer an option to pay your vet directly.

Vital Care is the perfect wellness plan that offers tons of routine care benefits for cats and dogs, including grooming savings, unlimited routine exams at participating Petco locations, monthly point rewards, and free pet food bags.


Petco used to sell their insurance policies through Trupanion, but it isn’t clear if that’s the case anymore, which can be confusing for some customers.

As customary for pet insurance companies, Petco doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. This seems to be a reason for many denied claims which cause a pretty negative but warranted response from many customers.

15. State Farm

  • AM Best Rating: Unrated
  • BBB Rating: A

State Farm Pet Insurance is essentially Trupanion. They are administering their insurance policies, so we’ll only quickly recap what we’ve covered for Trupanion above.


  • There are no limits to lifetime payouts;
  • Reimbursement is always at 90%;
  • Bilateral conditions are covered;
  • Option for having the vet bill paid directly by Trupanion Express;
  • Exclusive dental care pet insurance.


  • Per-incident deductible;
  • Pets that are 14 and older not eligible for insurance;
  • Lack of wellness plan;
  • Expensive premiums – $35 entry fee and 20% yearly increase.

16. Hartville

  • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: A+

Just like the ASPCA Pet Insurance, Hartville is administered by C&F Insurance Agency, Inc. too. That means that both brands offer pretty similar services, but have their differences as well. Let’s see what brings them close and what separates them.


  • Annual coverage limits ranging from $2,500 to $10,000;
  • Optional Preventive Care and Accident-Only Coverage plans;
  • Amazing smartphone app. 

Like ASPCA, Hartville offers a comprehensive illness and accident coverage plan with options to choose from 70%, 80%, or 90% reimbursement, and $100, $250, or $500 annual deductible.

Where they differ are the annual coverage limits. While ASPCA has options ranging from $3,000 to $15,000, Hartville’s limits start at $2,500 and go up to $10,000 annual coverage.

Hartville has two more plans for a more complete pet healthcare program. Preventive Care adds wellness exams, dental cleaning, and vaccines to your policy, and the Accidents-Only Coverage is an option for when you only want to protect your pet from unfortunate events.

Hartville also has one of the best smartphone apps for managing your policy and submitting claims. It’s intuitive and streamlined to get you where you want in mere seconds.


Even though Hartville’s Preventive Care plan adds extra benefits to your pet insurance policy, it’s one of the most poorly designed preventive care plans in terms of only including a few basic options. The reimbursement on the same plan is quite limited as well.

Another drawback with Hartville is the cost for senior dogs. After the 6th year, you’d notice a steep hike on the Complete Coverage plan.

17. PetFirst

  • AM Best Rating: A-
  • BBB Rating: A+

PetFirst has dedicated its services to protecting thousands of pets since 2004 all on their own. That is, until recently, when they were acquired by MetLife, another insurance company that offers pet insurance. Their policies, however, remain unchanged and now they administer pet insurance for MetLife as well.

Important: After 2 years of being acquired by MetLife, PetFirst has finalized its rebranding into the new company. Existing policyholders will retain the same coverage conditions as they did during their time with PetFirst. From now on, new customers will be redirected to MetLife’s website and obtain pet insurance policies through them.


  • Immediate accident coverage;
  • Low deductible options starting at $50;
  • Dedicated plans for puppies, senior pets, and routine care;
  • Discounts for multi-pet and animal specialists;
  • Highly-customizable policy;
  • In-depth online knowledge base.

Your pet’s accident coverage goes into effect immediately when you sign up for an insurance policy with PetFirst. Illness coverage, however, is made available 14 days after you enroll with them.

PetFirst’s deductible can be as low as $50 and there are no per-incident or lifetime caps.

PetFirst offers a dedicated plan for young puppies that are 8 weeks of age and covers them for known conditions most common with puppies, such as parvo, patella luxation, laceration, etc.

Senior pets aren’t neglected by PetFirst either. The plan that covers them includes insurance for most common health conditions for senior dogs such as hip dysplasia, vestibular syndrome, glaucoma, hearing loss, cataracts, and periodontal disease. Senior cats get coverage for liver disease, obesity, pancreatitis, renal failure, etc.

A Routine Care coverage plan is also on the table while discounts for multiple pets are available as well.


PetsFirst trial period is quite shorter than most competitors. While other pet insurance providers will allow you to experience their services on a 30-day look period, PetFirst only offers 14 days.

PetFirst’s coverage for illnesses and accidents is great, but they don’t have an accident-only coverage available.

Their Routine Care plan is a decent wellness option, but uses a scheduled benefits system, meaning you can only be reimbursed with pre-set amounts for any procedure, no matter how much you paid for it.

18. Pets Best

  • AM Best Rating: Unrated
  • BBB Rating: A+

Dr. Jack L. Stephens, an accomplished veterinarian, became the “father” of pet insurance by being the first to present the famous TV dog Lassie with pet insurance. In 2005, he founded Pets Best with a mission to provide affordable pet insurance for pet owners.


  • Great prices among competitors;
  • Two preventive care tiers;
  • Unlimited lifetime coverage;
  • No pet age limits;
  • 24-hour Vet Hotline;
  • Options for paying vets directly.

Pets Best continually optimizes its pet insurance plans to be one of the most affordable choices for pet parents across the US.

Their comprehensive illnesses and accidents plan can be boosted by two tiers of preventive care insurance for covering annual wellness benefits with no deductible. The deductible for the original plan goes from $50 up to $1000.

It’s worth mentioning that you can opt for unlimited lifetime coverage with Pets Best, and pets of any age are permitted to apply.

Other useful benefits included with your Pets Best policy are a 5% discount for multiple pets and military members and a 30-day free look period. They also provide a 24/7 Vet Hotline to every policyholder to get immediate help any time they need some.

Pets Best offers direct vet bill payments too and the claim filings are all processed electronically.


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, claim repayments are prolonged and are processed a bit slower currently.

Pets Best imposes a $2 fee on each transaction if you choose to pay monthly. This fee is waived if you opt for an annual billing method.

Some of the exclusions at Pets Best are bilateral conditions, alternative therapy, cremation, and burial.

19. 24PetWatch

  • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: A+

24PetWatch is one of the best and most popular pet insurance companies in the US and Canada. Just last year, they reimbursed pet owners with over $42 million in claims in both countries.


  • Short waiting periods and fast claim processing;
  • Customizable pet insurance policies;
  • Alternative therapy and hereditary & congenital conditions covered;
  • Coverage for chronic conditions if the pet remains cured for 24 months;
  • 5% discount if the pet is set up with a microchip.

24PetWatch offers one of the fastest services when it comes to pet insurance. When you sign up for a policy with them, you get next-day accident coverage, while coverage for common illnesses is activated only 3 days after enrollment. Claims are also processed with lightning speed and resolved within a week.

Their options are pretty customizable – the annual deductible ranges from $100 to $1,000 and annual coverage can go from $3,000 to $20,000.

24PetWatch is great for covering everything from hospitalization and surgeries to hereditary & congenital conditions and alternative treatments.

Coverage also includes boarding kennel fees, trip cancellation, lost pet recovery costs, and additional living expenses. For these situations, you’ll be reimbursed $500 per incident, and you won’t need to participate with a copay nor a deductible.

If your pet had previous chronic conditions but goes without symptoms for 24 months, 24PetWatch will include coverage for those conditions in your insurance policy.

On top of everything, you’ll get a 5% discount if your pet receives a microchip.


24PetWatch may be thorough with their policies, but their prices are quite steep. Their reimbursement rate is not that perfect either – it comes at 80%.

In 24PetWatch policies, there is no unlimited coverage option present and you’ll have to pay a $2.5 transaction fee each month.

24PetWatch isn’t too suitable for senior pets. Cats and gods aged 10 or older can’t sign up with the company.

20. Prudent Pet

  • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: A+

Even though Prudent Pet are newcomers in the industry (they entered the market in 2018), they manage to be relevant amidst some pretty tough competition by offering competitive coverage. 


  • Number 1 pet insurance company on Trustpilot;
  • Wide range of coverage options;
  • An affordable wellness program;
  • No limits on claims and coverage;
  • No maximum age for any pet;
  • 10% discount for multi-pet;
  • 30-day money-back program;
  • 24/7 Licensed Vet Chat.

It seems like customers like putting their trust in Prudent Pet. The company is currently #1 on Trustpilot in the pet insurance category.

Whether you’re looking for complete plans, accidents-only coverage, or wellness programs, you’ll find your type of pet insurance at Prudent Pet. The wellness plan stands out as one of the most affordable of its type among competitors.

They have no lifetime limits on their plans and pets of any age can be enrolled.

With Prudent Pet, you can get a 10% discount if you sign up for insurance for multiple pets. If you refer a friend to sign up with them you’ll get a $15 Amazon gift card, and they’ll donate $5 to Best Friends, a non-profit helping homeless animals.

Among all of the benefits, Prudent Pet has a 30-day money-back guarantee and they also offer a 24/7 Licensed Vet Chat – access a skilled veterinarian whenever you need help with your pet’s wellbeing.


While many companies offer mobile apps for submitting claims and tracking their progress, Prudent Pet still lags behind in that area.

Prudent Pet is also one of the pet insurance companies that have many exclusions in their coverage. These include bilateral conditions and alternative treatments.

The company is indeed highly-rated, but many would rather invest in a long-standing insurer than in a business that’s been operating only for a few years.

21. SPOT

  • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: B

SPOT Pet Insurance is another novice in the pet insurance industry. Despite being founded in 2019, many find them suitable and trustworthy. Caesar Millan, a beloved dog trainer and the star of the “Dog Whisperer” TV show is a chairman for SPOT and vouches for their services.


  • Flexible accident and illness coverage;
  • Two preventive care tiers;
  • Coverage for chronic issues and alternative therapies;
  • No exam required and no per-incident limits;
  • 10% discount for multiple pets;
  • 24/7 access to a telehealth portal;
  • 30-day free look period.

With SPOT, your pets will receive competitively priced accident and illness coverage that’s pretty customizable. You can choose from 5 deductible options ($100 – $1,000), 6 claim limit options ($2,500 – Unlimited), and 3 reimbursement rates (70%, 80%, and 90%).

There are also two preventive pet insurance options covering vaccines, spaying/neutering, teeth cleaning, wellness exams, etc.

What’s great about SPOT is that they include chronic issues coverage and alternative therapies in their insurance policies.

10% multi-pet discount, 30-day free look period, and travel coverage for the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico are all included with SPOT.

Additionally, there is no exam required to become eligible for a policy and a 24/7 medical helpline provided by whiskerDocs is included for every subscriber.


It’s fair to say that SPOT need more time to prove themselves as a reliable pet insurance provider since they’re still a very young business.

While they do have competitively priced options, if you want complete coverage, your premiums would become quite hefty. On top of that, if you don’t opt for annual billing, you’d pay a $2 transaction fee each month.

Pre-existing and bilateral conditions are also excluded from SPOT’s benefits coverage.

22. PetPartners

  • AM Best Rating: A-
  • BBB Rating: A+

PetPartners is one of the veterans in the pet insurance space, dating back to 2002. They are committed to serving pets and pet owners alike by comprising a team of pet lovers who’ll provide quality pet healthcare through a vet clinic of your choice.


  • Flexible coverage with low base premiums;
  • Custom add-ons for more comprehensive coverage;
  • 24/7 Vet Helpline;
  • Specialized Customer Care team;
  • TrailTrax® – a mobile app for additional perks.

There’s everything for everyone at PetPartners. Their policies are highly customizable to include base coverage that can be as low as $6/month for cats and $11/month for dogs.

Finetuning your pet policy with PetPartners can bring many benefits for the wellbeing of your pets. Adding custom options such as Wellness, Exam & Office Visits, Inherited & Congenital, and Memorial to your Base Coverage will limit the liabilities that come with having only a few instances covered.

Besides a 24/7 Vet Helpline, which is great for all your questions about your pet’s general health and diet, PetPartners boasts a specialized customer care team to help with your policy decisions and claim submission and tracking.

Another perk you get by opting for PetPartners is their dedicated mobile app – TrailTrax®. With it, you can access your pet’s medical records, find nearby dog parks and vet clinics, and receive discounts from cutting-edge partners in the pet industry.


There’s a lot you can get for your pets with PetPartners, but you’ve got to be prepared to pay for it. The Base Coverage plan is very underwhelming and lacks coverage for essential requirements like hereditary conditions and exam fees.

PetPartners don’t treat every pet the same when it comes to their age. Pets older than five can’t be enrolled for some coverage options, and those older than 9 can’t be signed up with the company at all.

23. PetPremium

  • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: A+

“Thoroughly transparent” isn’t something we usually state when talking about insurance companies. Well, that’s not the case with PetPremium – they are always upfront with how much they charge for what they offer, and when it comes to that, what they bring to the table is not to be underestimated.


  • Comprehensive Preventive Care coverage;
  • Accidents-only plan;
  • Low annual deductible;
  • Complete pet knowledgebase;
  • Amazing customer support.

Ensuring pets across the US stay protected, healthy, and happy is PetPremium’s main mission. They emphasize preventive care, constantly promoting pet health monitoring. That’s why they provide two preventive care plans that cover everything you need to stop any culprit in its early stages.

Even though in our opinion PetPremium’s website offers a mediocre experience regarding its policies, they boast what’s probably the most extensive pet portal we’ve ever witnessed with a pet insurance provider.

Their educational library is extensive and filled with research articles, tips, and routine care techniques you can use to properly look after your pet and their wellbeing.

Customers claim that PetPremium’s customer support is amazing for treating every enrolled pet with special attention on a personal level.

In terms of coverage, PetPremium offers an accidents-only plan that’s quite comprehensive and has a low annual deductible.


However, PetPremium doesn’t offer unlimited annual coverage. The maximum payout possible within a year with PetPremium can be $10,000 and that option is pretty expensive in its own regard.

Some customers have complained in the past that their claims weren’t approved by PetPremium, so make sure to note what’s covered and what’s excluded in your insurance policy.

24. Pumpkin

  • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: N/A

Pumpkin is probably the youngest pet insurance company on the market – they were founded in April 2020 and, in this short time span, they’ve managed to become one of the most robust solutions for setting up a proper pet health plan.


  • Affordable plans;
  • Extensive coverage options;
  • Modest annual limits and 90% reimbursement rate;
  • Curable pre-existing conditions coverage;
  • Data analysis for predicting future conditions;
  • Charity and donations for veterinary personnel.

It’s hard for a young business to prove its worth when there are so many veterans to compete with, but Pumpkin has been doing pretty well so far. To attract more customers they offer affordable plans that provide extensive coverage options.

Their annual payout limits are $10,000 or $20,000 for dogs and $7,000 or $15,000 for cats with a 90% reimbursement rate and a deductible ranging from $100 to $500.

Pumpkin is one of the few companies covering curable pre-existing conditions.

They dedicate their time and resources to develop better healthcare mechanisms. One such example is their use of the Pumpkin pets’ diagnostic tool and data which provides personalized predictions for future health conditions.

If you share a “thank you” note on social media for your vet and use the Pumpkin’s #arfmeowforvets, they’ll donate $5 to that vet’s clinic.


Not having unlimited annual payout options is a usual downside of many pet insurance providers. That’s the case with Pumpkin as well.

Being so new isn’t something to be very excited about either. Oftentimes, the best practice is to sign up with a true-and-tested company because you’d have access to many user experiences online. Currently, there aren’t enough testimonials about Pumpkin to draw a definite conclusion whether they’re worth it.

25. Eusoh
  • BBB Rating: A+

You may be wondering why we haven’t provided an AM Best Rating for Eusoh. The answer is that AM Best specializes in rating insurance companies only and it so happens that Eusoh is not a part of that industry. However, they do help pet owners with their pets’ medical expenses, but not in the traditional way that pet insurance companies do.


  • An excellent alternative to traditional pet insurance;
  • Community-based funding;
  • Transparent and affordable pricing;
  • Complete coverage at no extra cost;
  • No pet age limits;
  • Generous referral program.

Eusoh defies the traditional pet insurance system by implementing community-based funding for all of your veterinary expenses. It’s an amazing alternative to pet insurance because it skilfully circumnavigates the lack of transparency that comes with many insurance companies.

With Eusoh, you have a clear picture of everything you get for your furry friend. There’s a $17 monthly fee and a contribution fee which varies each month. The price of the contribution fee depends on the fluctuations of veterinary market prices, so it varies from $20 to $30. 

All in all, your full monthly price with Eusoh will be $45 on average. That’s one of the lowest prices you can get for a pet insurance plan.

When it comes to coverage, Eusoh’s worry-free policies cover accidents, illnesses, wellness, and routine care expenses. 

On top of everything, there are no age limits for pets, and for each pet you refer to Eusoh, you’ll be rewarded with $40.


Reimbursement with Eusoh is capped at 80%. That’s pretty disappointing since most competitors offer 90% reimbursement rates.

The waiting period for your Eusoh policy to go into effect is 30 days – another significant drawback.

Lastly, when you sign up with Eusoh, you’re tied to your subscription for a whole year. That kind of commitment can be a big bite to swallow for many customers.

26. Pet Assure

  • BBB Rating: A+

Pet Assure is another unconventional way to cover your pets’ medical expenses. Well, to be precise, to cover some of your pets’ medical expenses. Pet Assure has been in business since 1995 and they offer a discount program for thousands of veterinary clinics across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.


  • 25% discount on all in-house veterinary procedures;
  • Valid for pre-existing conditions;
  • All kinds of pets of any age can sign up;
  • No waiting period, deductibles, and annual limits;
  • 45-day money-back guarantee.

Pet Assure is great when you want cheaper vet treatments for your life companions. They offer a 25% discount on any in-house medical services. The discount is effective immediately when you sign up with Pet Assure and you can use it at most vet clinics near you.

Pets of any kind are permitted to apply for the Pet Assure services. Cats, dogs, birds, fish, rodents, horses, rabbits, and all exotic pets are eligible for a discount, while the monthly price you pay is always fixed and cheap. 

A single cat or a small animal can sign up for $9.95/month, a dog or a large animal can sign up for $11.95/month, and there are also plans for 2 to 4 pets and an unlimited number of pets.

What’s incredible with Pet Assure is that they are valid for all medical procedures, including pre-existing conditions.

The Pet Assure policy is not subject to waiting periods, deductibles, annual limits, or age limits either. Furthermore, they also have a 45-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their service.


Pet Assure is not meant to be a substitution for traditional pet insurance. While a 25% discount might sound nice, you’d end up paying more for an expensive vet bill than you would with pet insurance. Combining the two would be the best practice for scoring the cheapest possible option.

Not every veterinarian collaborates with Pet Assure. There are about 5,600 of those who do, so keep in mind that your discount won’t be in effect everywhere.

Lastly, while Pet Assure covers almost everything, they don’t cover grooming and prescriptions.

27. Allstate

  • AM Best Rating: A+
  • BBB Rating: A+

Allstate is just another insurance company joining the Embrace club along with GEICO and USAA to include pet insurance among the many other insurance policies they offer. There isn’t anything involving pet insurance that they offer on their own and you’re immediately redirected to Embrace’s website when you want to get a quote.

Read our review of Embrace Pet Insurance above, or check its most important pros and cons here:


  • Deductibles are annual;
  • A medical history profile for your pet;
  • Wellness and accidents-only programs available;
  • Coverage for curable pre-existing conditions;
  • Worldwide pet insurance coverage.


  • No coverage for bilateral and pre-existing conditions;
  • $1/month transaction fee and $25 entry fee;
  • Pets older than 14 eligible are only for accidents-only coverage.

28. MetLife

  • AM Best Rating: A-
  • BBB Rating: A+

MetLife acquired PetFirst in 2020. PetFirst is a company that’s been in the pet insurance industry since 2004. Now MetLife sells their pet insurance policies through PetFirst which we’ve covered above on this list.

So, with MetLife, you’ll get the same stuff that we listed for PetFirst. Here are the key points: 


  • Accidents coverage starts immediately – illnesses coverage has a 14 day waiting period;
  • Deductibles are as low as $50;
  • Dedicated coverage for both puppies and senior pets;
  • Routine care plan available;
  • Multi-pet discount;
  • Resourceful pet panel.


  • 14-days free look period (lower than competitors);
  • No accident-only coverage available;
  • The routine care plan uses a scheduled benefits system (less valuable than paying through a reimbursement rate).

29. Costco Pet Insurance
  • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: A+

Costco has paired with Pets Plus Us, a Canadian pet insurance provider, for a partnership that brings Canadian pet owners a cost-effective way to ensure a healthy, worry-free future for their furry “children”.


  • Special discounts for Costco members;
  • Accident-only and wellness plans available;
  • Blue Ribbon Benefits program for extra perks;
  • No breed exclusions and a 4Life Guarantee;
  • Emergency Medical Coverage for situations requiring high urgency.

You can get standalone pet insurance from Pets Plus Us, but if you’re a Costco member, you’ll receive a special discount. Gold Star and Business Members receive a preferred rate of 10% off and Executive Members receive a preferred rate of 15% off.

Besides the Accident & Illness plan, which covers everything from hereditary conditions and prescriptions to alternative and behavioral therapies, Pet Plus Us offers an Accident-Only plan and Wellness Care plan.

They also have a Blue Ribbon Benefits program that covers perks like pet concierge service, PetHelpFone™, and a paid subscription to Modern Cat or Modern Dog magazine.

Additional benefits you receive with Pets Plus Us include 4Life Guarantee, a policy lifetime renewal guarantee, and no breed exclusions. 

Emergency Medical Coverage is also included with a $1,000 annual payout used for emergencies such as boarding your pet with a kennel or a cattery, holiday trip cancellation due to pet illness or accident, lost pet advertising and reward, euthanasia, cremation, or burial.


Costco and Pets Plus Us offer pet insurance benefits only for Canadian citizens, so US citizens need to look elsewhere.

Waiting times are longer than average with Pets Plus Us since the company doesn’t offer automated digital claim processing and everything is done through email, fax, or mail. The lack of a mobile app is a huge letdown.

Lastly, there are annual limits capped at $15,000/year on the Accident and Illness plan and $5,000 on the Accident-only plan.

30. AAA Pet Insurance

  • AM Best Rating: A++
  • BBB Rating: A+

AAA administers its pet insurance policies through Healthy Paws. They offer lifetime insurance that covers pets from head to paw.

Above you can find our review for Healthy Paws, but here are the most important takeaways:


  • A Healthy Paws pet insurance policy obtained through AAA will grant a 5% discount to its members;
  • Option for direct vet bill payment;
  • Claims are processed within 2 days on average;
  • Unlimited lifetime coverage;
  • Annual deductibles;
  • Option to transfer policy to a different pet owner;
  • Healthy Paws regularly donates to shelters, helping thousands of homeless animals.


  • No wellness plan available;
  • Healthy Paws do not cover vaccinations, exam fees, grooming, spaying, or neutering;
  • Strict age limits: Pets older than 4 in New York and pets older than 8 in the rest of the US can’t enroll for a Healthy Paws policy.

31. AARP Pet Insurance
  • AM Best Rating: A+
  • BBB Rating: A+

Becoming a pet “parent” is never too late, even when you retire. But, insuring your pet should always be on time. The American Association of Retired Persons offers an exclusive promotion to each of its members for a Petplan pet insurance. If you’re an AARP member, you can insure your pet with Petplan and get up to a 10% discount on any plan and a $35 prepaid Visa card.

Let’s, once again, see what the highs and lows of having a Petplan subscription are:


  • One of the most comprehensive coverages in the pet insurance industry;
  • No annual, age, or lifetime limits;
  • Discounts of up to 10% through AARP, 10% for military, students, and veterinary specialists;
  • 15% cheaper monthly subscription if you go a full year without submitting a claim;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • Coverage for emergency scenarios: lost or stolen pet, canceled trips, and inability to care for pets due to illness.


  • More expensive than other insurers on the market;
  • Pets older than six face more restrictions in coverage;
  • You are eligible for reimbursement only if you file a claim within 48 hours from the moment the pet displays symptoms.

32. Liberty Mutual

  • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: A+

Known for their home insurance, life insurance, and auto insurance policies, Liberty Mutual partners with Hartville Pet Insurance to now offer coverage for all the medical expenses surrounding the health and wellbeing of your pet. 


  • Three plans – Accident, Accident & Illness, and Accident, Illness & Wellness;
  • Fully customizable premiums, annual claim limits, and annual deductibles;
  • Generous coverage for accidents and diseases;
  • Up to 10% off for multi-pet insurance policy;
  • Fully-fledged Customer Portal.

Insurance policies registered with Liberty Mutual are fully customizable. They offer three plans – Accident, Accident & Illness, and Accident, Illness & Wellness plan which can all be tailored with the options you prefer.

You can choose from 70%, 80%, or 90% reimbursement amounts, and annual deductibles of $100, $250, and $500. Note that the wellness coverage is not subject to annual limits and deductibles. In terms of payout amounts, Liberty Mutual allows you to choose from $5,000 to unlimited. 

Opting for complete coverage by Liberty Mutual will cover your pet for everything from ingestion of foreign objects and behavioral therapy to dietary supplements and boosters.

Multi-pet discounts for pet owners include 5% off for two pet insurance policies and 10% off for three or more pet insurance policies.

Lastly, Liberty Mutual’s Customer Portal is the all-in-one spot where you can manage your account, review your benefits, and submit your claims.


Compared to other pet insurance companies, Liberty Mutual takes more time to process your claim, and the waiting period for receiving reimbursement is 10 days on average, which is pretty high.

While Liberty Mutual is great for covering almost every imaginable procedure and scoring a sizable reimbursement, it’s pretty expensive if you opt for complete coverage and it gets even costlier if you add on more beneficial options.

33. VCA

  • AM Best Rating: N/A
  • BBB Rating: A+

Veterinary Centers of America was founded in 1986 and it started in one clinic in Los Angeles. Today, the company boasts 1,000+ animal hospitals and 6,000+ skilled veterinarians across 46 US states and 6 provinces in Canada. Although they don’t sell pet insurance, VCA offers wellness and preventive care services for a monthly membership fee.


  • VCA Care Club – wellness and preventive care coverage in over 1,000 VCA locations;
  • Monthly membership fees starting at $50/month;
  • Unlimited wellness exams, vaccines, dental coverage, spaying/neutering, and more;
  • myVCA – a mobile app with a 24/7 vet helpline;
  • Rewards program and up to 25% discounts.

If you want to enjoy unlimited medical exams and preventive care for your pets, the VCA Care Club can offer just that. Becoming a VCA Care Club member will grant you pet healthcare coverage in any of their locations for an affordable monthly subscription.

Their plans vary depending on the type of pet and their age. They all include unlimited wellness exams and doctor-recommended preventive treatments such as lab work, vaccinations, spaying/neutering, dental cleaning, etc.

They also have a mobile app called myVCA which stores your pets’ medical records, gives you health care tips, and provides a 24/7 vet helpline.

The more add-ons you select in your membership, the more you can save. VCA offers discounts of up to 25%.

Food and prescriptions are not covered in their plans, but you get reward cashback on those, so that’s an additional perk.


With VCA, it’s up to your selected veterinarian to decide what’s best for your pet, so services might vary depending on which hospital you decide to visit.

Accidents and serious illnesses are not covered by VCA. They’re geared toward preventing your pet from going sick, but if that happens, you need to be protected by other means. In that case, we recommend pairing VCA with traditional pet insurance.

34. Lemonade

  • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: N/A

Lemonade is one of those modern tech-first companies tending to everyone that looks for decent insurance but also values design and technology. They’ve been in the home, rent, and life insurance space for a few years now, but they entered the pet insurance market only recently, in July 2020.


  • Affordable options with policies written in plain English;
  • Low premiums and transparent pricing;
  • Impressively designed website and app;
  • AI-powered chatbot that handles all customer’s needs;
  • Options for wellness and preventive care;
  • Annual deductibles and no lifetime limits;
  • 10% off pet insurance if combined with Lemonade’s other insurance options.

Lemonade Pet Insurance is one of the most affordable options on the market. Their business model allows for low premiums because they charge a low flat fee for their costs, while the rest goes for claim reimbursement. What’s left, they donate to various charities of their customers’ choice.

One of Lemonade’s strongest assets is their high-tech approach. Their slick website and app are probably the fanciest we’ve seen among other competitors in the niche.

Moreover, they use an AI-powered chatbot for fast policy building and claim handling. Plain English and transparency are Lemonade’s strong suits as well – competing companies lack in this area at large.

In terms of coverage, signing up for an accident and illness plan is quite affordable and for an extra cost, you can add wellness and preventive care to your plan.

With Lemonade, there are no lifetime limits and per-incident restrictions. Coverage can apply to 8-week or older pets and doesn’t get terminated with pets’ age.

Not to mention, if you’re using their other insurance options, you’ll receive 10% off for a pet insurance plan.


Lemonade Pet Insurance is still in its cradle and currently offered in only 35 states across the US, as well as Germany, France, and the Netherlands, but they’re rolling out in the rest of the US and EU pretty fast.

The drawback with Lemonade is that if you have a large-breed senior pet, chances are they’ll deny you pet insurance.

Lemonade doesn’t offer coverage for some important benefits such as behavioral therapy, microchipping, and end-of-life expenses.

35. APIC Pet Insurance

  • AM Best Rating: Unrated
  • BBB Rating: A+

The American Pet Insurance Company doesn’t sell pet insurance – it acts solely as an underwriter for some of the top pet insurance providers in the US. Trupanion acquired APIC in 2007 and since then it continues to be underwritten by it. Today, APIC has AKC Pet Insurance, PetPartners, Pets Best, and Trupanion under its umbrella.


  • Various options for different types of customers;
  • No upper age limits for cats and dogs (Trupanion has one and it’s 14 years);
  • No annual and per-incident limits (AKC and PetPartners have a $16,000 annual limit);
  • Waiting periods: 3-5 days for accidents and 14-30 days for illnesses;
  • Different discount types based on which brand you choose to go for.

Depending on what you’re looking for in a pet insurance policy, there’s no doubt you can find it in some of APIC’s brands. Some of them target AKC and CFA registered pet owners, others provide for regional vets and shelter operators, and some are offered as an employment benefit.

All cats and dogs older than 8 weeks can apply at any of the APIC partners and there are no upper age limits (except in Trupanion’s case in which the oldest pet can be 14).

There are all kinds of coverage you can discover with APIC, all with usually high or no annual and per-incident limits.

The waiting period for accidents is incredibly low (from 3 to 5 days) and the illness waiting period ranges from 14 to 30 days, which is also a decent benefit.

AKC Pet Insurance, PetPartners, Pets Best, and Trupanion all offer different kinds of discounts, membership, and employee benefits. Look into each to find out about all the details.


Rates at APIC usually raise as pets age by a fixed factor for all breeds at AKC and PetPartners or depending on the breed at Pets Best.

All APIC brands have some sort of extra costs. AKC and PetPartners impose $4 monthly transactions, Pets Best adds $2 on each transaction, and Trupanion has a $35 entry fee.

Behavioral therapy is also usually excluded from APIC’s coverage, except in Trupanion’s case where it can be added for an additional cost.

36. Wells Fargo Health Advantage

  • AM Best Rating: N/A
  • BBB Rating: N/A

Wells Fargo provides an alternative way to pay for your pet’s medical emergency and wellness procedures. They don’t offer pet insurance but rather a credit card with which you’re not reimbursed or covered for your pet’s veterinary expenses. However, you can use it to pay on credit whenever you visit your vet clinic.


The Wells Fargo Health Advantage credit card allows you to pay your pet’s medical expenses at any participating vet clinic up to an approved limit. As a matter of fact, you can also use your card for your personal healthcare – the program is offered to vision, audiology, and dental clinics.

So how does the Wells Fargo Health Advantage credit card stand out from pet insurance providers?

  • There are no waiting periods for accidents or illnesses – you can use the card to pay for a procedure from the moment you enroll;
  • Pets of any age and breed are eligible to use the program;
  • No deductibles;
  • No entry or monthly transaction fees;
  • Wells Fargo has been in business for over 150 years with great success, meaning it’s a familiar and trusted brand whose services many customers use regularly;
  • Every type of medical pet health care is included – accidents, illnesses, wellness, and preventive care;
  • The most important perk, though, is that there are no exclusions. Pre-existing and bilateral conditions are almost always excluded by pet insurance companies – that’s not the case with Wells Fargo Health Advantage, and you can use their card to pay for any condition concerning your pet’s wellbeing.


Like with any bank offering credit through credit cards, there are interest rates involved that you’ll have to pay in due time. Keep in mind that if you use the Wells Fargo Health Advantage credit card to pay for your pet’s medical expenses, you need to pay the full price. Pet insurance companies will reimburse 70%-90% of that price after you meet a deductible and copayment.

Additionally, it’s not clear how many vet clinics participate in Wells Fargo’s program and they don’t provide a map search tool so you can find those in your area that do.

37. Banfield Pet Hospital

  • AM Best Rating: N/A
  • BBB Rating: A+

Banfield is sometimes mistaken for pet insurance, but in fact, they only provide wellness and preventive care for cats and dogs. Founded in 1995, Banfield provides consistent care for your most precious companions across all of their 970+ locations around the US and Puerto Rico.


  • Two plans for puppies and kittens;
  • Three plans for cats and dogs;
  • Comprehensive coverage for wellness and preventive care;
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions;
  • Simple pricing structure;
  • No waiting periods.

Banfield provides tailored wellness plans for puppies and kittens younger than 6 months and dogs and cats older than 6 months. 

There are two plans for puppies and kittens (Early Care and Early Care Plus) which cover 2 comprehensive physical exams, vaccinations, diagnostics, 3 fecal exams, 4 deworming procedures, unlimited office visits, and a virtual pet care service. The Plus plan offers spaying or neutering as well.

The plans for dogs and cats (Active Care, Active Care Plus, and Special Care) include 2 physical exams per year, all the stuff that we mentioned in the Early Care plans plus dental cleaning, urine testing, preventive x-rays, and more.

What we found impressive about Banfield is that they don’t exclude pre-existing conditions since they’re not an insurance company. 

Moreover, with Banfield, there are no waiting periods and they’ll even throw a discount of $15 for a membership with an additional pet. You can visit their hospitals during weekends and night hours too.

We loved how Banfield provides a simple pricing structure where you can get your quote in minutes.


To sign up with Banfield, there’s a hefty enrollment fee of $60.95 and you’ll be bound with a contract for an annual membership.

Banfield doesn’t offer pet insurance, so your pet won’t get treated for accidents or illnesses.

Ultimately, wellness plans at Banfield, although covering more aspects, are usually more expensive than most pet insurance companies. Their staff is constantly upselling add-ons which make the experience even costlier.

38. AAHA Pet Insurance
  • AM Best Rating: A+
  • BBB Rating: A+

The American Animal Hospital Association is the gold standard for excellence in the veterinary world. It is the only organization in the US and Canada that accredits veterinary practices and professionals to ensure they possess the necessary skills and resources to provide the best quality veterinary care for pets.

In 2018, they partnered with Petplan to provide insurance to any pet owner interested in the future of their pets’ wellbeing. We’ve covered Petplan above, and here are the main takeaways:


  • Accident and illness plans that cover a sizeable portion of conditions;
  • No annual, lifetime, and age limits;
  • Emergency situations coverage: lost or stolen pet, trip cancelations, etc.;
  • Discounts for military members, students, and veterinary professionals;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Pets older than 6 face coverage limits;
  • Expensive add-ons compared to competing pet insurance providers;
  • 48-hour window after a medical procedure for submitting a claim (If you wait any longer, you won’t be able to resolve the claim successfully).

39. Wagmo

  • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: N/A

Wagmo is a pet insurance company founded in NYC by a strong female-led team, providing pet insurance plans but mostly focusing on pet wellness coverage. What makes them an excellent alternative to other pet insurance companies is their fondness for technology and the fast turnaround on claims.


  • Pets younger than 6 get covered for hip dysplasia;
  • Extensive wellness coverage with no waiting period;
  • Simple pricing structure;
  • 24-hour claim turnaround;
  • 100% reimbursement.

Wagmo does have an accident and illness insurance plan that even covers hip dysplasia in pets younger than 6 (a bilateral condition that’s restricted from coverage by most pet insurance companies).

The company is raising the bar on wellness coverage by providing three wellness plans with benefits such as wellness and routine exams, flea, tick, and heartworm medication and prevention, vaccines, grooming, dental care, and more.

There’s no waiting period for all wellness plans and they have a simple pricing structure.

Claim processing is incredibly fast. Wagmo states that they overview submitted claims within 24 hours and customers have noted that they got reimbursed as quick as 4 hours after they’ve submitted their claim.

Wagmo is also one of the very few insurance companies that participate with 100% co-insurance on any vet bill. That means you’ll get reimbursed 100% of your vet bill after you meet your annual deductible.


While Wagmo’s wellness coverage is available anywhere in the US, the accident and illness plans aren’t accessible nationwide.

Even though Wagmo’s wellness coverage is one of the best among similar services, it doesn’t include procedures such as spaying or neutering, pregnancy and birth expenses, and behavioral therapy.

To conclude, every Wagmo plan is as-is. They are not customizable and you can’t change the annual deductibles, the lifetime, and the per-incident limits.

40. Odie

  • AM Best Rating: A- and B+
  • BBB Rating: N/A

Let’s welcome another novice to our list of the best pet insurance companies. Enter Odie – a one-year-old pet insurance company bringing a breath of fresh air into the industry. They own their entire process, and not having a carrier to hinder how they do business allows them to offer up-to-date insurance policies optimized for every budget and necessity.


  • Four most-flexible accident and illness plans;
  • Optional supplemental benefits;
  • Routine Pet Care Coverage for preventive and wellness care, with no waiting period and no deductibles;
  • No age and breed limits and no entry fees;
  • 24/7 Self-Service Portal;
  • 5-day digital claim processing.

Odie is big on customization. They offer four accident and illness plans that provide quality coverage that fits any budget.

The price of your custom plan will depend on which annual deductible ($50-$1,000), annual limit ($5,000-$40,000), and reimbursement percentage (70%, 80%, and 90%) you choose from. There are also optional supplemental benefits you can add to your policy for an extra cost.

The supplemental benefits include Office Visits and Exam Fees, Take Home Prescription Medication, Rehab, and Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care.

Odie also offers a Routine Pet Care Coverage plan to keep your furry little friend in tip-top shape. There are no breed and age limits on this plan, no waiting periods, and no deductibles.

What’s more, Odie boasts a 24/7 Self-Service Portal, applicable coverage at any vet clinic in the US, 5-day digital claim turnaround, and no enrollment fees


Odie is a pretty new and not thoroughly tested pet insurance service.

It’s great that they are so flexible, but keep in mind that the more options you populate your policy with the costlier it gets.

Spaying/neutering, behavioral therapy, and alternative treatments are some of the benefits that aren’t covered on any of Odie’s insurance plans.

41. Bingo

  • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: N/A

Bingo is the only insurance company on our list covering healthcare costs only for dogs. They’ve been in business since 2020 and you can access most of their services on their iOS mobile app.


  • One plan covering accidents and illnesses;
  • Seven additional add-ons for wellness, preventive, and emergency care;
  • All-inclusive mobile app;
  • Playtime feature for best practices for pet health and wellbeing.

Bingo offers one simple accident and illness policy that covers the usual conditions you get covered for at similar services. To up their game, they include seven additional add-ons so you can customize your coverage even further.

The optional benefits that you can include are the following:

  • Wellness Benefit;
  • Prescription Drugs;
  • Dental Coverage;
  • Cancer Coverage;
  • Alternative Therapies;
  • Advertising and Reward;
  • Mortality Benefit.

The annual limits with Bingo round up at $50,000, there’s an annual deductible of $250-$1,000, and you participate with 20% of copay toward your vet bill. That means Bingo will reimburse you with 80% of the vet bill costs.

Bingo centers most of its attention on its mobile app. Designed with convenience in mind, you can perform all of your pet insurance tasks in one place – from the sign-up and policy build-up to submitting claims by snapping a pic of your vet invoice.

They also have a Playtime feature designed to provide users with resources and tips for a healthy lifestyle for their pets.


Bingo is not available nationwide. To make matters worse, they don’t provide information on where exactly they offer their services. The only way to find out is to check if you can obtain a quote for your state or not.

Being a newcomer isn’t an excuse to delay some must-haves. Most of Bingo’s website is still under construction – a fact that can be a dealbreaker for many when comparing several pet insurance companies. But, given time, that is likely to change.

42. Companion Protect

  • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: N/A

Companion Protect is yet another pet insurance company recognizable for its impact in the pet insurance industry and an original approach toward providing special terms for pet healthcare. They have their own Vetwork – a network of preferred veterinary clinics that provide Companion Protect customers with amazing benefits.


  • Pet health certificate to provide a full medical history for your pet;
  • More benefits with in-house vets;
  • 90% reimbursement and $50 deductible with in-house vets;
  • No waiting periods, upper age, and breed limits;
  • 15% multi-pet discount.

Prior to enrolling with Companion Protect, they’ll ask to examine your pet so they’ll know if they’re any underlying conditions present. This is great because with the exam you’ll receive a pet health certification so you’ll be certain of what your policy is going to cover.

Companion Protect has in-house vets that grant more benefits, even though you’ll still have valid pet insurance with any vet across the US.

The Vetwork offers a 90% reimbursement percentage and a $50 deductible (out-of-network vets reimburse with 80% and have a $100 deductible). In-network vets are also great for providing free wellness exams once per year.

Companion Protect stands out amongst its competitors because they have no waiting periods for accidents and illnesses and no upper age or breed restrictions. Your premium won’t increase as your pet ages as well.

If you enroll multiple pets on your policy, you’ll receive 15% off on your monthly premiums.


Companion Protect likes to be safe and protected from any liability, that’s why they’ll impose strict prior approvals for many of their covered instances.

Their insurance plans aren’t flexible, so you’ll have to do with what you’re given.

Lastly, Companion Protect doesn’t include wellness coverage as part of their insurance plans.

43. TrustedPals

  • AM Best Rating: A+
  • BBB Rating: N/A

Providing your sick or injured pet with the best healthcare possible shouldn’t be a decision you have to make, but always an available option. That’s where TrustedPals comes in to offset any amount on your vet bill. Staying ahead of your furry friends’ needs is also made easy with TrustedPals’ wellness offer.


  • A single accident and illness insurance plan with customizable benefits;
  • Annual deductible as low as $0;
  • Unlimited annual benefits option;
  • Reimbursement rate of up to 100%;
  • Coverage for prescribed drugs, pet food, and supplements;
  • 5% discount for multi-pet enrollment + 5% more for military, vet staff, first responders, and service dogs.

TrustedPals likes to keep things simple but flexible. There’s one accident and illness plan for cats and dogs offering the same coverage which can be customized with your preferred annual benefits. Tailoring the price of your plan will depend on what you choose:

  • Annual deductible options: $0, $50, $100, $250, $500, or $750;
  • Annual benefit limits options: $4,000, $8,000, $15,000, or unlimited;
  • Reimbursement percentage options: 70%, 80%, 90%, or %100.

One of the strongest suits of TrustedPals is that they provide coverage for drugs, pet food, and supplements prescribed by your vet. Other companies usually provide these benefits for an extra cost.

Everyone who insures more than one pet with TrustedPals receives a 5% discount on their policy. An additional 5% off is given to anyone falling into one of the following: military members, vet clinic staff, first responders, and owners of service pets.


Even though TrustedPals offers a wellness plan for an extra cost, it doesn’t include boarding and grooming on it, and it uses a benefits schedule, which means it won’t cover more than $750/year.

WIth TrustedPals, hip dysplasia and cruciate ligaments are covered, but only after a 12-month waiting period.

We usually count not having a mobile app as a drawback too.

44. Pawp
  • AM Best Rating: N/A
  • BBB Rating: N/A

Pawp pledges that if you opt for their services, you’ll never have to find yourself in a position to choose between your pet’s life or a vet bill. They are a newcomer in the pet industry, but they actually offer an alternative way to ensure the future of your pet’s prosperity.


  • Coverage for life-threatening emergencies;
  • Emergency fund of $3,000 that you can use once per year;
  • Low monthly membership – $19;
  • Cover up to 6 pets on the same plan;
  • Pre-existing conditions included.

For a flat monthly membership of only $19, Pawp will cover your pet for any emergency concerning your pet’s life. You can use their emergency fund, which rounds out at $3,000 per year, once a year to get reimbursed for the costs when an emergency procedure is performed on your pet.

The most common life-threatening emergencies that are covered by Pawp are:

  • Poisoning;
  • Difficulties while breathing and choking;
  • Severe blockages;
  • Seizures;
  • Severe injuries, both internal and external;
  • Anything else that your vet will define as an emergency.

Amazingly, you can cover up to 6 pets in your household on the same emergency plan with Pawp (remember that you can use their fund only for one emergency every year).

For some extra peace of mind, Pawp won’t deny you reimbursement even if your pet’s emergency originated from a pre-existing condition. Pet insurance companies almost always exclude pre-existing conditions from their coverage.


With Pawp, you need to contact your vet through a video call so they can confirm that your pet’s situation is in fact an emergency. That’s the only way your Pawp emergency fund can be activated.

Pawp is great for one emergency, but it won’t help with anything else. Older pets usually require several trips to the vet clinic each year, so looking into a pet insurance plan might be a smarter decision. 

45. Toto

  • AM Best Rating: A-
  • BBB Rating: A+

Toto joins the newcomers in the pet insurance space with a mission to become the best pet insurance in America. They want all pet parents to develop a responsibility to meet the needs of their pets and the less fortunate animals in their communities.


  • Customizable plans to fit every budget;
  • A wellness plan for an additional cost;
  • Short waiting periods;
  • Fast claim processing;
  • 20% of the profit goes to charity.

Toto offers three accident and illness plans that provide the same coverage for cats and dogs but only differ in the maximum amount they can reimburse in a year. Those annual limits round up to $2,500, $7,500, and $15,000.

To further optimize your plan to better fit your monthly budget, you can choose your reimbursement rate that ranges from 70% to 90% and your annual deductible – $100, $250, or $500.

Toto covers everything from hip dysplasia and hereditary conditions to alternative therapies and final respects. They also offer an optional wellness plan which includes microchipping, vaccines, dental cleaning, and much more.

Besides their short waiting periods (2 days for accidents and 14 days for illnesses), Toto does one of the fastest claim processing – all claims are resolved within 3-4 days on average.

On top of everything, Toto states that they’ll donate a dollar on every $5 they earn to a selected charity on your behalf.


It was hard to find any flaws with Toto, but we certainly spotted a few. The pet insurance company won’t cover your pet for breeding, grooming, parasites, and experimental treatments.

Pets older than 4 won’t receive coverage for final respects and pets older than 9 are also denied coverage for inherited and congenital conditions.

What to Look for When Buying Pet Insurance

As you can notice, there’s an overwhelming number of pet insurance companies in the industry, and deciding on just one is no easy feat. Being uninformed and making a rash decision can leave you tied with a policy that’s not suitable for your pet’s needs and provides a value that doesn’t meet its cost.

With that in mind, finding an insurance provider that’s a proper fit for your budget and your pet’s age, size, breed, and medical history may require some research, but that’s why we’re here. The following are the factors you need to consider that will help you discover an adequate service, tailored to your specific requirements.

Company Rating

Even if a pet insurance company offers seemingly cheap coverage and claims that it will allegedly reimburse you for everything you pay at the vet clinic, you can’t take their word for it without doing some background checks first. Without making it sound too intimidating, you just need to read between the lines, so to say.

First, look up every company on your list and check some online reviews and real user testimonies. You can start from the list we’ve carefully compiled; we regularly scout the pet healthcare industry and review every pet insurance provider we stumble upon.

Another important factor to consider, which we always include in our reviews, is the financial stability rating and marketplace trust of each company:

  • AM Best Rating – AM Best specializes in credit rating insurance companies. It assigns letter grades to each rated company to demonstrate their financial strength and stability. Grades can go from D (poor) to A++ (superior). The AM Best rating is a good indicator of how safe a company is in terms of staying in business for the foreseeable future and always paying its dues on time.
  • BBB Rating – The Better Business Bureau rates companies to specify the degree of confidence they instill in their customers. Companies’ trustworthiness and the efforts they make in resolving potential complaints are all part of the BBB’s letter-grade rating system that ranges from F to A+.

Pet Healthcare Coverage

Going through every single instance that’s covered by a pet insurance company’s policy is extremely important. Every company is obligated to specify the conditions on how they operate and what accidents and illnesses they cover for pets, so make sure to read these documents thoroughly and ask questions if you don’t understand everything.

This way you’ll know exactly what to expect. Have in mind that most, if not all, companies don’t cover pre-existing conditions and they’ll require a thorough vet exam before they successfully enroll your pet.

Taking this exam and sending the report to your targeted companies will remove the hassle of doing most of the research yourself because they’ll let you know what they’d cover your pet for based on its medical report.

Going through the “what’s not covered” list helps with better decision-making as well.

Coverage Limits

Visiting the vet because your dog has severe intoxication can result in a costly intervention, sometimes with a $4,000+ price tag attached to it. But, saving the animal’s life is always worth it. However, finding out that you have to pay thousands of dollars from your pocket, even though you had pet insurance, is never a pleasant surprise.

Understanding how your coverage works will prevent many future headaches concerning your pet’s wellbeing. Not knowing that your insurance policy only covers accidents that cost up to $2,500 a year can result in you paying a hefty sum if a misfortune like the one above happens to your pet.

Annual Limits

Every pet insurance company has annual claim limits on the amount of money they will reimburse you for your veterinary costs. So, if you opt for a plan with an annual limit of $10,000, that’s how much your total vet bills can be in a single year. If you submit claims that surpass this amount, you’ll have to pay the difference yourself.

Pet insurance companies offer annual limits that can range from $1,000 to $30,000. Many companies even offer unlimited claim options.

In addition, some companies have lifetime claim limits that you can use for your pet’s entire lifetime (for example $300,000). Others impose per-incident limits, which aren’t our favorite method because they’re usually costlier.


A deductible is a pre-set amount of money that you have to pay before you can be reimbursed by your pet insurance company.

The best practice is to always look for a pet insurance company that requires an annual deductible when you’re resolving a claim. That means you’d only have to pay out of your pocket once a year. Some companies use per-incident deductibles that you have to pay every time a different incident occurs.

Depending on your plan, deductibles can range from as little as $0 to a maximum of $1,000.

Reimbursement Percentage

After you submit a claim and meet your deductible, it’s time to get reimbursed. Pet insurance companies would often reimburse you with 80% or 90% of your vet bill, but some only reimburse with 70%, and others are more generous and offer a 100% reimbursement rate.

The rest of the amount is called co-payment and is your responsibility to pay. If your policy grants 80% in reimbursement, you’d have to participate with a 20% co-payment.


A lot goes into the custom quote you’ll receive from your preferred pet insurance companies. Every provider charges a flat fee towards your monthly premium and then tailors the pricing towards your pet’s type and needs.

The variables that insurance companies take into account when preparing your quote include the species of your pet, their breed, gender, age, and location. For example, older dogs are more prone to illnesses than younger dogs. So naturally, the monthly premium for a 13-year-old dog would be a lot more expensive than the one for a 4-year old dog.

The limits that we’ve discussed above affect the price of your premium as well. The higher your policy’s limit, deductible, and reimbursement percentage are, the lower the price of your premium will be. And vice versa.

Adding more to your coverage (wellness, preventive care, emergencies, etc.) also adds up to the monthly price you’ll pay to your insurance company.

Take note that some companies even have one-time fees for enrollment and some put fees on each transaction.

At ProtectMyPaws, we provide a Pet Insurance Cost Comparison article where you can learn more about the different pricing criteria of many pet insurance companies and see how they compare to each other.


Pets can go without pet insurance. But whenever something unfortunate happens, you better be prepared to take a hit to your bank account.

That’s why opting for pet insurance or some alternative pet healthcare plan is always a good choice. It’s another monthly cost added to the many bills you have, but it’s totally worth it in the long run. 

To wrap up, whenever you need help with pet insurance, head over to our blog for more resources and helpful tips on how to discover the most suitable option for you.


What pet insurance do vets recommend?

There’s never one pet insurance company that towers above the rest. Every pet has different predispositions and needs and every pet owner has a different budget. That’s why one pet insurance company can’t tend to every particular need. But, there are a few companies that usually top the “best insurance companies” list among which are Nationwide, Healthy Paws, Pets Best, Trupanion, and Embrace. If those don’t fit your bill, you can always refer to our list for alternatives.

Is pet insurance really worth it?

There’s always that impression that insurance companies are there only to take your money while giving back very little. The truth is, buying pet insurance can save you thousands of dollars in the long run, and it’s the better option when the alternative may involve spending your whole savings.

Do most vets take pet insurance?

The overall answer is yes. Pet insurance works differently than human insurance where you need to find a doctor or clinic that’s compatible with your insurance company. With pet insurance, you can visit any veterinarian and submit a claim yourself to get reimbursed by your insurance provider.

What is not covered by pet insurance?

Every pet insurance company provides different coverage regarding accidents, illnesses, wellness, and preventive care for pets. However, there’s a pattern they all follow. The conditions that are usually not covered are the following: pre-existing conditions, hereditary and congenital disorders, bilateral conditions, grooming, pregnancy and breeding procedures, etc.

How do insurance providers know about pre-existing conditions?

Pet insurance companies usually ask for a complete vet exam before you can apply for a policy to see what underlying conditions the pet may have. They do so to protect themselves from any liability and ensure that you don’t apply for a policy only when you need one. Some companies require your permission to comb through your pet’s medical history and see if there were any pre-existing conditions that they aren’t obligated to cover.

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