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Pawp Pet Coverage Review

Pawp pet coverage review featuring a drawing of a dog sleeping
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G. John Cole
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Founded in 2018, Pawp Inc. is one of the few companies that provide pet owners with healthcare assistance in a non-traditional way.

Pawp Pet Health Coverage is not an insurance coverage plan but rather a Digital Pet Health Clinic providing televet services and affordable pet coverage for veterinary treatments for life-threatening emergency situations.

Pawp accepts all puppies, kittens, and adult pets of all ages and breeds on their program. With the televet service, pet parents have the ability to consult a veterinary professional over video calls whenever they want to and use an emergency fund once per year.

All of Pawp’s services are available at a flat monthly fee, with no upsells and hidden costs.

This pet health coverage can be a godsend whenever pet owners need to deal with financial stress while they’re experiencing an already stressful situation regarding their dog’s or cat’s life.

To learn every tiny detail that’s attached to Pawp’s pet coverage plan, read on our Pawp pet coverage review and decide whether you find their features more suitable than a traditional pet insurance policy.

Pawp’s Pros & Cons

No exam is required prior to enrollment.Covers only one vet bill per year.
Coverage is with any licensed veterinarian throughout the USA.No option for unlimited annual claim benefits.
No copayment and deductible.No coverage for critical and urgent emergencies. Only life-threatening emergencies are funded.
No minimum or maximum age restriction for pets.The emergency fund is released only with confirmation by one of Pawp’s veterinary professionals.
Coverage for pre-existing conditions.A waiting period of 14 days.
One coverage plan for up to 6 pets from a single family.Pet owners have a 4-hour time limit to use their emergency fund once it has been approved by Pawp.
Direct vet bill payment.No mobile apps for Android and iOS.
Discounted price as a part of an employee benefits program.
Unlimited video chat calls with a veterinary professional.
Low flat monthly fee.

Pawp’s Key Attributes

  1. Underwriter: Pawp is not an insurance company, therefore, it’s not underwritten by anyone. What they do is provide one-time emergency relief from a fund they collect from policyholders.
    • AM Best Rating: N/A
    • BBB Rating: A+
  2. Exam period: Pawp doesn’t require a complete physical exam to be performed for their pet before you apply for their coverage. They are very flexible in this regard and cover life-threatening emergencies even if they are a result of hereditary, congenital, or pre-existing conditions;
  3. Increase in monthly premium: The are no increasing monthly premium with Pawp as is the case with pet insurance companies who increase their premiums over time as to match the pet’s age and the inflation costs of veterinary services where you live Your flat monthly fee will remain the same until the termination of your Pawp’s policy;
  4. Claim submission time limit: You do not have to file any claims with Pawp after your emergency fund has been approved. You should simply notify your vet clinic about your Pawp’s pet coverage policy and they will be paid directly by Pawp upon a simple phone call;
  5. Claim processing times: After the emergency treatment by your veterinarian, your vet clinic can get paid by Pawp within 30 minutes after contacting Pawp about your itemized invoice;
  6. Waiting periods: You can start video chatting with a Pawp’s veterinary professional as soon as you sign up for their program. However, to be able to use their emergency fund, you’d need to wait 14 days from the moment of your enrollment:
    • Emergency situations – 14 days;
    • Illnesses – N/A;
    • Wellness – N/A;
    • Orthopedic conditions – N/A.
  7. Pet emergency coverage with Pawp is valid anywhere in the United States, as long as it’s with a licensed veterinarian or an emergency vet clinic;
  8. Pawp includes coverage for injuries that might affect bilateral conditions such as cruciate ligament events.

Pawp’s Coverage Plan

Pawp Pet Health Coverage offers one plan providing protection against stressful situations when your cat’s or dog’s life is in immediate danger – the plan is actually an emergency fund that covers up to $3,000 on a single veterinary office visit per year.

The Pawp Emergency Fund is meant for all of those instances when you have no other options but to take your pet immediately to the vet in order to save their life or relieve them from the pain they might be experiencing.

All incidents that can unexpectedly happen to your pet are covered by this plan. A myriad of issues related to injuries such as bone fractures, ingestion of foreign or toxic materials, facial trauma, external or internal injuries, and much more.

Exam fees during emergency vet visits and diagnostics for injuries that require emergency care are included as well.

What you need to remember about the Pawp Emergency fund is that it can only be activated after the mandatory waiting period of 14 days. There are no deductibles on it, and you can fully use the funds in it with no copayment on your side, as long as your veterinary itemized invoice doesn’t surpass the amount of $3,000.

Ultimately, this emergency veterinary assistance by Pawp can be used to cover up to 6 pets in your family on a single plan for a single monthly fee. Note that you can use the fund only once per policy year and only for one of the pets registered on the plan.

  • Annual coverage limits: $3,000;
  • Annual deductibles: $0;
  • Waiting period: 14 days;
  • Reimbursement percentages: 100%.

It is also very important to remember that in order to have your emergency fund activated, you would need to contact a Pawp veterinary professional on a face-to-face video call. They will discuss your pet’s situation with you and determine if they should release your funds based on their assessment.

If your pet’s situation is, in fact, a life-threatening emergency, you’ll be allowed to access your Pawp’s emergency fund to treat your pet at a vet clinic within 4 hours from the moment of your emergency fund approval. 

A great thing about this plan is that it doesn’t impose any minimum or maximum age restrictions for any of your pets. It’s also worth mentioning that you can use the fund with any licensed veterinarian anywhere in the US.

Note that the Pawp emergency fund takes care of the costs for the initial medical care provided to your pet. If you need to appoint additional follow-ups and other medical procedures, you’d need to pay the expenses yourself or acquire a different pet insurance service.

What’s Covered With a Pawp’s Policy

As we mentioned above, Pawp will cover your pet only if your assigned veterinary professional determines that your pet is in a life-threatening situation and requires immediate emergency care.

Each emergency situation can be different and since each pet is unique, qualifying for the emergency fund is strongly dependent on the pet’s unique characteristics such as age, breed, weight, etc.

The following is a list of coverable instances provided with each Pawp pet emergency policy:

  • Life-threatening accidents;
  • Severe external and internal injuries such as broken bones and facial trauma, poisoning, foreign and/or toxic material ingestions, wounds, burns, tears, cuts, sprains, bite, and much more;
  • Choking and difficulty breathing;
  • Severe blockages;
  • Pre-existing conditions that lead to unexpected worsening of the pet’s health condition;
  • Prescribed medications and IV fluids – only if prescribed by your vet and FDA-approved;
  • Medical supplies used for treating injuries such as splints and bandages, casts, band-aids, specific powders and creams, etc.;
  • Lab test and diagnostic tools – MRI and CT scans, X-rays and radiology, ultrasound, and more;
  • Blood panel, urinalysis, and similar tests for the related emergency;
  • Coverage for poison control and consultations;
  • Surgery and hospital care that haven’t been scheduled beforehand;
  • Diagnostics, consultations, in-house tests, and exam fees for the related emergency.

What’s Excluded From Pawp’s Pet Coverage

To be sure whether your pet will be covered by Pawp while they are experiencing a serious emergency episode, you’d need to check with one of Pawp’s veterinary professionals.

Based on your pet’s condition, they will assess the situation and determine the level of urgency. Pawp defines 4 urgency categories, of which only the first (life-threatening) is covered with their emergency fund: 

  1. LIFE-THREATENING EMERGENCY – Immediately seek veterinary assistance for your pet’s condition; something that cannot be delayed – Covered;
  2. CRITICAL – It is recommended that you should take your pet to the vet clinic as soon as possible or within the next 24 hours – Not covered;
  3. URGENT – You must take your pet to the vet within the next 3 days or the soonest appointment you can schedule – Not covered;
  4. NON-URGENT – It is recommended that you should see a vet for your pet’s condition in the near future – Not covered.

The following are all of the exclusions where the Pawp emergency fund won’t provide any coverage for your unexpected veterinary expenses:

  • Any pre-scheduled appointment;
  • Deworming;
  • Vaccinations;
  • Non-life-threatening emergencies;
  • Illnesses and chronic conditions;
  • Ultrasounds or X-rays not related to an emergency situation;
  • Routine check-ups and wellness exams;
  • Spaying or neutering;
  • Prescription medications used for treating injuries and illnesses not deemed an emergency;
  • Surgeries that are scheduled ahead;
  • Routine care such as dental cleaning and oral health treatments;
  • Follow-up visits even if they are related to the initial emergency situation;
  • Pre-existing conditions that are not a direct cause for the emergency situation;
  • Secondary health issues that are not a result from the emergency;
  • Emergencies that arise or result from complications from breeding or pregnancy issues;
  • Routine dental services including any endodontic and orthodontic procedures;
  • Boarding with a kennel or cattery;
  • Any cosmetic or elective procedures;
  • Experimental procedures;
  • Cases where the treating vet identifies signs of physical abuse.

Extra Features

Besides the emergency fund, Pawp provides a few more extra perks that can certainly come in handy in a variety of situations.

Telehealth Video Chat

Pawp pet coverage telehealth featuring a cat, a dog, and a laptop

Your Pawp membership includes 24/7 access to a list of licensed veterinary professionals that you can contact via face-to-face video calls.

Even though Pawp’s veterinary professionals are prohibited by law to provide a diagnosis or a prescription and their virtual consultations do not substitute in-person veterinary care, their services are great as an addition to your regular vet visits and check-ups.

Through this service, professionals can advise, guide, or give recommendations to pet parents concerning future actions they can undertake toward their pet’s health, illness or injury.

These professionals are also highly skilled in determining the urgency of your situation and would know the best if you need to immediately seek attention from a licensed veterinarian based on your report of your pet’s current medical state which you can supplement by adding videos and images.

Pawp Perks

The Pawp Perks program is an employee benefits bundle offered to teams. It is one way of maintaining employee retention and elevating employee satisfaction and productivity.

As an option intended for companies and start-ups, Pawp Perks comes with several benefits that employees can learn to appreciate and employers can use to bring their teams closer together:

  • Exclusive pricing;
  • Custom landing page;
  • Shareable guides & content;
  • Portal to track enrollment;
  • Welcome gift for users;
  • Reporting insights.

The company can choose whether to subsidize the payments in the name of their employees or allow them to access Pawp’s services at a discounted price of $17/month (normally $24/month).

By becoming a partner with Pawp, you demonstrate that your team’s well-being and mental health are a priority to you. You also express that you care about saving them precious time and money and reducing their stress.

Gift Pawp

Pawp makes their services giftable as well. You can choose to surprise a pet parent that means a lot to you and gift them something meaningful.

For this purpose, Pawp offers a giftable membership of Pawp’s Pet Digital Health Clinic for 6 months that you can purchase and present to your close ones. It comes with all the benefits that we’ve discussed throughout this review.

Currently (December 2021), this 6-month Pawp membership costs $99 instead of the usual price of $144.

Pawp’s Pet Coverage Pricing Plan

Pawp’s Pet Health Coverage Plan costs a flat monthly fee of $24. The price is always fixed and doesn’t increase over time, unlike insurance premiums that come with regular pet insurance products.

Note that the price is the same no matter your cat’s or dog’s age, breed, size, underlying conditions, or location. Pet insurers are very careful with these details and factor them in when they build their premiums.

Discounts and Savings

Pawp is one of the most affordable pet healthcare programs out there, to begin with. But even then, there are a few ways that you can make use of and bring down the monthly fee even lower than it normally is.

We described one of those ways just above – The Pawp Perks product. With it, you can pay $17/month instead of the usual $24/month (that is if your employer offers it as an employee benefit).

The second way which currently* works is the promo code PICKLES20 which you can use at checkout to score 20% off on your monthly fee. That way, you’ll pay $19.20/month instead of $24/month.

How Does Pawp Compare With Its Competitors?

We dedicate this section to comparing all aspects of Pawp’s services with other important players in the pet insurance space.

In our opinion, this aspect of assessing a product is crucial if we are to better understand the money/value correlation.

Here, all of the important features of Pawp will stack against those of Embrace, 24PetWatch, and Nationwide – the most prominent leaders in the industry. Check out the charts below to see who’s winning more points according to your criteria.

Pawp vs. Embrace

Most people go for the tried and tested variant whether they’re considering a dairy product or a pet insurance service.

Embrace is a big name in the pet health coverage sector and many pet owners find them reliable, affordable, and easily accessible.

They constantly offer discounts for their products so you could always enjoy their benefits.

Coverage Effective USAWorldwide
Reimbursement100%Choice of 70%, 80%, or 90% of covered expenses
Co-Payment0%10%, 20%, or 30%
Deductible$0$200 – $1,000
Type of DeductibleNot applicableAnnual
Claim Limit Options$3,000$5,000 – $30,000
Accident-Only PlanAvailableAvailable
Wellness PlanNot availableAvailable
Unlimited Benefits Plan NoNo
Illness Waiting PeriodNot applicable14 days
Accident Waiting Period14 days2 days
Cruciate Ligament Waiting PeriodNot applicable6 months (14 days with orthopedic report card)
Bilateral ExclusionsNoYes
Chronic ConditionsNoYes
Hereditary and Congenital ConditionsYes*Yes
Dental CoverageNoYes
Prescription MedicineYes*Yes
Alternative/Holistic TherapyYes*Yes
Behavioral IssuesYes*Yes
Exam FeesYesYes
Exam Required for EnrollmentNoNo
Available At Any Vet ClinicYesYes
Minimum Pet Age LimitNo limit6 weeks
Maximum Pet Age LimitNo limit14 years
Entry Fee$0.00$25.00
Monthly Transaction Fee$0.00$1.00
Multi-Pet DiscountNot available5%-10% (depending on state) for each pet
Claim RepaymentWithin 30 minutesWithin 14 days (8-9 days on average)
Direct Vet Bill PaymentYesNo
Money-Back GuaranteeNot available30 days
AM Best RatingNot availableA+
BBB RatingA+A+

*only related to treating life-threatening emergencies
**companies’ features compared in December 2021

Read the full Embrace Pet Insurance review.

Pawp vs. 24PetWatch

If you value your precious time, then 24PetWatch might be the best choice for you. Out of all the pet insurance companies in the niche, 24PetWatch is one of the top solutions when it comes to short waiting periods and fast claim processing times.

Unlike Pawp (14-day waiting period for accidents), your accident coverage is immediately available with 24PetWatch, and the coverage for illnesses becomes effective only 3 days after you sign your pet insurance policy.

Coverage Effective USAUSA, Puerto Rico, and Canada
Reimbursement100%80% of covered expenses
Deductible$0$100 – $1,000
Type of DeductibleNot applicableAnnual
Claim Limit Options$3,000$3,000 – $20,000
Accident-Only PlanAvailableNot available
Wellness PlanNot availableAvailable
Unlimited Benefits Plan NoNo
Illness Waiting PeriodNot applicable14 days
Accident Waiting Period14 days1 day
Cruciate Ligament Waiting PeriodNot applicable14 days
Bilateral ExclusionsNoYes
Chronic ConditionsNoYes
Hereditary and Congenital ConditionsYes*Yes
Dental CoverageNoNo
Prescription MedicineYes*Yes
Alternative/Holistic TherapyYes*Yes
Behavioral IssuesYes*Yes
Exam FeesYesYes
Exam Required for EnrollmentNoYes
Available At Any Vet ClinicYesYes
Minimum Pet Age LimitNo limit8 weeks
Maximum Pet Age LimitNo limit10 years for dogs;12 years for cats
Entry Fee$0.00$0.00
Monthly Transaction Fee$0.00$2.50
Multi-Pet DiscountNot availableNot available
Claim RepaymentWithin 30 minutesWithin 60 days (20 days on average)
Direct Vet Bill PaymentYesAvailable
Money-Back GuaranteeNot availableNot available
AM Best RatingNot availableA
BBB RatingA+A+

*only related to treating life-threatening emergencies
**companies’ features compared in December 2021

Read the full 24PetWatch Pet Insurance review.

Pawp vs. Nationwide

Nationwide are the true veteran when pet insurance is concerned. They are the first pet insurer that, besides dogs and cats, offers dedicated options for exotic animals as well. 

With coverage protection available at all times anywhere in the world, Nationwide includes bilateral conditions in their list of covered instances.

Coverage Effective USAWorldwide
Reimbursement100%Choice of 50%, 70%, and 90% for the whole pet® plans;
Fixed benefit schedule amount for the major medical plans.
Co-Payment0%10%, 30%, or 50%
Type of DeductibleNot applicableAnnual
Claim Limit Options$3,000$10,000 or Unlimited
Accident-Only PlanAvailableAvailable
Wellness PlanNot availableAvailable
Unlimited Benefits Plan NoYes
Illness Waiting PeriodNot applicable14 days
Accident Waiting Period14 days14 days
Cruciate Ligament Waiting PeriodNot applicable12 months
Bilateral ExclusionsNoNo
Chronic ConditionsNoYes
Hereditary and Congenital ConditionsYes*Yes
Dental CoverageNoYes
Prescription MedicineYes*Yes
Alternative/Holistic TherapyYes*Yes
Behavioral IssuesYes*Yes
Exam FeesYesYes
Exam Required for EnrollmentNoNo
Available At Any Vet ClinicYesYes
Minimum Pet Age LimitNo limit6 weeks
Maximum Pet Age LimitNo limit10 years
Entry Fee$0.00$0.00
Monthly Transaction Fee$0.00$2.00
Multi-Pet DiscountNot available5% for second and third pet;
10% for fourth and subsequent pets.
Claim RepaymentWithin 30 minutesWithin 30 days (4 days on average)
Direct Vet Bill PaymentYesNo
Money-Back GuaranteeNot available10 days
AM Best RatingNot availableA+
BBB RatingA+A+

*only related to treating life-threatening emergencies
**companies’ features compared in December 2021

Read the full Nationwide Pet Insurance review.

Customer Service

You can contact Pawp Inc. for all the questions you may have regarding your coverage, pricing, or account information by calling, texting, or sending them an email or regular mail.

The following are all of their available contact channels:

  • Phone: 833-365-0001;
  • Text: 347-615-1930;
  • Email:;
  • Live chat option on website;
  • Submitting vet invoices:;
  • Address:
    Pawp Inc.
    45 Bond St Fl 5
    New York, NY 10012

If you have any questions regarding your pet’s health, you can use Pawp’s telehealth service and talk with a veterinary expert at any time. This is also required if you’re in an emergency situation and need access to your emergency fund. This option is available through your Pawp’s online portal.

After you’ve been approved to use your emergency fund, you need to let your vet clinic know about your Pawp pet health coverage plan and ask them to give them a call so they can sort out the payment of your vet bill.

Unfortunately, Pawp doesn’t provide mobile apps for Android or iOS where you can manage all of the above. However, the mobile version of their website works just as good.

Customer Reviews

Online testimonies by real users can truly make or break the deal. Genuine experiences reveal the true picture about a product or service that, at the end of the day, is what an honest review should be all about.

So, in order to bring the real situation closer to you, we’re presenting you with some real customer reviews about Pawp Digital Pet Clinic – both positive and negative.

Positive Pawp Pet Coverage Reviews

Can I give ten stars?

I am a HUGE worrier when it comes to my dogs, and we’ve made more than one trip to the emergency vet for what turned out to be minor issues. Tonight, my dog was displaying some GI symptoms that concerned me, so I turned to Pawp for a consultation. Ann L. was so kind and gave me great advice. She totally put my mind at ease. My pup and I both feel much better now!


I have to give my props to Sarah! She has officially changed my mind about PAWP! She worked with me after my bad experience of a misunderstanding of how this whole telecommunication thing has to go when the doctor has to review you on video prior to being seen and authorized even if verbal was done. Squared me away with policies and understanding and then talked all the lingo to the vets when I was flustered. Thank you so much, Sarah!!! You are our family and Gracie’s savior!

Angela Villa

Great first experience!

Signed up for Pawp as a supplemental service to my puppy’s vet. Our pup has been fighting some stomach issues since we brought her home and we felt crazy calling our small-town vet with every concern. Pawp allowed us to get a quick response on a small concern we had, get clarity, and get going! So glad we found Pawp for all the questions that come with puppy parenting!

Melanie B.

Fantastic working with Pawp

I had to take my kitty, Monkee, into the ER this weekend. They processed it with Pawp as definitely an emergency situation. Pawp sent in a deposit of $2600 while they were still doing tests on her, and before I left the clinic, they had paid the remaining $400.

Unfortunately, my baby had cancer and didn’t make it, but Pawp was exceptional to work with. Thank you! My bill ended up being $3,800 and I only have to pay $800. My other insurance should pick up 80% of that. At a very emotional time, the last thing you want to think about is the expense, and Pawp really took that burden off of my shoulders.

Cindy Gregory

My dog’s Virtual Vet was the bee’s knees!!! She was so ready and willing to jump on a virtual consultation, which is something I never would have imagined. But everything changed once my little guy went through his assessment at her virtual hands – even though she knew that some TLC might be needed along with heating pads (since we were still dealing with an injury) two days later my pup could run as fast as ever before and play all day long without limping anymore!!

It feels amazing knowing there’ll always be someone like you guys helping our furry friends get back into shape after they’ve been hurt or injured. When it comes down to pet care, Pawp, you are my dog’s best friend.


Negative Pawp Pet Coverage Reviews

The idea of this service is awesome. The delivery in my opinion falls short.

I’ve had a few conversations where I didn’t feel like I was getting much insight or answers. I felt I was more a burden to the vet on the other end than someone who they genuinely wanted to chat with, understand, and help.

My last interaction with a vet resulted in me asking a question, getting a response, wanting to ask a follow-up but having the vet tell me that their shift was over and they had to close the conversation. My instructions were to start another convo if I wanted to chat with another vet.

I work in Customer Experience and I felt my conversation could have been “assigned” to a new vet with some level of insight into what was happening. Instead, the vet without warning ended the conversation. It was bizarre.


Didn’t really help me. The service gives you close access to vets, but in my situation, they were not helpful. I’m sure others might find it useful.

I felt my dog was being over-medicated by his vet. When I contacted the vets on Pawp for some assistance they all told me to keep him on the vet’s recommended dosage. I should have followed my intuition, he never liked medications, even pain pills like galliprant gave him diarrhea. My best friend ended up passing away this past Friday.

Initially, when I contacted his vet about my concerns, they gave me another medication to make sure he was holding down the other medications. I think the whole quality of life argument and prescribing medications to bring a rapid, painless, end to a dog’s life is bs.


This company is a fraud. I joined and received no information from them, but they made sure to get me money. I then asked for a refund. They claimed that they gave me my money back but it is not in my bank. And let’s face it. Taking care of your pet is not cheap. They are not giving you anything for [$24] a month. Do you want to find what you are not getting enough to take care of your pet. I am going to use a reputable company.


I have used Pawp’s services for about 6 months. I had an emergency today and clicked for vet chat and was left waiting and waiting with no response. If it had been a life-threatening situation my dog would have died. The service is for this reason specifically and I feel like they fell short on this. I don’t pay $24 per month for no response or excuses as to why it wasn’t answered in a timely manner.

I then reached out to customer support after I had taken my dog to the emergency vet and was told a phone number that I could have called. There is no phone number on the emergency vet chat so was I supposed to dig for that info while my dog was in a possible life-threatening situation? I’m highly upset this occurred but thankfully I went ahead and took care of the situation myself with no help from the company.

Customer’s complaint


Let’s wrap up this Pawp Pet Coverage review with a quick sum-up.

While researching, we noticed that the greatest thing about Pawp is their quest to become a reliable partner of all pet parents and offer their expertise, stability, and commitment. And when animal health and wellbeing are concerned, their mission is to always be there when the worst needs to be eliminated.

Pawp Pet Health Coverage is not underwritten by any bank or insurance venture and influenced by outside decisions, hence they independently decide what’s the best for pets and pet parents when it comes to organizing everything from the business model and the modern tech to the medical coverage and the reimbursement segment.

Pawp’s strongest suits are their coverage for pre-existing conditions, the absence of restrictions for age and breed for cats and dogs, and the top-notch telehealth hotline.

However, Pawp has a couple of setbacks too when it comes to providing an unlimited claim benefits option and the many exclusions they have for critical and urgent conditions.

If you’re still not ready to make your choice here, you’re welcome to take a look around Protect My Paws for more pet coverage options. Below, we’re presenting a few of those.

Pawp’s Alternatives

Eusoh is similar to Pawp in the sense that both companies offer alternative pet coverage. But the rest is quite different. Eusoh provides a full pet coverage package that includes accidents, illnesses, and wellness, not only emergencies. They have a low monthly fee that never goes above $65/month and all of the reimbursements come from their actual members. They all commit their funds into a community-shared pool that is then used to reimburse the costs for their veterinary visits.

But, if you’re looking for a full pet insurance package, we recommend that you take a look at Figo. They are one of the best pet insurers offering unlimited claim benefits (both annually and lifetime) with short waiting periods. Figo’s deductibles are super customizable, which is convenient for you to tweak the price of your premium, and their reimbursement options go up to 100%.

Lastly, we recommend Trupanion. Every pet issuance company would be quite different from Pawp who is not an insurance product. Trupanion is, indeed, pet insurance but with a few catches that make them surprisingly unique. They too, cover bilateral conditions, offer direct vet bill capabilities, comprehensive dental coverage, and one-of-a-kind per-incident deductibles.


How does one get reimbursed by Pawp Pet Health Coverage?

Pawp Pet Health Coverage doesn’t reimburse as traditional pet insurance companies do. Instead, when you visit your vet clinic for your pet’s emergency, you need to notify them to call Pawp and check with them about your Pawp coverage plan. Then, Pawp will pay your vet clinic directly, so you end up spending $0 for your entire itemized invoice (unless it surpasses the amount of $3,000).

What kind of pet coverage plan does the Pawp Digital Clinic offer?

Pawp Pet Health Coverage offers an emergency coverage fund meant for life-threatening emergency situations that may affect all breeds of cats and dogs. To add to that, they also provide a 24/7 televet line which is amazing for saving their members loads of money by removing the need to visit a vet every time their pet acts suspiciously. Additionally, Pawp Pet Health Clinic is one of the very few companies that cover all pre-existing conditions.

How do I terminate my Pawp Pet Health Coverage membership?

To cancel your Pawp membership, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to your online Pawp account;
  2. Go to the “Membership” field;
  3. There you fill spot the “Cancel” field;
  4. Select that and you’re ready to say farewell to Pawp.

Note that even though you’ve canceled your Pawp membership, you’ll still have access to the 24/7 virtual vet feature. However, your $3,000 fund for emergency expenses is no longer accessible.

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