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Petplan Pet Insurance Review

Petplan Pet Insurance Review featuring a dog hugging a cat
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G. John Cole
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Taking care of the people who care for their pets is what drives Petplan since its inception in 2003. It all started when a young couple could barely afford to pay the hefty vet bill for their sick kitten. They founded Petplan with the mission to provide genuine assistance to people like them and now, about two decades later, the company employs over 200 enthusiasts who do exactly that – help thousands of pet parents provide the best healthcare for their faithful furry friends.

The hard-working pet lovers at Petplan want the best for every pet owner. That’s why they concentrate on a single pet coverage plan that envelopes everything that can affect a pet’s health. With a low deductible and an unlimited payout option, this plan contains so many benefits that surpass the coverage options many of Petplan’s competitors provide.

With this Petplan pet insurance review, you’ll have the chance to compare the company to some strong competitors from the same industry but also learn about their pricing, coverage details, customer service, and much more to find out if they are a valid match for your money.

Petplan’s Pros & Cons

Excellent rating by both the AM Best and the BBBA full physical exam is required for enrollment
Travel insurance is available when visiting CanadaNo accident-only plan available
Coverage for veterinary exam fees includedNo wellness plan available
Coverage for TeleVet servicesLong claim processing times
Coverage for extra care such as boarding fees, vacation cancellation, and costs for advertising for stolen petNo multi-pet discount
Not maximum pet age restrictions 
Healthy Pet discount (15% for the first year, 30% for the second and every subsequent year)
No entry and monthly transaction fees
30-day money-back guarantee

Petplan’s Key Attributes

  1. Underwriter: XL Specialty Insurance Company
    • AM Best Rating: A+
    • BBB Rating: A-
  2. Exam period: Petplan requires everyone who wants to enroll to provide a full veterinary exam report for their pet which needs to be taken within 6 months prior to enrollment or 30 days after the effective date of the policy. You’d also need to arrange an annual veterinary exam (including a dental exam and routine care suggested by your veterinarian) at your own expense, each policy period, in order to remain successfully covered;
  3. Increase in monthly premium: The price of your monthly premium won’t increase based on how many claims you would have submitted during the policy period. Instead, Petplan would increase the premium based on the price of veterinary services where you live and the age of your pet;
  4. Claim submission time limit: Petplan allows up to 90 days from the date of your pet’s veterinary treatment to file a claim for that treatment by providing a copy of your itemized invoice from the vet clinic;
  5. Claim processing times: Petplan is one of the slower services when it comes to processing claims. The company allows up to 30 days for claims to be processed and while they initially go over each submitted claim within 24 hours from submission, the complete time frame from submission to repayment is 22 days on average;
  6. Waiting periods: The time you need to wait for your coverage to go into full effect isn’t exactly the strongest Petplan suit either. While waiting for coverage for illnesses falls into the average timeframe (15 days), the waiting period for accidents is the same as illnesses (15 days) which is a bit high compared to other similar insurers. Orthopedic conditions have a 6-months waiting period which can be waived if a veterinarian clears your pet from orthopedic pre-existing conditions within 30 days from the effective date of your policy.
    • Accidents – 15 days;
    • Illnesses – 15 days;
    • Wellness – Not available;
    • Orthopedic conditions – 6 months (can be waived with an orthopedic record provided in the first 30 days from enrollment).
  7. Pet insurance coverage with Petplan is valid only in Canada besides the US. 
  8. Bilateral conditions are mostly covered with Petplan with the exception of conditions or injuries related to cruciate ligaments. If your pet has any pre-existing issues in that area, the other otherwise healthy side of your pet will be excluded as well.

Petplan’s Insurance Plans

Petplan’s mission is to ensure peace of mind for you and healthier, happier lives for your pets by offering one simple plan that includes an all-encapsulating pet insurance coverage.

There are no add-ons, no riders, and no extra fees to get your canine or feline companions covered for all the accidental injuries and illnesses. Besides, a vast number of hereditary and chronic conditions are taken care of as well.

Even veterinary exam fees, non-routine dental procedures, and alternative therapies are included too. Petplan’s pet coverage plan is basically an all-in-one solution for your vet bills so you can use your time to focus on your pet, and Petplan will take care of the medical expenses.

All the standard customizable options are there too. You can toggle between the annual deductible options, reimbursement rates, and annual payout benefits to optimize the price of your monthly premium and bring it to an optimal level.

Here are all the options you can choose from:

  • Max annual payout: $5,000, $15,000, or Unlimited;
  • Annual deductible: $250, $300, or $500;
  • Reimbursement percentage: $70%, 80%, or 90%.

Every puppy and kitten above 6 weeks of age can receive Petplan’s pet coverage and there are no maximum age restrictions.

Waiting periods for accidents and illnesses are 15 days, and 6 months for orthopedic conditions which can be waived if a veterinarian determines that your pet doesn’t have any pre-existing orthopedic condition within 30 days of your enrollment.

Lastly, your Petplan coverage is valid anywhere in the US and for traveling with your pet to Canada.

What’s Covered With a Petplan Policy

In a nutshell, everything that is unexpected and can threaten the wellbeing and life of your furry friends is covered with a Petplan pet insurance policy. That includes illnesses, accidents, vet exams, medications, hospitalization, medical supplies and devices, etc.

To be more sure of every major instance covered by the Petplan policy, review the following list of conditions and available veterinary assistance:

  • Accidents – fractures and trauma, poisoning, bites, sprains, burns, bruises, foreign objects ingestion, moving vehicle accidents, lacerations, cuts, and many more;
  • Illnesses – breed-specific conditions, skin and ear infections, urinary tract infections, vomiting, diarrhea, heartworm, and many more; 
  • Chronic conditions – asthma, allergies, arthritis, epilepsy, and more;
  • Hereditary and congenital conditions – diabetes, glaucoma, upper respiratory infections, heart disease, cataracts, liver disease, and many more; 
  • Orthopedic conditions – hip and elbow dysplasia, cruciate ligament tears and ruptures, knee conditions, 
  • Cancer treatment – chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and innovative treatments;
  • Dental coverage – dental injuries and oral illnesses such as tooth extractions, gum disease – gingivitis and periodontitis, and many more;
  • Alternative and holistic therapy – veterinary acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, homeotherapy, hydrotherapy, and stem cell therapy
  • Veterinary exam fees – medical expenses resulting from emergency or sick veterinary office visits;
  • Prescribed medications – FDA-approved drugs and supplements to treat covered illnesses, injuries, and behavioral disorders including nutraceuticals;
  • Tests – diagnostics, imaging, and laboratory testing like specialized chemistry test for a blood panel, urinalysis, ultrasound, CT and MRI scans, hematology, and many more;
  • Surgery and rehabilitation – admittance, hospitalizations, aftercare, and more;
  • Referral and specialist treatment – specialties such as oncology, cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, dentistry, endocrinology, urology, and neurology;
  • Euthanasia recommended by a veterinarian; 

What’s Excluded From Petplan’s Coverage

Every pet insurance company excludes a different number of instances from their pet coverage policies in order to limit liabilities and keep premiums affordable. Petplan is no expedition in this department.

The most important exclusions that you need to pay careful attention  to include:

  • Pre-existing conditions – illnesses or injuries diagnosed prior to the start of your policy considering the waiting period as well;
  • Routine and wellness care – every veterinary procedure that can be expected and planned for, like checkups, dental cleaning, vaccinations, parasite control, spaying/neutering, etc. isn’t covered;
  • Cosmetic and elective procedures – procedures like tail docking, ear cropping, declawing, or dewclaw removal aren’t covered unless a veterinarian deems them as a medical necessity;
  • End-of-life expenses – cremation or burial services.

Other instances that aren’t covered by Petplan’s policy include:

  • Food, even that prescribed by a veterinarian;
  • Boarding, housing, and bathing or grooming of a pet;
  • Breeding, pregnancy, whelping, or nursing;
  • Experimental treatments;
  • Cloned pets or cloning procedures;
  • Organ transplants;
  • Training, even that for behavioral disorders;
  • Intentional abuse or injury inflicted by you or a member of your family;
  • Illnesses or injuries resulting from activities such as racing, coursing, guarding, or organized fighting.

Petplan’s Wellness Plans

Half of the time, pet insurance companies decide not to offer wellness petcare benefits as an optional add-on or rider to their basic pet coverage plans. This decision is part disinterest in expanding the coverage beyond unexpected injuries and illnesses and part providing a more honest solution to pet owners who want protection against threats that they cannot plan prevention ahead.

Petplan doesn’t offer any routine and wellness plans for pet care at the moment. Their primary pet coverage plan is already priced above the average of what’s offered on the pet insurance market. To allow customers to add a wellness rider to their basic insurance plan would mean a higher premium, which could discourage many potential customers from applying for the plan. 

Extra Features

Petplan includes several amazing features with your pet coverage at no extra cost. These features are usually included as additional add-ons with other insurance providers, but you will get them with Petplan for free.

The following are the extra features that will add more value to your pet coverage plan and make your entire Petplan experience more well-rounded:

  • Behavioral therapy – Sometimes pets can develop behavioral disorders for which there are no underlying medical conditions such as separation anxiety, depression, aggression, certain phobias, and more. Petplan will provide up to $1,000 to treat any of these unusual and abnormal activities;
  • Extra care for emergencies – To mitigate costs of emergency situations concerning your pet’s life or medical condition, Petplan provides assistance in the following cases:
    • Boarding kennel or cattery fees – Should you become hospitalized for whatever reason for more than 4 days, Petplan will reimburse you with 100%, up to $1,000, for the barding fees for your cat or dog;
    • Vacation cancellation – If you have to end your vacation early or completely cancel it because your pet should become ill or injured, Petplan will reimburse you with 100%, up to $1,000, for the travel and accommodation costs for your vacation that you cannot recover;
    • Advertising and reward – Should your pet become stolen or strays, Petplan will cover up to $1,000 of the costs of advertising and offering a reward for the return of your pet.
  • TeleVet services – Whether you use email, text, phone, or video calls to contact a licensed veterinarian for an online visit and exam of your pet, Petplan will reimburse with 100%, up to $1,000, of the televet service for the costs of the call, exam, and any treatment applied by the veterinarian using remote way of contacting. This type of coverage doesn’t require copayment and deductible on your side.

Petplan’s Pricing Quotes

Petplan pet insurance featuring a dog with a 1st place award ribbon

Petplan advertises its plan as an affordable solution to insure your cat or dog with prices averaging around $25/month for cats and $35/month for dogs. Of course, we’ve checked on that claim and we can confirm it’s valid for young cats and dogs of mixed breeds. However, when we ran quotes for purebred pets that can be considered adult or even senior, we’ve noticed that pricing for their premiums is double or even triple the original advertised price.

Understandably, every pet insurance company imposes higher prices for purebred pets. The reason behind this is that purebred pets have a tendency of developing more hereditary diseases than mixed-breed pets.

As your pet grows older, it’s only natural for their organism to become more susceptible to the risk of becoming ill. The costs of veterinary services in your area of residence play a huge role as well. If you live in a city with a high standard of living, you can expect higher premiums on your pet insurance policy than those that live in small towns. 

Pricing Quotes for Dogs

Breed German Shepherd French Bulldog Labrador Retriever
Age2 years 4 months4 years 2 months6 years 6 months
LocationNew YorkCaliforniaColorado
Claim LimitUnlimited$15,000$15,000
Petplan accident and illness pet coverage$80.25/month$75.35/month$102.15/month

*quotes obtained in July 2021

Pricing Quotes for Cats

Age2 years 5 months4 years 1 month8 years 2 months
LocationNew York ColoradoCalifornia
Claim LimitUnlimitedUnlimited$15,000
Petplan accident and illness pet coverage$30.68/month$56.93/month$52.97/month

*quotes obtained in July 2021

Discounts and Savings

It’s a bit of a downside that Petplan doesn’t offer a multi-pet discount. The majority of pet insurance companies implement a discount for signing up multiple pets with them as an incentive to attract more customers. Petplan lags behind a little in this segment.

Fortunately, Petplan has other ideas and concepts in order to appeal to their loyal customers. They offer a “Healthy Pet” discount that grants you 15% off your premiums if you go a full year without submitting a claim. After the claim-free period has passed, your next year’s premiums will be 15% cheaper. If it so happens that the next year you excel again and go submit any claims as well, your discount will increase to 30%. This is the maximum for the “Healthy Pet” discount and will stay at 30% until you file a claim.

Additionally, Petplan has great respect for everyone involved in animal rescue and medical assistance, so they provide 10% off on their pet coverage to humane societies and animal shelters, vet clinic staff, and other medical pet services.

What’s more, 10% off goes to military members and veterans, students, and corporate programs for employee benefits as well.

Lastly, Petplan allows you to cancel your policy within the first 30 days of enrollment – risk-free! This 30-day money-back guarantee is great if you want to try and test Petplan services.

How Does Petplan Compare With Its Competitors?

What’s a better way to understand a company’s approach if not by comparing it to its biggest competitors? That’s exactly what we’ll do here.

In this section, you’ll have a chance to review how Petplan stacks against Figo, Pets Best, and Trupanion. You can take a look at where Petplan falls behind these other pet insurers and where it does a better job. You can also visit their full reviews if you think some of them might be a better alternative for you than Petplan.

Petplan vs. Figo

Figo is one of the rare insurance providers that have a valid coverage worldwide and offers up to 100% reimbursement on your claims.

They have vastly customizable pet insurance plans and multiple add-ons to complete your coverage and make it undeniably superior. Their policy builder and claim filing process are AI-powered to make every second spent on their app worth the time. However, Figo is a bit on the higher end when it comes to pricing their plans.

Feature PetplanFigo
Coverage Effective USA and CanadaWorldwide
ReimbursementChoice of 70%, 80%, or 90% of covered expensesChoice of 70%, 80%, 90%, or 100% of covered expenses
Co-Payment10%, 20%, or 30%0%, 10%, 20%, or 30%
Deductible$250 – $500$100 – $1,500 depending on pet’s age
Type of DeductibleAnnualAnnual
Claim Limit Options$5,000, $15,000, or Unlimited$5,000, $10,000, or Unlimited
Accident-Only PlanNot availableNot available
Wellness PlanNot availableAvailable in most states except AK, CO, FL, ID, MO, NJ, NY, UT, and WA
Unlimited Benefits Plan YesYes
Illness Waiting Period15 days14 days
Accident Waiting Period15 days1 day (3 days in AK, CO, FL, ID, MO, NJ, NY, UT, and WA)
Orthopedic Conditions Waiting Period6 months6 months (only applies to dogs)
Bilateral ExclusionsYesYes
Chronic ConditionsYesYes
Hereditary and Congenital ConditionsYesYes
Dental CoverageYesYes
Prescription MedicineYesYes
Alternative/Holistic TherapyYesYes
Behavioral IssuesYesYes
Exam FeesYesOptional add-on
Exam Required for EnrollmentYesNo
Available At Any Vet ClinicYesYes
MicrochipNoOptional add-on
Minimum Pet Age Limit6 weeks8 weeks
Maximum Pet Age LimitNo limitNo Limit
Entry Fee$0.00$15.00
Monthly Transaction Fee$0.00$2.00
Multi-Pet DiscountNot available5%-10% for each additional pet (depending on the state)
Claim RepaymentWithin 30 days (22 on average)Within 10 days (1-4 days on average)
Direct Vet Bill PaymentNot availableNo
Money-Back Guarantee30 days30 days
AM Best RatingA+A-
BBB RatingA-B

*companies compared in July 2021

Read the full Figo Pet Insurance review.

Petplan vs. Pets Best

Pets Best is a great alternative to Petplan if accident-only coverage and pet wellness healthcare are what you’re looking for. Their two wellness plans offer amazing coverage options and the accident-only plan is uniquely priced with a flat fee no matter the circumstances.

What’s more, they can come in handy if you need them to pay your vet bill directly to your vet clinic. They offer several kinds of discount options that you can use to lower the price of your premium for up to 15% off.

Feature PetplanPets Best
Coverage Effective USA and CanadaUSA, Canada, and Puerto Rico
ReimbursementChoice of 70%, 80%, or 90% of covered expensesChoice of 70%, 80%, or 90% of covered expenses
Co-Payment10%, 20%, or 30%10%, 20%, or 30%
Deductible$250 – $500$50 – $1,000
Type of DeductibleAnnualAnnual
Claim Limit Options$5,000, $15,000, or Unlimited$5,000 and Unlimited
Accident-Only PlanNot availableAvailable
Wellness PlanNot availableAvailable
Unlimited Benefits Plan YesYes
Illness Waiting Period15 days14 days
Accident Waiting Period15 days3 days
Orthopedic Conditions Waiting Period6 months6 months
Bilateral ExclusionsYesYes
Chronic ConditionsYesYes
Hereditary and Congenital ConditionsYesYes
Dental CoverageYesYes
Prescription MedicineYesOptional add-on
Alternative/Holistic TherapyYesOptional add-on
Behavioral IssuesYesYes
Exam FeesYesOptional add-on
Exam Required for EnrollmentYesNo
Available At Any Vet ClinicYesYes
MicrochipNoOptional add-on
Minimum Pet Age Limit6 weeks7 weeks
Maximum Pet Age LimitNo limitNo limit
Entry Fee$0.00$0.00
Monthly Transaction Fee$0.00$3.00
Multi-Pet DiscountNot available5% for each additional pet
Claim RepaymentWithin 30 days (22 on average)Within 40 days (25 days on average)
Direct Vet Bill PaymentNot availableYes
Money-Back Guarantee30 days30 days
AM Best RatingA+Unrated
BBB RatingA-A+

*companies compared in July 2021

Read the full Pets Best Pet Insurance review.

Petplan vs. Trupanion

Trupanion is very original when it comes to pet insurance and it often stands out among its competition. They are very conscientious about the benefits they offer so you always have that feeling of safety and reliability when you do business with them.

What we really love about them is the fact that they will never increase the price of your premiums based on your pet’s age. Having a $0 deductible option and coverage for bilateral conditions adds even more value to the insurance policy you get with them.

Feature PetplanTrupanion
Coverage Effective USA and CanadaUSA, Canada, and Puerto Rico
ReimbursementChoice of 70%, 80%, or 90% of covered expenses90%
Co-Payment10%, 20%, or 30%10%
Deductible$250 – $500$0 – $1,000
Type of DeductibleAnnualPer condition
Claim Limit Options$5,000, $15,000, or UnlimitedUnlimited
Accident-Only PlanNot availableNo
Wellness PlanNot availableNo
Unlimited Benefits Plan YesYes
Illness Waiting Period15 days30 days
Accident Waiting Period15 days5 days
Orthopedic Conditions Waiting Period6 months30 days
Bilateral ExclusionsYesNo
Chronic ConditionsYesYes
Hereditary and Congenital ConditionsYesYes
Dental CoverageYesYes
Prescription MedicineYesYes
Alternative/Holistic TherapyYesOptional add-on
Behavioral IssuesYesOptional add-on
Exam FeesYesNo
Exam Required for EnrollmentYesNo
Available At Any Vet ClinicYesYes
Minimum Pet Age Limit6 weeksNo limit
Maximum Pet Age LimitNo limit14 years
Entry Fee$0.00$35.00
Monthly Transaction Fee$0.00$0.00
Multi-Pet DiscountNot availableNone
Claim RepaymentWithin 30 days (22 on average)Within 60 days (14 on average)
Direct Vet Bill PaymentNot availableYes
Money-Back Guarantee30 days30 days
AM Best RatingA+Unrated
BBB RatingA-A+

*companies compared in July 2021

Read the full Trupanion Pet Insurance review.

Customer Service

Petplan pet insurance featuring five baby french bulldogs and a children's drawing of a person with dogs

You can access your Petplan account through their online portal or by downloading any of their mobiles apps for Android or iOS. There you can manage your personal info and your pet’s details and review your ongoing policy coverage.

Paying your premiums and renewing your policy are also made easy through your account dashboard. There, you can submit any claims and review their status once processing starts.

You can also use their provided email, mail, or fax to submit a claim. A live chat feature is always available whenever you need an answer to your questions.

Petplan has some great ratings on reviews sites like Trustpilot and Yelp regarding customer support as one of their best features.

Here are some details about their contact info:

  • Email:;
  • Customer Care Center Phone: 1.866.467.3875;
  • Sales Center Phone: 1.833.589.7578;
  • Mailing Address:
    PO Box 1489
    Bolingbrook, IL 60440
  • Open Hours:
    • Customer Care Center:
      Monday through Friday: from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm EST
      Saturdays: from 10:00 am to 6:30 am EST
    • Sales Center:
      Monday through Friday: from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm EST
      Saturdays and Sundays: from 10:00 am to 6:30 am EST

Customer Reviews

Our mission at ProtectMyPaws is to provide every reader with companies’ reviews that are as accurate as possible. To excel at this, we’re including real users’ reviews with every company profile.

Accessing both positive and negative reviews completes the entire picture about how a certain company functions, how trustworthy and reliable it is. Read below to witness how others experience Petplan’s pet insurance coverage.

Positive Petplan Pet Insurance Reviews

Needed to get a pre-approval done before a major surgery for my puppy. Called and spoke to Joe Prater and the experience couldn’t have been any smoother. Within 2-3 hrs from when we first spoke he had the answers I needed and set to get my pup the help she needs to live out a happy healthy life. Hopefully, the final claim goes just as smoothly but definitely dealing with Joe to make it happen. Thanks, Joe!

Kyle Young

I don’t even know where to start. Joseph Prater, the associate assisting me today was amazing. I have over the last couple of weeks been struggling to sort out my claims for my cat Oreo as the processors have been getting the numbers incorrect. I called in and Joe was so pleasant to speak to, so patient, and sorted everything out so quickly for me. He has definitely taken a weight off my shoulders. It is so comforting to know that there are people in customer service like joe. Joe, thank you so much for your assistance! You have been the best!

Kathy Alves

I was impressed with the time spent with me explaining my coverage, how to put in a claim, what I needed to provide for my claim and how my claim would be handled. The person I spoke with was extremely knowledgeable and patient with all my questions about the claim process. She explained the deductible, the limits of my policy, and the copay so that I could financially plan for the costs. I left the conversation feeling like I picked the right company and the right plan.

Mike G.

I signed all 3 of my pets (dog and 2 cats) up for Petplan coverage when they were babies. My male cat had a urinary blockage requiring surgery. It was an expensive surgery and a relief to have it covered. A year later he was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma. The diagnosis and treatment were very costly. It was a relief to have all of his care and medications covered. I received payments often in a few days. I was thankful to have this coverage during an otherwise trying time. Petplan made the whole process of claims submission clear and easy so that I could just focus on getting my cat the care he needed.

Elana L.

Negative Petplan Pet Insurance Reviews

I recently had a claim with Petplan which I had been a client for years with no real claims. The customer service was great but I feel they looked for a loophole in paying my claim because it was a rather large one. It makes me feel very frustrated with their claim process and not wanting to continue to do business with them as they might not provide the coverage they claim to. Be very aware of their rules and stipulations for paying claims as they are out for their own interests, not the pet or the policyholders.

Jillian Dunn

Submitting a claim to Petplan is actually more complicated than submitting to my human insurance. To date, they’ve denied every claim that I’ve submitted on the (faulty) basis that my pet’s condition was pre-existing (it wasn’t). I’ve filed an appeal but have yet to have a response from Petplan. In the meantime, they continue to send me marketing material every few days to get me to continue subscribing.

Amy Simoneau

I’ve reached out to customer service several times over the past few months. The first time it was a lady who was not very polite at all. I honestly was questioning keeping my plan. I most recently talked to Daniel Griffith who was exceptionally helpful! He was enjoyable to talk to and took the time to sort out the issues. His customer service was fantastic. Hopefully, in the future, there are more people like Daniel.



Time to wrap up this Petplan pet insurance review. We’ve witnessed how Petplan successfully manages to provide comprehensive coverage with a single, simple policy that contains most if not all the coverage your pet might need to enjoy a safe, healthy future.

Some of Petplan’s strong suits, besides its powerful coverage, are the simplicity of filing claims with the insurer, their approach to behavioral issues pets might develop over the years, and the extra care features like covering advertising for a stolen pet or canceling a vacation due to a sick or injured pet.

However, Petplan’s pricing is a bit on the higher end compared to other alternatives in the pet insurance space. There’s also a notable number of Petplan policyholders that complain about having a negative experience with increased premiums as their pet becomes older.

To become more educated on the subject of pet insurance and discover other amazing companies like Petplan, visit our vast selection of guides and articles on ProtectMyPaws.

Petplan’s Alternatives

If price is what drives your decision-making while choosing a pet insurance company, the following Petplan alternatives might be suitable for you:

Hartville is one of the better alternatives to Petplan regarding premium prices. Their pet coverage is an affordable way to have your pets insured against the biggest threats to their health and wellbeing. Especially if you sign up while your pup or kitten is still young. What’s more, they have a low deductible option and offer an accident-only plan as well.

24PetWatch is not only great when it comes to price, but also if you prefer a fast service. 24PetWatch values time more than anything and has waiting periods for accidents and illnesses which are exceptionally short. Another 24PetWatch top priority is their claim processing which is done with lightning-fast speed.

Another truly affordable alternative to Petplan is Pumpkin. While often praised by big media outlets like Business Insider for their amazing pet coverage options, Pumpkin adds wonderful tools that will help you predict some health issues that your pet might face in the future. All of that while keeping things easily accessible, practical, and affordable.


Can I start filing a claim in the Petplan online portal and finish it later?

Unfortunately, that’s not an option with Petplan. If you start filing a claim but you’re missing any documents and need to postpone the filing process, when you return to it, you’ll need to start everything all over. For that matter, make sure to have everything necessary with you before beginning a new claim.

When does my Petplan policy become effective?

Whenever you decide to enroll with Petplan, your pet insurance policy will become effective the following day at 12:01 am ETS. Although you must remember that Petplan imposes several different waiting periods that you need to satisfy in order for certain conditions to become coverable. The waiting period for accidents and illnesses is 15 days, while the one for orthopedic conditions is 6 months counting from the policy effective date.

Are pre-existing conditions forever excluded from my Petplan pet coverage policy?

Health conditions that are pre-existing and excluded from your coverage might be reinstated if your pet goes symptom-free for those conditions for 365 days. If symptoms for these conditions return after this period has passed, your pet can become eligible for coverage for the conditions in question.

Is it worth filing a claim for a veterinary treatment that costs less than my chosen deductible?

Paying your deductible means that it will stay paid for the rest of your annual billing period. That’s why we recommend that you file any claim regardless of the vet bill cost. The only exception to this practice could be the discount of your premiums for your next billing cycle which you can obtain by not filing any claims for an entire year.

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