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TrustedPals Pet Insurance Review

TrustedPals pet insurance review featuring a puppy and a kitten
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G. John Cole
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G. John Cole
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Graeme is a senior writer at ProtectMyPaws, working with our in-house team of data analysts and researchers to produce original studies and reports you will find under the Pet Care section of the site. Even though he doesn't have any pets at home now, Graeme grew up with a yellow Lab called Jake and a goldfish called Rudolph.
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We have another new player on the pet insurance scene, and that’s TrustedPals. With insurance policies covering hundreds of illnesses, accidents, and urgent care incidents, TrustedPals provides pet owners of all pet breeds and ages premium insurance that even includes stuff humans can never think of.

The animal specialists at TrustedPals know exactly what it means for a pet to get their tail pinched or their paws snagged. With all of their knowledge and expertise on the table, they’ve designed the best pet insurance policies for cats and dogs so they can assist them in getting back on all four paws in no time.

Everything from prescribed medicine and alternative care to tests and exams is covered. With TrustedPals, there are even options to include wellness procedures so your furry pal feels fine at all times.

But that’s just scratching the surface. Continue reading this TrustedPals pet insurance review to dive to the bottom of every feature offered on this pet insurance platform. Let’s begin!

TrustedPals Pros & Cons

An option for $0 deductible and 100% reimbursementNo accident-only plan is available
Wellness care plan available$1.00 monthly transaction fee
Excellent rating by financial and credit rating services$21.00 entry fee
Reinstatement of pre-existing conditions deemed as “cured” by a licensed vetNo 30-day money-back guarantee
Unlimited annual and lifetime payout limit
Coverage for veterinary exam fees
Coverage for euthanasia, cremation, and burial costs
5% discount for multiple pets
5% for military, vet staff, first responders, and service dogs

TrustedPals Key Attributes

  1. Underwriter: Zurich Insurance Companies (Marsh USA Inc.)
    • AM Best Rating: A+
    • BBB Rating: A+
  2. Exam period: There is no obligation for any interested pet parent to put their pet through a thorough physical exam so they can enroll with TrustedPals. Any cat and dog of any breed is allowed to freely join TrustedPals’ coverage. With that said, note that TrustedPals reserves the right to ask for your pet’s medical records at any time during your coverage with them;
  3. Increase in monthly premium: With TrustedPals, it’s never certain whether your policy premium will remain forever the same or change in the future. The price of the premium is heavily dependent on your pet’s age, breed, and the area where you live. Costs of veterinary treatments tend to fluctuate in different locations across the US, and senior purebred pets are more prone to require medical care. Based on those factors, you should expect that your policy premium would likely increase over time;
  4. Claim submission time limit: The time limit for filing a claim with TrustedPals is a bit lower than what we’ve seen with other pet insurers. With TrustedPals, you have 60 days from the moment when your pet underwent a veterinary treatment or procedure for an injury or an illness. Failing to comply with this rule may result in claim rejection;
  5. Claim processing times: It all depends on how successful you are with your claim submission process. If you submit every necessary document in an orderly manner, TrustedPals would be able to start processing your claim immediately and finish the entire procedure within 10 business days. However, if you’re missing important paperwork, you might need to wait longer since they’ll require everything they need from you;
  6. Waiting periods: This aspect of pet insurance isn’t where TrustedPals outshines the rest. Their waiting periods are either what’s considered average in the pet insurance industry, or run too long in some cases. For example, the waiting period for illnesses is 14 days which is quite acceptable, but coverage for accidents unlocks after 14 days of enrollment as well. That’s pretty high when we look at competitors who have this period set at 1, 3, or 5 days.

    Orthopedic conditions (hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament events) are also on a long waiting list for becoming covered – an entire year! We believe 12 months is incredibly long considering other insurers who limit this type of coverage at 6 months at maximum.
    • Accidents – 14 days;
    • Illnesses – 14 days;
    • Wellness – no waiting period;
    • Orthopedic conditions – 12 months.
  7. Pet insurance coverage with TrustedPals is valid across the entire US. You can purchase TrustedPals’ pet coverage plan anywhere in the US and use it at any licensed veterinarian. However, if you travel outside the US with your pet, they won’t be covered across the border.   
  8. Bilateral conditions are somewhat excluded by the TrustedPals coverage. Bilateral exclusions apply only to hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament events if they are pre-existing or appear within the 12-month period for these instances. Other bilateral conditions remain covered.

TrustedPals Insurance Plans

Let’s go over TrustedPals’ single Accident & Illness Pet Insurance Plan in plain English. Here, we’ll break down everything you need to know about this plan and below we’ll list everything it covers and excludes in great detail.

TrustedPals will help your catto or doggo get back on all fours in no time with its all-encapsulating coverage for accidents, injuries, and illnesses that could not only potentially threaten their life but limit their mobility and jeopardize their joy.

With enough options to choose from (annual deductibles, reimbursement limits, and annual claim limits), TrustedPals allows their plan to suit every pet owner’s budget. By being flexible enough, pet parents can choose their preferred combination of benefits and adapt the price of their monthly premium to their financial situation.

These are all of the options that you can play with while building your TrustedPals pet coverage plan:

  • Annual coverage limits: $4,000, $8,000, $15,000, and Unlimited;
  • Annual deductible: $0*, $100, $250, $500, and $750;
  • Reimbursement percentage: 70%, 80%, 90%, and 100%;

    *a $0 deductible can’t be chosen if the annual coverage limit is set at Unlimited or if the reimbursement percentage is set at 100%

This pet coverage package by TrustedPals is amazing for covering things like alternative therapies, veterinary visits, prescribed medications and food, and even recommended behavioral training.

But the best thing about it is its attitude toward pre-existing conditions. While those are not covered if they are observed prior to enrolling or during the waiting periods, as soon as a pre-existing condition is classified as “cured” by a licensed veterinarian, TrustedPals will include it in your pet insurance coverage.

It’s vital to remember that pets under 8 weeks are a little too young to get on a TrustedPals coverage plan. But once they reach that age, they’re not restricted to how old they can be at most to be able to enroll with TrustedPals.

The biggest pet peeve with the TrustedPals pet insurance plan is their waiting period for cruciate ligament conditions and hip dysplasia set at 12 months. The other waiting periods for the rest of the covered illnesses and injuries are set at 14 days.

A great perk is that you can use TrustedPals’ pet coverage with any licensed veterinarian in the country – there is no limited network of member veterinarians like with some of the pet insurance companies.

What’s Covered With a TrustedPals Policy

It’s definitely nice to have someone taking care of all of your medical expenses so you’re never in doubt whether to go to the doctor or endure all the suffering because you can’t spend so much on hospital bills.

TrustedPals is a godsend in that regard. They will handle all of your veterinary costs, with a few minor exceptions that we’ll check out below.

In this section, we’ll list all of the items that are enveloped by TrustedPals’ accidents and illnesses pet coverage:

  • Trips to the vet – whenever your pet gets accidentally injured or falls sick, your veterinary visits will be covered by TrustedPals. That includes a physical exam, consultations, and directions on how to follow with therapy;
  • All in-house veterinary treatments that involve:
    • Accidents – trauma and fractures caused by car accidents, foreign object ingestions, poisoning and intoxicating, head, jaw, and teeth trauma, burns, bites, wounds, cuts, and much more;
    • Illnesses – all types of infections: respiratory tract, urinary tract, and infections of the skin, eyes, ears, and throat, digestive issues, internal parasites, diarrhea, vomiting, heart and valve disease, and much more;
    • Hereditary conditions – birth defect and congenital conditions that are passed through genes such as glaucoma, polycystic kidney disease, muscular dystrophy, obstructive airway syndrome diabetes, hip dysplasia, disorders of the nervous system, patellar luxation, hypothyroidism, and many more;
    • Chronic conditions – arthritis, asthma, allergies, and more;
    • Alternative and holistic therapies – acupuncture, chiropractic, hydrotherapy, laser therapy, herbal therapy, and more;
    • Complications that arise during pregnancy (the course of breeding and pregnancy isn’t covered); 
  • Lab test and diagnostics – CT and MRI scans, ultrasounds, urinalysis, X-rays, blood work, hematology, and more;
  • Surgery and hospitalization;
  • Prescription medications – antibiotics, injections, over the counter meds, painkillers, and every other medication prescribed by a licensed vet and approved by the FDA;
  • Prescription dietary pet foods and nutritional supplements;
  • Prescribed treatments and trainings for behavioral issues including aggression, excessive licking, chewing, anxiety, depression, and more;
  • Medical supplies necessary for the treatment and rehabilitation of a covered illness or injury such as band-aids, bandages, casts, splints, and much more;
  • Death benefits: 
    • Euthanasia administered by a licensed vet;
    • Expenses for cremation and burial costs (up to a total of $250);
    • Reimbursement for the price of your deceased dog (under 8 years of age) or deceased cat (under 10 years of age) for up to $1,000 if you provide receipts of purchase. If you don’t have any receipts, the amount for reimbursement is $150. 

What’s Excluded From TrustedPals Coverage

We’ve listed everything that’s covered by TrustedPals’ accident and illness pet coverage plan. Now, it’s time to let you know of all the tiny exclusions that apply to your policy.

When we compared TrustedPals to other pet insurance providers out there, we noticed that they have fewer exclusions in their policies, so you might want to check the list below and witness that for yourself:

  • Pre-existing conditions – these conditions are excluded by every pet insurer. However, some agencies, TrustedPals included, reinstate curable health conditions that are no longer present. So, as soon as your vet declares that a pre-existing condition that your pet had prior to your enrollment with TrustedPals is actually cured, that condition enters your pet coverage policy as covered
  • Pets that are owned for commercial reasons are by default not accepted on any TrustedPals policy. Those reasons may include but are not limited to organized fighting, track and sled racing, breeding, personal guarding, law enforcement, coursing, and similar commercial activities;
  • Veterinary costs for cats and dogs that are under 8 weeks old;
  • Veterinary costs for treatments for injuries or illnesses caused directly by you or someone in your household including negligence;
  • Therapies and training that are not prescribed by your vet;
  • Prescribed foods and supplements that aren’t meant for treating an underlying condition or injury;
  • Grooming services such as bathing or nail trimming;
  • Transportation to and from medical facilities, storage costs, and boarding;
  • Investigational or experimental treatments and/or diagnostics;
  • Breeding and pregnancy;
  • Bilateral conditions that involve hip dysplasia or cruciate ligament conditions if they are observed during the first 12 months of your enrollment with TrustedPals;
  • Taxidermy;
  • Pet wellness care treatments including routine and preventative procedures, vaccines, pest control, spaying/neutering, and other wellness instances (all of these can be covered by the optional pet wellness care add-on).

TrustedPals Wellness Plans

It’s wonderful that TrustedPals offers so much in their policies to give you peace of mind that you’re always covered in those hard moments when your furry darlings become injured or fall sick.

But what if you don’t have to ever experience stressful moments like that? TrustedPals designs a Pet Wellness Plan that focuses on providing the main preventative care for your pet so they’re always at their best, every day.

TrustedPals’ wellness pack gives an incredible $750 in yearly benefits that you can use toward improving your pet’s health state and ensuring they’re set for a bright, happy future.

Let’s explore the following chart and check all of the benefits that are offered on this comprehensive wellness plan:

TrustedPals Pet Wellness Coverage Plan Wellness Care Maximum Limit
Annual Wellness ExamNot Restricted
VaccinationsNot Restricted
Heartworm Testing and PreventativeNot Restricted
Prescribed Nutritional SupplementsNot Restricted
Spaying or NeuteringNot Restricted
Dental Preventive CleaningNot Restricted
Prescription Pet FoodNot Restricted
Flea/Tick PreventativeNot Restricted
Total Annual BenefitsUp to $750

The best thing about this wellness plan offered by TrustedPals is, as you can see, the claim limits for each benefit. All eight benefits can be used as much as you wish and are not separately limited. The entire plan reimburses up to $750 in a year, but you can use all of that for a single benefit if you’d like.

For example, in the first year of your coverage, you can use most of your wellness plan for spaying/neutering your pet and providing them with vaccinations and flea/tick control. The next year, they might not need more of these, so you can spend more on dental cleanings, wellness exams, and prescribed foods and supplements.

The worst thing about the plan is its dependence on the deductible that you’ve chosen for your accident and illness coverage. If you haven’t submitted a claim for your regular pet insurance and you want to use your wellness coverage, you’d still need to meet your chosen deductible.

Just like your regular monthly premium, the price of the TrustedPals pet wellness care plan depends on your pet’s details (age, breed, and location) and the benefit limits that you choose for your pet insurance plan (deductible, reimbursement, and claim limit).

Extra Features

The only additional feature that can be optionally added to TrustedPals is their pet wellness care plan which we discussed above. There are no other add-ons available since TrustedPals’ base accident and illness coverage comes with everything you need in a pet insurance plan.

However, there are a few extra perks that come included with your TrustedPals insurance policy at no extra cost. They’re all designed to enhance your pet parenting and improve your human-pet relationship.


The best of all extra TrustedPals features is TrustedSpotter – a tool designed to keep you and your pet inseparable at all times.

Pets, even the smartest of the lot, can accidentally get lost after chasing another pet in the neighborhood or while exploring the nearby park.

With TrustedSpotter, you get the chance to retrieve them as soon as they’re spotted by someone. The service comes with a dedicated tag that you attach to the collar of your pet. It contains all the necessary information that can be traced back to you if your pet strays.

If, God forbid, your pet indeed gets lost, whoever finds it can use the TrustedSpotter feature to enter the unique code located on the pet’s tag here. That way, you’ll ensure the lost furball is reunited with their parents and safe to carelessly stroll around their neighborhood once again.

Dedicated TrustedPals Pet Advisors

Every TrustedPals policyholder enjoys the privilege to access TrustedPals’ premium customer services – the TrustedPals Pet Advisors.

To make sure you’re getting a huge bang for your buck, TrustedPals’ Pet Advisors will work with you on your policy building and every claim filing process. While other pet insurers will focus on making more money by selling more to their customers and imposing strict restrictions when claims are concerned, the pet advisors at TrustedPals will help you make the most out of your pet insurance.

Whenever you contact them, a skilled representative will help you use your pet coverage appropriately and get the most out of it.

In short, the TrustedPals Pet Advisors will look after you, whereas regular customer services look only after their own business.

Donations for Disaster Relief

TrustedPals is one of the few companies that care not only for the pets that sign up with them but also those that don’t have a home and shelter.

The company pledges to donate 1% of their entire profits to animals affected by natural disasters. Whenever there’s an earthquake, a flood, or a hurricane, hundreds of stray animals or even active pets get stranded, sick, or hurt.

With their donations, TrustedPals enables charities and animal rescues to help even more in these dire situations.

So, with every premium you pay to TrustedPals, know that a small portion of your money goes where it’s most needed.

TrustedPals Pricing Quotes

TrustedPals pet insurance featuring a pug and a cat wearing glasses

By looking at online quotes fetched through TrustedPals, we can get to the conclusion that the pet insurer isn’t exactly cheap. While we can’t really attach the “affordable” label to their name, this insurance provider isn’t expensive either.

Considering what goes into your TrustedPals policy, your premium might not even reach $100/month, and that’s if we calculate the pet wellness care add-on with it. This is also only true for pure dog breeds. Cats of a pure breed tend to be less expensive and average around $60-$80/month.

Both dogs and cats of mixed breeds can get accident and illness + wellness coverage for under $50/month for dogs and $30/month for cats.

The price of your policy premium is heavily dependent on the deductible, reimbursement percentage, and the claim benefits limit that you choose for your plan. With that said, you can obtain 100% reimbursements on your claims with a plan set at $60/month for dogs and $40/month for cats.

One of the best things here is the fact that TrustedPals doesn’t factor in the condition of your pet when constructing the price of their policy premium. They certainly don’t discriminate against sick or injured pets.

Check out the following charts so you can compare how certain dog and cat breeds fare regarding TrustedPals’ prices.

Pricing Quotes for Dogs

BreedGerman ShepherdFrech BulldogLabrador Retriever
Age2 years 4 months4 years 2 months6 years 6 months
LocationNew YorkCaliforniaColorado
Annual Claim Limit$15,000$15,000$15,000
Annual Deductible$500$500$500
TrustedPals Accident & Illness Pet Insurance Plan$59.00/month$72.00/month$69.00/month
TrustedPals Pet Wellness Plan$27.00/month$32.00/month$31.00/month

*quotes obtained in December 2021

Pricing Quotes for Cats

Age2 years 5 months4 years 1 month8 years 2 months
LocationNew York ColoradoCalifornia
Annual Claim Limit$15,000$15,000$15,000
Annual Deductible$500$500$500
TrustedPals Accident & Illness Pet Insurance Plan$46.00/month$41.00/month$62.00/month
TrustedPals Pet Wellness Plan$21.00/month$18.00/month$28.00/month

*quotes obtained in December 2021

Discounts and Savings

TrustedPals is pretty generous when it comes to offering incentives so future policyholders can score on cheaper pet insurance policy premiums.

These are all of the currently available discount options offered by TrustedPals:

  • Multi-pet discount: TrustedPals is one of the few pet insurance companies that calculate their 5% multi-pet discount on your entire policy, not only the premiums that are meant for your additional pets. That means that even your initial pet would receive this discount benefit;
  • One of the following discount options per pet owner (they can’t be bundled together):
    • Service dog: if your dog is special and has a purpose of helping you stay safe, you’re entitled to a 5% discount by TrustedPals;
    • 5% discount for active military members or military veterans;
    • 5% discount for veterinary clinic staff, veterinary students, or first responders working in emergency centers.

Note that the above-mentioned discounts are available everywhere with the exception of New York and Tennessee where these types of discounts aren’t regulated by the current legislation.

How Does TrustedPals Compare With Its Competitors?

We dedicate this section to comparing TrustedPals with some solid pet insurance providers so we can provide variety and help you better understand how valuable are TrustedPals’ services in comparison to similar competitors.

To learn if TrustedPals is truly the best match for your pet’s needs and your financial standing, you can review the charts below where today’s champion stacks against Odie, Pets Best, and Petplan.

All three companies are amazing in their own regard, so you might even spot a new favorite among them.

TrustedPals vs. Odie

Even though Odie is quite fresh on the pet insurance stage, they don’t come up short when it comes to offering quality pet insurance products.

In comparison to TrustedPals, Odie includes a bit less coverage in their policies, but it is more affordable, has shorter waiting periods, and processes claims a bit faster.

They also offer an amazing accident-only plan, have a 30-day money-back guarantee, and don’t impose any entry fees for their policyholders.

Feature TrustedPals Odie
Coverage Effective USAUSA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, and US Virgin Islands
ReimbursementChoice of 70%, 80%, 90%, or 100% of covered expensesChoice of 70%, 80%, or 90% of covered expenses
Co-Payment0%, 10%, 20%, or 30%10%, 20%, or 30%
Deductible$0 – $750$50 – $1,000
Type of DeductibleAnnualAnnual
Claim Limit Options$1,000 – Unlimited$5,000 – $40,000
Accident-Only PlanNot availableAvailable
Wellness PlanAvailableAvailable
Unlimited Benefits Plan YesNo
Illness Waiting Period14 days14 days
Accident Waiting Period14 days3 days
Orthopedic Conditions Waiting Period12 months6 months
Bilateral ExclusionsYesYes
Chronic ConditionsYesYes
Hereditary and Congenital ConditionsYesYes
Dental CoverageYesYes
Prescription MedicineYesOptional add-on
Alternative/Holistic TherapyYesOptional add-on
Behavioral IssuesYesNo
Exam FeesYesOptional add-on
Exam Required for EnrollmentNoNo
Available At Any Vet ClinicYesYes
MicrochipNoOptional add-on
Minimum Pet Age Limit8 weeks7 weeks
Maximum Pet Age LimitNo limitNo limit
Entry Fee$12.00 administrative fee and $9.00 medical records fee$0.00
Monthly Transaction Fee$1.00 (waived if billed annually)$2.00
Multi-Pet Discount5% for all pets5% for each additional pet
Claim RepaymentWithin 10 daysWithin 5 days
Direct Vet Bill PaymentNot availableNot available
Money-Back GuaranteeNot available30 days
AM Best RatingA+A-
BBB RatingA+N/A

*companies compared in December 2021

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TrustedPals vs. Pets Best

Pets Best stands as one of the original cornerstones in the pet insurance industry. They’re much more experienced than TrustedPals and are always considered as one of the most reliable solutions on the market.

With their pet coverage, you can travel with your pet to Puerto Rico and Canada and still get them covered. Their waiting period for accidents is conveniently low and with them, you can have your vet bills paid directly to your vet with no involvement on your part.

Feature TrustedPals Pets Best
Coverage Effective USAUSA, Canada, and Puerto Rico
ReimbursementChoice of 70%, 80%, 90%, or 100% of covered expensesChoice of 70%, 80%, or 90% of covered expenses
Co-Payment0%, 10%, 20%, or 30%10%, 20%, or 30%
Deductible$0 – $750$50 – $1,000
Type of DeductibleAnnualAnnual
Claim Limit Options$1,000 – Unlimited$5,000 and Unlimited
Accident-Only PlanNot availableAvailable
Wellness PlanAvailableAvailable
Unlimited Benefits Plan YesYes
Illness Waiting Period14 days14 days
Accident Waiting Period14 days3 days
Orthopedic Conditions Waiting Period12 months6 months
Bilateral ExclusionsYesYes
Chronic ConditionsYesYes
Hereditary and Congenital ConditionsYesYes
Dental CoverageYesYes
Prescription MedicineYesOptional add-on
Alternative/Holistic TherapyYesOptional add-on
Behavioral IssuesYesYes
Exam FeesYesOptional add-on
Exam Required for EnrollmentNoNo
Available At Any Vet ClinicYesYes
MicrochipNoOptional add-on
Minimum Pet Age Limit8 weeks7 weeks
Maximum Pet Age LimitNo limitNo limit
Entry Fee$12.00 administrative fee and $9.00 medical records fee$0.00
Monthly Transaction Fee$1.00 (waived if billed annually)$3.00
Multi-Pet Discount5% for all pets5% for each additional pet
Claim RepaymentWithin 10 daysWithin 40 days (25 days on average)
Direct Vet Bill PaymentNot availableYes
Money-Back GuaranteeNot available30 days
AM Best RatingA+Unrated
BBB RatingA+A+

*companies compared in December 2021

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TrustedPals vs. Petplan

Petplan is mostly similar to TrustedPals concerning the amount of coverage benefits they offer in their policies. They are comprehensive and truly affordable.

However, their accident and injury plans aren’t as customizable as TrustedPals and they don’t even offer a wellness option. They do have a 30-day free look period and impose literally no administrative or recurring fees.

Feature TrustedPals Petplan
Coverage Effective USAUSA and Canada
ReimbursementChoice of 70%, 80%, 90%, or 100% of covered expensesChoice of 70%, 80%, or 90% of covered expenses
Co-Payment0%, 10%, 20%, or 30%10%, 20%, or 30%
Deductible$0 – $750$250 – $500
Type of DeductibleAnnualAnnual
Claim Limit Options$1,000 – Unlimited$5,000, $15,000, or Unlimited
Accident-Only PlanNot availableNot available
Wellness PlanAvailableNot available
Unlimited Benefits Plan YesYes
Illness Waiting Period14 days15 days
Accident Waiting Period14 days15 days
Orthopedic Conditions Waiting Period12 months6 months
Bilateral ExclusionsYesYes
Chronic ConditionsYesYes
Hereditary and Congenital ConditionsYesYes
Dental CoverageYesYes
Prescription MedicineYesYes
Alternative/Holistic TherapyYesYes
Behavioral IssuesYesYes
Exam FeesYesYes
Exam Required for EnrollmentNoYes
Available At Any Vet ClinicYesYes
Minimum Pet Age Limit8 weeks6 weeks
Maximum Pet Age LimitNo limitNo limit
Entry Fee$12.00 administrative fee and $9.00 medical records fee$0.00
Monthly Transaction Fee$1.00 (waived if billed annually)$0.00
Multi-Pet Discount5% for all petsNot available
Claim RepaymentWithin 10 daysWithin 30 days (22 on average)
Direct Vet Bill PaymentNot availableNot available
Money-Back GuaranteeNot available30 days
AM Best RatingA+A+
BBB RatingA+A-

*companies compared in December 2021

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Customer Service

TrustedPals pet insurance featuring a French Bulldog

TrustedPals is quite solid when it comes to their customer support section. Above, we’ve talked about how their pet advisors go above and beyond helping future customers and policyholders.

So, if their extensive help section doesn’t contain the answer to your question, you can always get in touch with a TrustedPals representative. Here are their contact details:

  • Phone: (800) 358-3801;
  • E-mail:;
  • Working hours:
    Monday through Friday: from 7 am to 6 pm CST (M-F)
  • Saturday & Sunday: closed
  • Address:
    1299 Zurich Way,
    Schaumburg, IL 60196

Even though there are mentions of a very convenient TrustedPals mobile app for iOS and Android mobile phones, we couldn’t locate it with either app stores. For now, filing claims is reserved for their online portal – the Pawtal

Customer Reviews

We can keep including tons of details about TrustedPals and continue to evaluate them and we’ll still come up short of what real user testimonies mean for a potential customer.

With online reviews, you can most realistically assess how reliable a service is and what you can expect from it based on what some of their customers said online.

With that in mind, we’re including a few positive and negative online reviews about TrustedPals below. Dig in!

TrustedPals Positive Customer Reviews

My dog has been through a lot this last year. TrustedPals has been there for me and paid for everything they promised when I signed up. They have gone through some growing pains, but have mostly worked those issues out, and are now very user-friendly. I highly recommend them and will continue to use them for all of my pet’s healthcare needs.


Really impressed with TrustedPals. Spent a week researching tons of pet insurance companies and came across them. They were newer and less established so we took a risk because the price was great. We had a major problem with our Frenchie and pug in the same month so it was time to see if TrustedPals would pay out. “We are all nervous about that” with insurance companies of all kinds.

They paid out every dollar they said they would over our deductible – 90%. Direct deposit comes about 6-12 days after the claim is successfully submitted which isn’t too bad compared to other companies! We are renewing our policy next month and we’re nervous our premiums would go up because of the expensive vet visit, but in fact, it is going down $5! $88 for 2 dogs! Can’t beat that at 90% coverage and a $250 deductible. Very pleased with them so far. (11 months in)

Hunter & Courtney

I researched all the available pet insurance offers online and created a spreadsheet, TrustedPals Pet Insurance exceeded all the others. Their options in coverage limits and wellness package beat the competition. Additionally, after purchasing and using their insurance, reimbursements are very quick. Overall highly recommended.

Room for improvement:

1. Have Veterinarian office handle policy and only pay copay with no reimbursements; comparable to human dentist/medical;
2. Provide coverage amount with each claim subtracted; amount left for the year.

Big Dog Owner

I am a retired legal assistant well used to research. I researched over 30 pet insurers prior to insuring my Baby Bear with TrustedPals. I choose them because they actually insure routine things no one else covers. So far, I have submitted no claims, but I do have a bill for 6 months of flea and tick medication a vet prescribed and understand it is covered so I would be happy to upgrade my review and let you all know how it goes. I have told all my friends and Papillon breeders about TrustedPals too and hope they join the TrustedPals family with their fur babies.

Brenda Hauswirth

TrustedPals Negative Customer Reviews

My mom told me to take care of our pet because she is too old to go to vet visits. I decided to get pet insurance via TrustedPals. I paid online, but then, no policy number email was received. Any email I received, I was to register in the portal in the website. I tried to do this but my only option was to get a quote.

I am supposed to know my Pet Parent ID to get on the portal, but no email received on this. I tried to cancel the policy because I changed my mind, deciding to use an insurance my vet is familiar with. I called, spoke with a rep, and was told I can’t cancel unless she speaks with my 90-year-old mother. On signing up, and paying, they did not require my mother’s authorization.

Brenda Reed

I submitted this claim and accompanying documents SEVEN times, and they kept asking for “more documentation.” The phone number operator was just a pass-through, with no manager or adjudicator to be had to discuss why my claim wasn’t being reviewed. Over a dozen emails were exchanged before my claim was reviewed and accepted. It should not be this hard. This was on the wellness plan for a dental visit for my pet. This makes me want to switch companies, but of course my deductible is already reached…

Rachel Cintron

Signing up was challenging. An email said they offer up to a 15% discount for members of the Air Force Association. After inquiry, I was told questions at the end of the application process would determine the size of the discount. There were no questions and a 5% discount was assigned. My pet is a trained and certified service pet. In the account summary military discount is listed, but not one for service pets. Signing up was arduous, requiring sending several inquiries. Get the feeling that discounts are freely offered, but reluctantly granted or avoided. I hope the claims process is better.



We’ve reached the end of this TrustedPals pet insurance review! We sniffed out the entire surface of this pet insurer only to discover that they are truly worthy of the “one of the best pet insurance solutions” label.

This pet insurance provider is a bit costlier when compared to some of the insurance products out there, but for the reliability they provide and the value they give, we believe it’s safe to say they are in fact quite affordable.

Everything a pet coverage policy can contain is right there – hereditary and genetic conditions, alternative therapies, prescribed medications, foods, and supplements, veterinary exam fees, pregnancy-related illnesses, and even end-of-life expenses that include euthanasia, cremation, burial, and reimbursements for the lost pet.

TrustedPals wellness package is also a great addition to your ordinary pet coverage as it’s very beneficial in reimbursing you for routine and preventative treatments for your pet.

The only two setbacks that we’ve spotted with TrustedPals are their long waiting period for some orthopedic conditions (12 months) and their high entry fee ($21).

All in all, TrustedPals is very deserving of your consideration, but if you came here looking for something a bit different, go ahead and scroll through our extensive list of pet insurance companies. We’re sure we can help you find just the right solution for you and your beloved companion. 

TrustedPals Alternatives

Nationwide is our first alternative to TrustedPals, mainly because of their coverage for exotic animals. TrustedPals would cover only your pups and kittens, but Nationwide offers A-rated protection for parrots, fish, snakes, geckos, turtles, rabbits, hamsters, and many more. Their pet coverage is valid worldwide, doesn’t exclude any bilateral conditions, and is up to 10% lower in price if you sign up multiple pets.

Companion Protect is so good if you’re looking for preventative care for your pet that doesn’t have to be attached to an insurance plan. They offer just that plus, but if you get their pet insurance plan only, they’ll throw a couple of free wellness exams in there. What’s more, they have zero waiting period for all conditions and injuries, cover all bilateral conditions, and their best asset – they never increase the price of their premiums as pets grow older.

The last TrustedPals alternative for today is Pet Assure. This company is in fact a discount program for all veterinary expenses a pet owner can experience throughout the life of their pet. It covers 25% of the costs of in-house veterinary exams and treatments and it even includes pre-existing conditions without the need of deductibles, annual limits, and waiting periods. Their coverage extends beyond cats and dogs and envelops all other pets in one’s home.


What does the claim filing process look like with TrustedPals?

Submitting claims with TrustedPals is easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Pay your vet for all your veterinary expenses and gather all the necessary invoices and payment receipts;
  2. Log into your TrustedPals Pawtal and click on the “file a claim” button;
  3. Answer a few questions about the claim you’re filing and submit your paperwork. Done!

Now all you have to do is wait about 10 days for TrustedPals to process your claim and get back at you with your reimbursement.

Can I combine Unlimited annual claim benefits, 100% reimbursement, and a $0 deductible on one pet insurance plan with TrustedPals?

While that sounds very tempting, it is unfortunately impossible. None of these options can be combined together on one plan. If you choose any of those, the rest two will be unavailable and you’ll have to combine with the rest of the available options (which are pretty decent in the first place).

Why do hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament conditions have such long waiting periods?

TrustedPals, and most other pet insurers, make the waiting period for these conditions that long because they are too expensive to treat and they want to make sure people aren’t signing up with them only when they need these treatments for their pets.

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