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Petco Pet Insurance Review

Petco pet insurance review featuring a woman shaking hands with a dog
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Petco is a United States veteran in the pet industry, established in 1965 with the mission to be a trailblazer in setting new standards in services and solutions for pet care.

In the beginning, Petco operated by providing wellness care to pets and reinforcing the relationship pet parents have with their pets. They soon expanded their business to offer pet products such as pet food, treats, and supplies. Today, the company is widespread across the US, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, operating at more than 1,000 locations.

Over the years, the company has evolved to offer pet grooming, training, and veterinary services. In 2017, Petco finally focused on delivering top-notch pet healthcare services including a televet helpline, an online pet pharmacy, and pet insurance.

On top of everything, Petco established the Petco Love initiative in 1999 (known as the Petco Foundation at the time) to bring pet communities closer by supporting hundreds of welfare organizations. Since its inception, they invested over $300 million in order to help more than 6.5 million animals find a loving home.

This Petco pet insurance review will help you understand everything about Petco’s pet insurance plans including their coverage policies, pricing quotes, customer service, additional services like pet wellness, and more.

Petco’s Pros & Cons

No full veterinary exam is required prior to enrolling with Petco.Long claim processing times.
Option for direct payment of your vet bills.$2.00 monthly transaction fee.
Extremely short waiting period for orthopedic conditions – only 14 days.Long waiting period for accidents – 14 days.
A unique pet wellness care option (Vital Care) that can be purchased as a standalone and comes with discounted grooming services and unlimited wellness visits.Bilateral exclusions for conditions involving the cruciate ligament, the meniscus, the patella, and the knee.
Travel pet coverage is available throughout the USA, Puerto Rico, Canada, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands.
Petco reinstates curable conditions in the case when a pre-existing condition has been cured for the past 6 months.
10% discount for multiple pets.
Accident-only pet insurance coverage is available.
Coverage for veterinary exam fees.
Coverage for microchip implementation.
30-day money-back guarantee.

Petco’s Key Attributes

  1. Underwriter: United States Fire Insurance Company
    • AM Best Rating: A
    • BBB Rating: B
  2. Exam period: Petco doesn’t have any enrollment requirements. While you don’t need to take a thorough physical exam for your pet, Petco can request their medical history review at any time to evaluate if they should or shouldn’t be covered for a certain condition. 
  3. Increase in monthly premium: Petco will eventually increase the price of your monthly premium because of the rise of veterinary costs over time and the fact that as your pet gets older they are at a bigger risk of getting ill or injured. However, Petco will never increase your premium price because of the number of your submitted claims. For any changes that might happen to your policy, Petco will notify you at least 60 days in advance.
  4. Claim submission time limit: You can submit a claim for any veterinary procedure/treatment that you paid for, even if you’re unsure if Petco covers it. But, you must do it within 270 days from the moment of the procedure, otherwise, it will be automatically considered ineligible for reimbursement.
  5. Claim processing times: Petco isn’t the fastest service out there. It is also not the slowest either. Their team will process your claim within 30 days of your filing, although, for most customers, the wait time from filing to reimbursement is 10 to 16 days on average.
  6. Waiting periods: Each waiting period is practically the same with Petco, except pet wellness procedures which don’t have any waiting period. Illnesses, accidents, and orthopedic conditions such as ligament and knee conditions have a waiting period of 14 days. That is pretty great for illnesses, especially orthopedic conditions which often have a waiting period of 6 months with some companies. However, a waiting period of 14 days for accidents is pretty high; other companies have shorter waiting periods for this type of coverage.
    • Accidents – 14 days;
    • Illnesses – 14 days;
    • Wellness – no waiting period;
    • Orthopedic conditions – 14 days.
  7. Pet insurance coverage with Petco is valid with any licensed veterinarian, emergency clinic, or specialty veterinary clinic in the USA. To make things even better, Petco’s pet coverage extends to cover your pet while you travel with it to Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands.
  8. Bilateral conditions that include disorders of a ligament, the meniscus, the patella, or those of the knee’s soft tissue are excluded from your Petco pet coverage even when they have appeared only on one side of your pet’s body.

Petco’s Insurance Plans

Petco’s offers are surely simple but they don’t lack anything less than other major pet insurance companies. In this section, we did all the leg work for you to cover everything about Petco’s insurance plans so you’re sure of what the available options are.

A Petco’s pet insurance policy can come in two different ways. The company offers coverage for unexpected accidents and illnesses on its Accident & Illness Pet Coverage plan and an additional option to cover only accidents on the Accident-Only Pet Coverage plan.

In a nutshell, everything from claim limit options to coverage instances is the same on both plans. The only difference is that instances aren’t covered on the Accident-Only pet coverage plan, but only unexpected accidents are included.

The following are the claim limit option that you can choose from no matter which plan you opt for:

  • Annual coverage limits: $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, $20,000, or Unlimited;
  • Annual deductibles: $100, $250, or, $500;
  • Reimbursement percentages: 70%, 80%, or 90%.

Any cat or dog older than 8 weeks can fully enjoy the benefits and flexibility that come with these two plans. 

A huge advantage of these plans by Petco is the simplicity of its waiting periods. You only need to remember that from the moment of your enrollment, you need to wait 14 full days for your pet coverage to go into full effect. This is valid for all illnesses, accidents, and even orthopedic conditions.

You can use your Petco pet coverage with any licensed veterinarian all across the US, its territories, and Canada.

To get back the money that you paid for veterinary bills, you can submit a claim and get the reimbursement through a mail check or a direct bank deposit. You can avoid waiting by applying for a direct vet bill payment, so Petco can directly pay your veterinarian for their services.

What’s Covered With a Petco Policy

Petco pet insurance coverage benefits

Petco’s pet insurance plans come with one of the best pet insurance clauses designed to offset the veterinary costs for both dogs and cats. Everything from veterinary exams, diagnostics, treatment, surgeries, prescriptions, etc. is included with Petco’s policy.

A rule of thumb for what’s covered by Petco’s policy is to recognize your pet’s condition as unexpected, unplanned, and not pre-existing. To give you a hint of everything that’s covered, check out the following list of conditions and additional benefits:

  • Accidents – the veterinary costs for any injury resulting from an accident including bodily trauma and fractures, foreign body ingestion, car accidents, bites, cuts, wounds, burns, tears, poisoning, and many more;
  • Illnesses – the veterinary costs for any eligible illness (including chronic conditions, hereditary conditions, and cancer): upper respiratory tract infection, stomach issues, ear and eye infections, intestinal parasites, heartworm disease, urinary tract infections, skin issues, ringworm/mange/mites, chronic valve disease, foreign growths, tick-borne illnesses, and many more;
  • Veterinary exam fees – coverage for every fee associated with your veterinary visits including exams, diagnostics, laboratory tests, and consultations for all eligible illnesses and injuries;
  • Cancer treatment – chemotherapy and radiation therapy;
  • Hereditary and genetic conditions – IVDD, cataracts, glaucoma, thyroid disease, liver disease, nervous system disorders, diabetes, and many more;
  • Chronic conditions – asthma, allergies, epilepsy, arthritis, and many more;
  • In-office and veterinary clinic diagnostic and testing – X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, hematology, blood tests, urinalysis, ultrasounds, and many more;
  • Alternative therapies – stem cell therapy, laser therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy,  herbal therapy, chiropractic treatments, naturopathy, and many more;
  • Behavioral problems – aggression, dietary indiscretion, fur pulling, excessive chewing or licking, separation anxiety, marking, tail chasing, and many more;
  • Prescribed medications and foods – FDA-approved medications and therapeutic foods that are prescribed by your veterinarian (not for prevention, general maintenance, weight loss, or treats) including prescribed supplements such as vitamins, probiotics, or nutraceuticals (excluding herbs);
  • Non-routine dental coverage for tooth extraction as a result of an accident. Dental illnesses such as gingivitis and periodontitis are included;
  • Intravenous (IV) fluids and medications;
  • Medical supplies such as casts, bandages, splints, band-aids, wheelchairs, mobility devices, and much more;
  • Microchip implementation;
  • Surgery and hospitalization;
  • End of life expenses.

What’s Excluded From Petco’s Coverage

Petco will not pay for costs associated with or resulting from the following:

  • Pre-existing conditions;
  • Cosmetic, aesthetic, endodontic, or orthodontic dental procedures such as caps, fillings, root canals or planing, crowns or crown amputation, and implants;
  • Anal sac (gland) resection or/and expression when there’s no disease or infection;
  • Boarding;
  • Breeding, pregnancy, whelping, or nursing;
  • Cosmetic and elective procedures or prostheses such as claw removal, ear cropping, debarking, tail docking, nail trimming, and more;
  • Dental cleanings if not used to stop or treat a condition covered in the policy;
  • Experimental medication or procedures that hasn’t been accredited and approved by the medical community (such as clinical trials;
  • Funeral expenses including burial plots and fees, caskets, urns, and other memorial items;
  • Grooming services and supplies including bathing, ear cleanings, shampoos, nail products, and more;
  • Herbs;
  • Travel expenses to and from veterinary and emergency clinics;
  • Neglect, illness, or injury that was intentionally inflicted to your pet by you, a member of your immediate family, or a caregiver in your employment;
  • Bilateral conditions such as ligament and knee conditions on both sides of the pet’s body that occurred before enrolling with Petco or during a waiting period;
  • Devices and supplies that can be considered preventive to an injury but not illness including toys, ramps, leashes, bedding, and more;
  • Heart valve or organ transplants;
  • Prescribed food used for general maintenance, weight loss, or prevention;
  • Training or training devices;
  • Veterinary expenses related to racing, coursing, personal protection, organized fighting, guarding, or law enforcement.

Petco reinstates conditions that were marked as pre-existing but were later cured. The pre-existing conditions that your pet recovered from and hasn’t demonstrated any related symptoms within 6 months from the moment of its recovery, will no longer be deemed as pre-existing and will become coverable by your policy.

Petco’s Wellness Plans

Petco focuses on providing wellness benefits that you’ll actually use and benefit from. While other pet insurance companies offer more preventive care benefits such as parasite control, spaying/neutering, dental cleanings, and lab tests, you might not use all of them and end up paying more than the actual wellness plan value.

Petco presents Vital Care – the only pet wellness plan that provides just a few benefits that are of the biggest benefit to pet parents. With it, you’ll be set for grooming, veterinary exams, and pet supplies for good!

The following is what comes with the Vital Care option:

  • A welcome gift! Petco rewards each of their Vital Care members with a welcoming gift that includes a free bag of food (6 lbs. for dog food, 4 lbs. for cat food) or $25 off one vaccination in a Vetco vaccination clinic;
  • Dogs receive 30% off on full-service grooming sessions at any of the many Petco locations. Grooming includes fur trimming and styling, bathing with deep-cleaning shampoo, blow-drying, a 15-minute brushout, scented spritz, gland expression, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. These procedures are important to reduce the amount of shedding and promote healthy skin and coat;
  • Unlimited wellness exams at any of the participating Petco vet locations. Head-to-tail wellness exams are designed to keep your pet in check and can include everything from physical checks for high temperature and bodily signs of any disorder to lab tests for blood work, urinalysis, x-rays, and much more. Wellness exams are the solution to catch culprits early before they cause serious problems and Petco offers an unlimited number of these exams;
  • Pals Rewards – For each month spent on the Vital Care plan, you’ll be rewarded with $10 that you can spend in any of Petco’s locations on pet stuff like toys, food, nutrition, or treats. The rewards program grants you a free 8th bag of cat or dog food and a free 8th grooming session.

Petco’s Vital Care costs $19/month. Its annual benefits value is estimated at about $400 and if you enroll more than one pet you’ll get a $2 discount on each pet’s Vital Care plan.

Extra Features – Pet Concierge

With each Petco pet insurance policy, a pet concierge service is included free of charge. This service includes guidance from Petco’s certified veterinary consultants and pet health professionals.

You can access the services through your account or their mobile app anytime you wish to ask questions related to the health state and well-being of your pet. 

Sometimes, especially in times of a pandemic, it’s more convenient to have someone reliable to reach and ask everything that might concern you instead of taking a trip to the vet’s office.

Note that you can use Petco’s pet concierge to ask for advice about your four-legged friend’s general health, training, nutrition, behavioral changes, or anything else, other than getting a veterinary diagnosis or prescription medications. For those, you’ll need to pay your vet a visit. 

Petco’s Pricing Quotes

While testing the “free quote” service by Petco, we came to a conclusion that this pet insurance company is one of the more expensive ones. This is especially true for pure-bred cats and dogs that reside in upscale urban areas.

In the pet insurance industry, it’s not a myth that pets of pure breeds come with more risk of sustaining more injuries and illnesses. Mixed breeds are usually healthier and require less medical attention throughout their lifetime, that’s why pet insurance providers price their premiums on the lower side.

Due to these factors, Petco will eventually increase the price of your monthly premium over time, usually at policy renewal. This is a practice with every pet insurance provider to keep up with the higher demand of veterinary services for senior cats and dogs.

In the tables below, you can review the monthly premium prices for Petco’s accident and illness pet coverage for the most famous canine and feline breeds in the US. 

Pricing Quotes for Dogs

BreedGerman ShepherdFrench BulldogLabrador Retriever
Age2 years 4 months4 years 2 months6 years 6 months
LocationNew YorkCaliforniaColorado
Claim Limit$15,000$15,000$15,000
Petco’s Accident & Illness Dog Coverage$73.80/month$74.59/month$117.84/month

*quotes obtained in September 2021

Pricing Quotes for Cats

Age2 years 5 months4 years 1 month8 years 2 months
LocationNew York ColoradoCalifornia
Claim Limit$15,000$15,000$15,000
Petco’s Accident & Illness Cat Coverage$35.43/month$55.17/month$45.48/month

*quotes obtained in September 2021

Discounts and Savings

One of the best assets of Petco’s pet insurance pricing model is its discount option for enrolling multiple pets from one family. Every pet parent that signs up more than one cat or dog on Petco’s accident and illness coverage plan will receive 10% off their monthly premium for their second, third, and every subsequent pet.

There’s also the 30-day money-back guarantee that makes testing Petco’s services free for a month. If you pay for the first premium but you’re not satisfied with how they handle your furry companion’s veterinary expenses, you can cancel Petco’s pet insurance policy and get a full refund. This is only available to customers who haven’t filed any claims within this 30-day period.

Note: The 30-day money-back guarantee isn’t available for residents in the state of New York.

How Does Petco Compare With Its Competitors?

This section is dedicated to comparing Petco with other similar companies in the pet insurance industry that pose as serious rivals to its business.

By comparing its features and the benefits that come with owning a Petco pet insurance policy, you’ll get a quick glimpse into every key feature that these pet insurance providers are characterized by.

The three companies that we’ll set against Petco are 24petWatch, Nationwide, and PetPartners. They are all leaders in the niche, all in their own way, as many pet owners choose to trust their business and use their services.

Petco vs. 24PetWatch

24PetWatch is an excellently rated company that boasts extremely short waiting periods. Especially those dedicated to accidents – the waiting period for those instances is only a single day.

Additionally, 24PetWatch is one of the best pet insurance solutions when it comes to covering chronic conditions. The service also offers benefits such as boarding kennel fees, trip cancellation, lost pet recovery costs, and euthanasia and cremation available at no extra charge.

Coverage Effective USA, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, and CanadaUSA, Puerto Rico, and Canada
ReimbursementChoice of 70%, 80%, or 90% of covered expenses80% of covered expenses
Co-Payment10%, 20%, or 30%20%
Deductible$100 – $5,00$100 – $1,000
Type of DeductibleAnnualAnnual
Claim Limit Options$5,000 – Unlimited$3,000 – $20,000
Accident-Only PlanAvailableNot available
Wellness PlanAvailableAvailable
Unlimited Benefits Plan YesNo
Illness Waiting Period14 days14 days
Accident Waiting Period14 days1 day
Orthopedic Conditions Waiting Period14 days14 days
Bilateral ExclusionsYesYes
Chronic ConditionsYesYes
Hereditary and Congenital ConditionsYesYes
Dental CoverageYesNo
Prescription MedicineYesYes
Alternative/Holistic TherapyYesYes
Behavioral IssuesYesYes
Exam FeesYesYes
Exam Required for EnrollmentNoYes
Available At Any Vet ClinicYesYes
Minimum Pet Age Limit8 weeks8 weeks
Maximum Pet Age LimitNo limit10 years for dogs;12 years for cats
Entry Fee$0.00$0.00
Monthly Transaction Fee$2.00$2.50
Multi-Pet Discount10% on each additional petNot available
Claim RepaymentWithin 30 days (10-16 days on average)Within 60 days 
Direct Vet Bill PaymentAvailableAvailable
Money-Back Guarantee30 daysNot available
AM Best RatingAA
BBB RatingBA+

*companies compared in September 2021

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Petco vs. Nationwide

There’s no match to Nationwide when it comes to covering almost all pet types out there. 24PetWatch and all other pet insurance companies offer pet coverage exclusively for cats and dogs, while Nationwide can cover fish, birds, reptiles, rodents, amphibians, and many other exotic pet types.

Nationwide’s pet coverage is available with any licensed veterinarian on a worldwide level and they impose no exclusions for bilateral conditions. What makes Nationwide even more unique is the option to get a standalone pet wellness care plan from them. Other pet insurers that provide pet wellness care options, do so as a rider option that must be attached to your base pet coverage.

Coverage Effective USA, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, and CanadaWorldwide
ReimbursementChoice of 70%, 80%, or 90% of covered expensesChoice of 50%, 70%, and 90% for the whole pet® plans;
Fixed benefit schedule amount for the major medical℠ plans.
Co-Payment10%, 20%, or 30%10%, 30%, or 50%
Deductible$100 – $5,00$250
Type of DeductibleAnnualAnnual
Claim Limit Options$5,000 – Unlimited$10,000 or Unlimited
Accident-Only PlanAvailableAvailable
Wellness PlanAvailableAvailable
Unlimited Benefits Plan YesYes
Illness Waiting Period14 days14 days
Accident Waiting Period14 days14 days
Orthopedic Conditions Waiting Period14 days12 months
Bilateral ExclusionsYesNo
Chronic ConditionsYesYes
Hereditary and Congenital ConditionsYesYes
Dental CoverageYesYes
Prescription MedicineYesYes
Alternative/Holistic TherapyYesYes
Behavioral IssuesYesYes
Exam FeesYesYes
Exam Required for EnrollmentNoNo
Available At Any Vet ClinicYesYes
Minimum Pet Age Limit8 weeks6 weeks
Maximum Pet Age LimitNo limit10 years
Entry Fee$0.00$0.00
Monthly Transaction Fee$2.00$2.00
Multi-Pet Discount10% on each additional pet5% for second and third pet;10% for fourth and subsequent pets.
Claim RepaymentWithin 30 days (10-16 days on average)Within 30 days (4 on average)
Direct Vet Bill PaymentAvailableNo
Money-Back Guarantee30 days10 days
AM Best RatingAA+
BBB RatingBA+

*companies compared in September 2021

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Petco vs. PetPartners

PetPartners is an affordable pet insurance solution that also offers accident-only coverage options and pet wellness plans. 

Like Petco, they have a 24/7 pet telehealth line that you can use to ask everything that concerns you about your pet’s health. Their downside, though, is that pets older than 8 can’t sign up for their insurance coverage.

Coverage Effective USA, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, and CanadaUSA and Canada
ReimbursementChoice of 70%, 80%, or 90% of covered expensesChoice of 70%, 80%, or 90% of covered expenses
Co-Payment10%, 20%, or 30%10%, 20%, or 30%
Deductible$100 – $5,00$100 – $1,000
Type of DeductibleAnnualAnnual
Claim Limit Options$5,000 – Unlimited$2,500 – Unlimited
Accident-Only PlanAvailableAvailable
Wellness PlanAvailableAvailable
Unlimited Benefits Plan YesYes
Illness Waiting Period14 days14 days
Accident Waiting Period14 days2 days
Orthopedic Conditions Waiting Period14 days6 months
Bilateral ExclusionsYesYes
Chronic ConditionsYesYes
Hereditary and Congenital ConditionsYesOptional add-on
Dental CoverageYesAccidents only
Prescription MedicineYesYes
Alternative/Holistic TherapyYesYes
Behavioral IssuesYesYes
Exam FeesYesOptional add-on
Exam Required for EnrollmentNoNo
Available At Any Vet ClinicYesYes
MicrochipYesOptional add-on
Minimum Pet Age Limit8 weeks8 weeks for dogs and 10 weeks for cats
Maximum Pet Age LimitNo limit9 years for illnesses
Entry Fee$0.00$0.00
Monthly Transaction Fee$2.00$3.00 or $4.00 (depending on the state)
Multi-Pet Discount10% on each additional pet5% for multiple pets
Claim RepaymentWithin 30 days (10-16 days on average)Within 14 days (7 days on average)
Direct Vet Bill PaymentAvailableNo
Money-Back Guarantee30 days30 days
AM Best RatingAA-
BBB RatingBA+

*companies compared in September 2021

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Customer Service

Considering Petco’s long history on the pet market in the US, they have managed to refine their customer support service so everything that’s needed to help their customers is made available to them.

Petco’s website is straightforward and intuitive and their Android and iOS apps are great for when you need a quick glance at every Petco product that you use. You can use those to order stuff from Petco, make appointments for grooming or vet visits, and also submit and review your pet insurance claims.

You can contact Petco’s licensed pet insurance specialist at 833-898-7387 Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 9 PM PST and on Saturdays from 9 AM to 5 PM PST. They also have a live chat tool on their website and are reachable anytime through email –

Customer Reviews

A real review wouldn’t be complete with an insight into what customers have to say about their personal journeys. Witnessing many positive and negative experiences real customers have had with a service can be eye-opening.

Below you can read some notable customer reviews that we deemed necessary so you can better understand whether Petco is the right deal for you.

Positive Petco Pet Insurance Reviews

Petco in Monterey, CA offers the best customer service staff! All employees are top-notch. They are always there to help you and are extremely knowledgeable about their products and will recommend the best product for your pet’s needs. They always have a smile for you! I am very happy with Petco!

Sandra LaDue

I took my dogs to get groomed at the Laveen location on baseline rd and I found an absolutely awesome dog groomer. Her name is Phelicia. She is kind, gentle and her work is very good. She even took the time to go over my dog’s needs. And she also added a cute touch to my dogs when I got them back with a cute hair bow and a bandanna. I highly recommend Phelicia if you are searching for a great dog groomer.

Larissa Lee

We have 3 Australian Shepherds. We were so happy about the grooming by Christie. She did a great job on our kids. Our male Aussie is very thick-coated and Christie made him look beautiful. His summer cute was spot on… we also requested his tail (long tail, not bobbed) not to be cut. She did a beautiful job. We’ve been going to Petco for grooming for a few years.

Safety, cleanliness, and care are our number 1 priority for our Aussies. I also wanted to have time scheduled and it was spot on. Thank you again to Christie and the staff.

Karen Bechtel Shepherd

Petco is where we go, always. I so love their partnership with adoption organizations – we’ve rescued many dogs and cats through adopting them at a Petco. Also, love how they treat their critters in stock – they are the best at displaying beta fish, for example, with little walls so they betas don’t see each other and get stressed out. I’ve used their grooming services and bought many, many toys and bags of food from Petco. Big fan.

Taylor Davis

I’ve had nothing but good experiences at my local Petco (Wilmington, DE). I’ve always found what I need and the staff has always been friendly and informative. I enrolled my puppy into their training program and that was also a great experience.

The grooming staff botched my dog’s (schnauzer) haircut once but it grew back and wasn’t a huge deal. My other dog is very sensitive about her nails being cut, but they always make her feel comfortable when they do it.


Negative Petco Pet Insurance Reviews

Waited for a good minute for assistance. A dog was literally peeing and pooping all over the store. Asked about certain items for a certain price. Got charged double for the items and then got a capstar for my dogs. Pack of six. Come home to find one has been used and they “have no idea how that happened “ never going there again. Very Inexperienced employees!

Kelli Jackson

I signed up for repeat delivery for a medication for my pet on their website. By the second month, I had found the same medication for repeat delivery for much cheaper at another website that was listed on Petco’s website as one that they price match. I called customer service and, after waiting FORTY-FIVE MINUTES, was told they don’t do a price match if you’re on repeat delivery (even though it says “price match guarantee” ON the repeat delivery page).

So I said ok, I’ll cancel repeat delivery and do a one-time purchase with the price match because even paying for shipping it would come out cheaper. The lady said she needed to “check with her manager” for something and put me on hold again for another 10min… just to then hang up on me. I got the strong vibe they just try everything they can to not honor their price match “guarantee” they put on their website.

I canceled my order and got repeat delivery with the other website, whose customer service was leagues better than Petco’s. Two stars only because I got the first month of my medication for a discount (which was still more expensive than other websites anyway).

Liana S

Usually, I have a good experience at Petco getting my dog’s nails trimmed. This time, not so much. I watched Caitlin the groomer at the lee road mall store yank my dog’s leg repeatedly in a direction a dog’s leg isn’t designed to go while trimming. I was so incensed I banged on the window and told her to stop yanking his leg. When she came out she point-blank lied to me that she hadn’t been yanking his leg despite seeing her do it. Alex the groomer I highly recommend. Caitlin should be avoided. If she is doing that in full view what is she doing with dogs in the back where you can’t see her.

Keria Rossin


In this Petco pet insurance review, we’ve checked off every aspect of the pet insurance provider in order to cover all of the important takeaways that come with using Petco’s insurance and pet wellness services.

While researching, we figured that Petco is a good match for every pet parent’s veterinary expenses requirements, but only to those willing to generously open up their pockets. Their accident and illness coverage is a first-class solution that will take care of almost every vet bill you might face in the future.

Petco’s customers are bragging about Petco’s wonderful customer service. Their unique Vital Care wellness option is the best out there for those that visit a vet for routine and preventive purposes. 

On the other side of things, Petco’s expensive policy premiums aren’t enough to cover pregnancy-related conditions and the insurance provider imposes exclusions for bilateral conditions as well.

If you think that everything you learned about Petco today is still not enough to satisfy all of your pet insurance needs, feel free to browse around all of our other pet insurance company reviews and find options that suit you better.

Petco’s Alternatives

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to Petco, Pets Best might be exactly what checks the box. They always keep up with the latest pet insurance trends and update their policies to suit your current needs the best. Besides being budget-friendly, Pets Best, unlike Petco, are lightning-fast in everything they do. They can pay your vet directly or reimburse your medical expenses in the shortest amount of time possible.

Prudent Pet is quite similar to Petco, but they might be a better fit for you because of their affordability. The company has amazing discount options and imposes no limits on claim payouts. However, they still lack a mobile app which might be a deal-breaker for many customers who can’t get past the innovative approach of handling everything with their phones.

For all the tech-savvies, there’s Lemonade. The insurance company recently started offering pet insurance with a solid touch of innovative technology. With Lemonade, you can rest assured you’ll always access their services in a fast and reliable manner, while an AI-powered chatbot will guide you through every step of the way. Besides the advanced tech, Lemonade provides affordable pet coverage plans and pet wellness care options.


Are there any eligibility restrictions when signing up for a Petco pet insurance coverage policy?

There are no restrictions when it comes to being eligible for a Petco pet insurance coverage policy, except the minimum age of your pet which needs to be at least 8 weeks old. Other than that, cats and dogs of any age, breed, size, medical history, and location are welcome on the Petco pet insurance platform.

When and how can I make changes to my Petco pet insurance policy?

You can make changes to your Petco pet insurance policy at any time you wish to do so. You need to call Petco’s representatives at 833-898-7387 to request a change. Note that if you wish to upgrade your pet coverage, there will be no interruptions in your coverage, but if you want to downgrade, your policy will be terminated and another one will be composed. That means that you’ll have to respect all of the waiting periods once again and any previously occurred conditions will be considered pre-existing.

What happens with my Petco pet insurance policy if I abandon my pet or if I change ownership?

If you wish to cancel your Petco pet insurance policy, you need to call Petco’s representatives at 833-898-7387 and request your cancellation. If you want to thrasher ownership, you and the new owner will both be contacted and verified so your policy is seamlessly updated with the new owner’s details.

Can I obtain the pet wellness care pack from Petco on its own or do I need to purchase a pet insurance policy first?

Petco is one of the very few companies that offer standalone pet wellness care options. Petco’s Vital Care feature can be acquired on its own without getting their pet insurance option. This feature provides benefits that are designed to aid your pet’s overall health and wellbeing and prevent any health issues from developing in the future.

Is my Petco pet insurance policy valid only at Petco’s veterinary locations?

No. You can use the services of any licensed veterinarian, specialist, or emergency clinic in the US, its territories, and Canada with Petco’s pet insurance coverage. The company doesn’t restrict you to its own network of veterinary offices.

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