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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Review

Healthy Paws pet insurance review featuring a woman hugging a labrador retriever
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G. John Cole
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G. John Cole
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Searching for the best insurance available for your pet has probably led you to pet care providers that offer a little bit of everything, often leaving you overwhelmed and confused.

When it comes to pet insurance, what a pet parent really wants is for their pets to be protected from all the harm and malice that may come their way, like accidents, illnesses, and injuries. Insuring our pets ensures that they always receive the proper healthcare every time they need it, regardless of the cost. It’s of great importance that this protection comes compact, packed in one comprehensive policy to provide the peace of mind we all so desperately seek.

That’s where Healthy Paws comes in. The only thing that this pet insurance company offers is a single accident and illness plan to envelop all of the health problems your cat or dog might encounter in the future.

Founded in 2009 by fellow animal rescue volunteers, Healthy Paws has insured more than half a million pets so far.

The insurance provider is committed to regularly donating to homeless animals so they can always stay healthy and happy. Their Every Quote Gives Hope™ charity program has given over $1.3 million in donations to date. You can join their efforts by simply requesting a free quote for your pet. Healthy Paws will help a homeless animal even for that minor gesture.

This Healthy Paws pet insurance review will help you discover everything there is about the company and figure out if it’s the best fit for your budget and your pet’s needs.

Healthy Paws Pros & Cons

A vast number of deductible options including $100No accident-only plan available
Affordable prices for monthly premiumsNo wellness plan available
One of the fastest claim processing times in the industry No discount for enrolling multiple pets
Coverage for almost all bilateral conditionsPet older than 14 are ineligible for a Healthy Paws insurance policy
Reinstatement of curable pre-existing conditionsVeterinary exam required prior to enrollment
Unlimited annual and lifetime payout limitNo coverage for exam fees
Excellent rating by both online services and real customers
Travel coverage available across the US and Canada
30-day money-back guarantee

Healthy Paws Key Attributes

  1. Underwriter: Chubb Group (ACE American Insurance Company, Westchester Fire Insurance Company, Indemnity Insurance Company of North America, ACE Property and Casualty Insurance Company, and Atlantic Employers Insurance Company)
    • AM Best Rating: A++
    • BBB Rating: A
  2. Exam period: Healthy Paws requires you to perform a mandatory nose-to-tail veterinary examination for your pet to become eligible for coverage.
    • Pets that are 5 years old or younger need to take the physical examination within a 12-month timeframe prior to enrolling with Healthy Paws, or within 15 days after enrolling;
    • Pets older than 6 are required to take the exam within 30 days before or 15 days after enrollment.
  3. Increase in monthly premium: Healthy Paws does impose changes in premium costs depending on the fluctuations in costs of veterinary treatments depending on the specific area where you live, and factors such as your pet’s age, breed, gender, and others, in accordance with each state’s insurance regulator;
  4. Claim submission time limit: Healthy Paws approves and processes new claims only if you submit them within 90 days from the date of your veterinary visit;
  5. Claim processing times: After sending your veterinary paid invoice, Healthy Paws will process your claim within 10 days. Although, 99% of claims are processed within 2 days. You’ll receive your reimbursement 24 hours after your claim process is complete;
  6. Waiting periods: Healthy Paws has a waiting period of 15 days for illnesses which falls in the average when compared to similar companies in the industry. However, accidents also have the same waiting period which is quite high. Hip dysplasia is covered only for pets that enroll before they turn 6. The waiting period for it is 12 months.
    • Accidents – 15 days;
    • Illnesses – 15 days;
    • Wellness – N/A;
    • Orthopedic conditions – 15 days (12 months for hip dysplasia).
  7. Pet insurance coverage with Healthy Paws is valid throughout the USA, and for up to 3 months in Canada, if you travel there and take your pet with you;
  8. Bilateral conditions are covered with Healthy Paws with only one exception – Cruciate ligament injuries that are pre-existing on one leg, won’t get coverage even if the other leg is healthy.

Healthy Paws Insurance Plans

Whether you want to cover your dog or puppy from head to paw or your cat or kitten from nose to tail, Healthy Paws offers one all-encompassing insurance plan to cushion the cost of veterinary treatments for all the unexpected (and expensive!) injuries, illnesses, and accidents.

While other pet insurers would offer several plans with different types of coverage, Healthy Paws constructs the ultimate coverage in one comprehensive policy without forcing you to choose fewer benefits for less money.

The only major exclusion from this coverage are pre-existing conditions which we’ll cover in the “exclusion” section below.

While the Healthy Paws coverage plan is unique, you can tweak the amount of your annual deductible and your reimbursement rate in order to optimize the price of your monthly premium.

Here are the available options in that regard:

  • Annual deductibles:
    • $100, $250, and $500 (cats and dogs that are under 6 years of age);
    • $250, $500, or $750 (cats and dogs that are 6 to 8 years old);
    • $750 or $1,000 (dogs that are above 8 years of age).
  • Reimbursement percentages:
    • 70%, 80%, and 90% (cats and dogs that are under 6 years of age);
    • 60%, 70%, or 80% (cats and dogs that are 6 to 8 years old);
    • 50% or 60% (dogs that are above 8 years of age).
  • Annual and lifetime claim benefits: Unlimited for all ages;

It’s worth mentioning that pets need to be at least 8 weeks old to become eligible for enrollment on this plan. The plan also has a maximum pet age restriction set at 14 years of age for all pets.

Once enrolled, everything that your pet gets covered for has a waiting period of 15 days. The only exception is hip dysplasia which has a 12-month waiting period and is only covered for pets under the age of 6.

Healthy Paws coverage works with any licensed veterinarian in the USA and up to 3 months while you travel with your pet to Canada.

What’s Covered With a Healthy Paws Policy

Healthy Paws pet insurance review featuring a puppy lying over a teddy bear

In a nutshell, Healthy Paws covers pretty much everything that’s unexpected and threatening the life of your pet. 

From new illnesses to hereditary and genetic conditions, Healthy Paws is adored among customers for mitigating the costs for all of their unplanned, stressful visits to the vet.

The following are only some of the top medical conditions, injuries, and additional benefits that come included with a Healthy Paws policy:

  • Illnesses – stomach issues, skin issues like dermatitis, ear infections, eye conditions, foreign growths like cysts or lumps, urinary tract infections, heart conditions like heartworm or chronic valve disease, and much more;
  • Accidents – burns, cuts, bites, tears, foreign body ingestion, trauma and fractures, poisoning, car accidents, and more;
  • Hereditary Conditions – glaucoma, diabetes, hip dysplasia (for pets younger than 6), thyroid disease, and more;
  • Congenital Conditions – genetic heart disease, liver disease, cataracts, conditions of the nervous system, and more;
  • Chronic Conditions – epilepsy, allergies, asthma, arthritis, and more;
  • Bilateral conditions with the exception of cruciate ligament conditions if they are listed as pre-existing;
  • Cancer including radiation and palliative chemotherapy;
  • Accidental Dental – teeth and facial trauma, jaw conditions, and non-routine dental procedures and tooth extractions as a result of an accident;
  • Diagnostic Treatments – specialists consultations, laboratory exams, and physical exams;
  • X-rays, blood tests, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs;
  • Surgery;
  • Hospitalization;
  • Prescription Medications;
  • Emergency Care;
  • Specialty Care;
  • Alternative Treatments;
  • Euthanasia.

What’s Excluded From Healthy Paws’ Coverage

Healthy Paws is all about covering your pet for everything that’s unplanned and unexpected, as we’ve witnessed in the section above. Hence, everything else that you plan to provide for your pup or kitten upfront won’t be covered by Healthy Paws.

Additionally, conditions that are already established prior to enrolling or occur during the waiting period will be excluded from coverage as well. All pet insurance companies do this in order to protect their financial capability.

Here are all the instances where pets don’t receive coverage from Healthy Paws:

  • Pre-existing conditions;
  • Veterinary exam fees;
  • Cruciate ligament injuries that are pre-existing entail that the other healthy leg of a pet won’t get coverage for this condition as well (the only bilateral exclusion);
  • Preventive care – vaccines, dental cleaning, flea and tick prevention and treatment, deworming, grooming, nail trimming, heartworm medication, and parasite control and treatment;
  • Spaying/neutering;
  • Anal gland expression;
  • Intentional illness or injury inflicted by you or another member of your household including organized fighting activities;
  • Cosmetic and elective procedures – tail docking, declawing, ear cropping, microchipping, ear cleaning, and dewclaw removal;
  • Boarding and transport expenses;
  • Diseases which you can prevent by opting for vaccines or prophylactic medication for your pet;
  • Special foods, supplements, vitamins, shampoos, and bathing;
  • Experimental treatments and medicines;
  • Breeding, pregnancy, whelping, and queening;
  • Cremation or burial costs.

Healthy Paws Wellness Plans

Routine care is indeed something that’s expected of every pet parent to provide to their pet children. The costs for pet wellness treatments are always anticipated so they can be planned within a budget. Only you as a pet owner know and can decide which preventative procedures are best for your pet’s wellbeing.

That’s why Healthy Paws intentionally decides not to offer any plans for Pet Wellness. They believe the costs for a wellness plan are excessive and prevent pet owners from considering pet insurance as an affordable way to insure their pets from what’s life-threatening to them.

Pet wellness plan comes with benefits that can only be used once in a lifetime (spaying/neutering, microchipping) and some are almost never needed for some pets (deworming, flea and tick control, heartworm examination). Healthy Paws wants to eliminate this “unnecessary” cost since you can all plan these procedures beforehand.

At the end of the day, you don’t need a middleman, when you can easily budget expected expenses for your beloved companions.

Extra Features

There are two complementary features that Healthy Paws provides for every policyholder to make their experience more convenient and enjoyable.

In specific situations, the following features can turn to be very valuable and beneficial, so it’s worth knowing you have them:

  • Direct vet bill payment –  Whenever you feel like you’re facing an outstanding vet bill, you can contact Healthy Paws and discuss if they can pay the itemized invoice for you, instead of reimbursing the costs at a later point. This option is available for any licensed vet clinic, however, the clinic or emergency center must first agree to be paid by your insurance company directly and collaborate with them during the process;
  • Refer a friend to make a donation – You can use the Healthy Paws Referral program to refer your friends or family to become one of Healthy Paws’ policyholders and the company will donate $25 to help homeless animals on your behalf. Since this program was established, Healthy Paws has donated almost $1.4 toward their noble cause. Note that the program isn’t available in Maine, North Carolina, Nevada, Vermont, North Dakota, and Washington;

Healthy Paws Pricing Quotes

As you’re probably already familiar with prices for pet insurance, monthly premiums can largely vary depending on the costs of veterinary services where you live and the specific attributes of your pet.

If you’ve got an older purebred dog you can expect your premium to be much higher than that of a young mixed breed cat.

Healthy Paws has fixed unlimited claim benefits, but you can play around with your available deductible and reimbursement options. Those can reduce or increase the price of your monetary premium as well.

Given all of that, we performed an extensive research and figured out that the average prices of monthly premiums with Healthy Paws are in the range of $40-$80 per month for dogs and $15-$35 per month for cats.

It’s worth mentioning that your original monthly premium might increase in the future as you renew your policy. It all depends on your pet’s age, health condition, and the fluctuations of costs for veterinary services in your area of residence.

Pricing Quotes for Dogs

BreedGerman ShepherdFrench BulldogLabrador Retriever
Age2 years 4 months4 years 2 months6 years 6 months
LocationNew YorkCaliforniaColorado
Claim LimitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Plan name monthly premium$72.57/month$96.87/month$78.51/month

*quotes obtained in July 2021

Pricing Quotes for Cats

Age2 years 5 months4 years 1 month6 years 2 months
LocationNew YorkColoradoCalifornia
Claim LimitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Plan name monthly premium$30.43/month$37.43/month$26.85/month

*quotes obtained in July 2021

Discounts and Savings

This is where Healthy Paws lags behind its competition a tiny bit. The company doesn’t offer any discounts like most of its rivals do. One of the most used discounts by pet insurance companies is the one for signing up multiple pets with a single pet insurer usually ranges from 5% to 15%. Healthy Paws doesn’t provide this discount to its customers.

The only place where Healthy Paws has its doors wide open to incentivize new customers is its 30-day money-back guarantee. During this period you can test and tweak their services and if you happen not to be satisfied with just about anything, your initial payment will be fully refunded, no questions asked.

How Does Healthy Paws Compare With Its Competitors?

Here, we’ll set Healthy Paws against some of the top competitors in the pet insurance industry in order to see how the coverage and benefits they offer stack against each other.

The companies we’ll use for this comparison are Embrace, Pets Best, and Trupanion. All three of them are leaders in the niche and offer unique features that can help different types of pet owners and suit the needs of different pets.

Healthy Paws vs. Embrace

A worthy rival of Healthy Paws, Embrace is well-respected and widely known in the ranks of the best pet insurance companies.

They offer worldwide pet insurance coverage with competitive prices with lots of discount options to ensure every pet parent can provide the best medical care for their pet.

FeatureHealthy PawsEmbrace
Coverage Effective USA and CanadaWorldwide
ReimbursementChoice of 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, or 90% of covered expenses, depending on pet’s ageChoice of 70%, 80%, or 90% of covered expenses
Co-Payment10%, 20%,30%, 40%, or 50% depending on pet’s age10%, 20%, or 30%
Deductible$100 – $1,000 depending on pet’s age$200 – $1,000
Type of DeductibleAnnualAnnual
Claim Limit OptionsUnlimited$5,000 – $30,000
Accident-Only PlanNot availableAvailable
Wellness PlanNot availableAvailable
Unlimited Benefits Plan YesNo
Illness Waiting Period15 days14 days
Accident Waiting Period15 days2 days
Cruciate Ligament Waiting Period15 days (12 months for hip dysplasia)6 months (14 days with orthopedic report card)
Bilateral ExclusionsYesYes
Chronic ConditionsYesYes
Hereditary and Congenital ConditionsYesYes
Dental CoverageYesYes
Prescription MedicineYesYes
Alternative/Holistic TherapyYesYes
Behavioral IssuesYesYes
Exam FeesNoYes
Exam Required for EnrollmentYesNo
Available At Any Vet ClinicYesYes
Minimum Pet Age Limit8 weeks6 weeks
Maximum Pet Age Limit14 years (4 years in New York)14 years
Entry Fee$25.00$25.00
Monthly Transaction Fee$0.00$1.00
Multi-Pet DiscountNot available5%-10% (depending on state) for each pet
Claim RepaymentWithin 10 days (2-3 days on average)Within 14 days (8-9 days on average)
Direct Vet Bill PaymentAvailableNo
Money-Back Guarantee30 days30 days
AM Best RatingA++A+
BBB RatingAA+

*companies’ features compared in July 2021

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Healthy Paws vs. Pets Best

Compared to Healthy Paws, Pets Best also offers comprehensive coverage for cats and dogs with similar deductibles and unlimited claim benefits. Additionally, the company imposes no entry fee, no age restrictions for older pets, and has an accident-only coverage plan.

What we really like about Pets Best is their short waiting period for accidents which is only 3 days from the date of enrollment.

FeatureHealthy PawsPets Best
Coverage Effective USA and CanadaUSA, Canada, and Puerto Rico
ReimbursementChoice of 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, or 90% of covered expenses, depending on pet’s ageChoice of 70%, 80%, or 90% of covered expenses
Co-Payment10%, 20%,30%, 40%, or 50% depending on pet’s age10%, 20%, or 30%
Deductible$100 – $1,000 depending on pet’s age$50 – $1,000
Type of DeductibleAnnualAnnual
Claim Limit OptionsUnlimited$5,000 and Unlimited
Accident-Only PlanNot availableAvailable
Wellness PlanNot availableAvailable
Unlimited Benefits Plan YesYes
Illness Waiting Period15 days14 days
Accident Waiting Period15 days3 days
Cruciate Ligament Waiting Period15 days (12 months for hip dysplasia)6 months
Bilateral ExclusionsYesYes
Chronic ConditionsYesYes
Hereditary and Congenital ConditionsYesYes
Dental CoverageYesYes
Prescription MedicineYesOptional add-on
Alternative/Holistic TherapyYesOptional add-on
Behavioral IssuesYesYes
Exam FeesNoOptional add-on
Exam Required for EnrollmentYesNo
Available At Any Vet ClinicYesYes
MicrochipNoOptional add-on
Minimum Pet Age Limit8 weeks7 weeks
Maximum Pet Age Limit14 years (4 years in New York)No limit
Entry Fee$25.00$0.00
Monthly Transaction Fee$0.00$3.00
Multi-Pet DiscountNot available5% for each additional pet
Claim RepaymentWithin 10 days (2-3 days on average)Within 40 days (25 days on average)
Direct Vet Bill PaymentAvailableYes
Money-Back Guarantee30 days30 days
AM Best RatingA++Unrated
BBB RatingAA+

*companies’ features compared in July 2021

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Healthy Paws vs. Trupanion

Trupanion often stands out when compared to other pet insurance companies. That is mostly due to their unique approach to pet care coverage, especially in the way they design their deductibles.

The company offers per-incident deductibles which are only paid once in a lifetime per each condition and can start as low as $0, meaning they don’t have to be paid at all.

What’s more, with Trupanion all bilateral conditions are completely covered and the provider boasts one of the best policies on pet dental insurance out there.

FeatureHealthy PawsTrupanion
Coverage Effective USA and CanadaUSA, Canada, and Puerto Rico
ReimbursementChoice of 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, or 90% of covered expenses, depending on pet’s age90%
Co-Payment10%, 20%,30%, 40%, or 50% depending on pet’s age10%
Deductible$100 – $1,000 depending on pet’s age$0 – $1,000
Type of DeductibleAnnualPer condition
Claim Limit OptionsUnlimitedUnlimited
Accident-Only PlanNot availableNo
Wellness PlanNot availableNo
Unlimited Benefits Plan YesYes
Illness Waiting Period15 days30 days
Accident Waiting Period15 days5 days
Cruciate Ligament Waiting Period15 days (12 months for hip dysplasia)30 days
Bilateral ExclusionsYesNo
Chronic ConditionsYesYes
Hereditary and Congenital ConditionsYesYes
Dental CoverageYesYes
Prescription MedicineYesYes
Alternative/Holistic TherapyYesOptional add-on
Behavioral IssuesYesOptional add-on
Exam FeesNoNo
Exam Required for EnrollmentYesNo
Available At Any Vet ClinicYesYes
Minimum Pet Age Limit8 weeksNo limit
Maximum Pet Age Limit14 years (4 years in New York)14 years
Entry Fee$25.00$35.00
Monthly Transaction Fee$0.00$0.00
Multi-Pet DiscountNot availableNone
Claim RepaymentWithin 10 days (2-3 days on average)Within 60 days (14 on average)
Direct Vet Bill PaymentAvailableYes
Money-Back Guarantee30 days30 days
AM Best RatingA++Unrated
BBB RatingAA+

*companies’ features compared in July 2021

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Customer Service

Managing your account at Healthy Paws is quite straightforward with all the robust tools they provide for you. You can access it from a computer through their online portal or by phone or tablet through their mobile app.

The above online resources are convenient for managing your policy, filing claims, reviewing their status, or updating your pet’s and your own information.

Filing claims has never been simpler with Healthy Paws. You can upload your itemized invoice or simply take a picture of your vet bill and submit it online. Once your claim is processed, you can receive your reimbursement by mailed check or as a direct deposit to your bank account.

Other ways to contact their customer support center are also available:

  • Email:
  • Fax: (888) 228-4129
  • Phone: (855) 898-8991
    • Operating hours:
      Monday-Friday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST
      Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST
      Closed Sunday
  • Mail:
    Healthy Paws Pet Insurance
    P.O. Box 50034
    Bellevue, WA 98015

Customer Reviews

So far, we’ve managed to overview every feature that Healthy Paws offers and compare them to other leaders in the industry. However, a review is never complete without an insight into what real customers tell about their experiences with Healthy Paws.

That’s exactly what we’re bringing into this section. Here, you can read about some positive and negative testimonies about Healthy Paws, so you can better relate to it and form a well-rounded opinion if the pet insurer is the right one for you.

Positive Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Reviews

Healthy Paws has been a lifesaver for my dog Chewy. He was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and because of the streamlined coverage with no fee schedules etc, and the simplified claims process, he is getting the treatment that he needs! The customer service is fantastic and the claims process from submitting a claim (minutes!) to receiving reimbursement is in days. I received a flat 80% reimbursement after my deductible and this has saved my family thousands in costs and makes the decision to get the proper treatment for Chewy easy and stress-free.


I have had Healthy Paws insurance for 3 of my last 4 dogs. Each of them has had major (and majorly expensive) health issues (cancer, cancer, and irritable bowel syndrome that presented as an intestinal blockage). Every single time one of them had an issue, I never had to worry about whether I could afford the recommended treatment because I knew Healthy Paws would have my back. They make claim submittal extremely easy, they do all of the background work to obtain documentation, and they provide reimbursement quickly without maximums or fee schedules.

On top of that, they are kind and thoughtful and recognize that when you’re dealing with a sick pet, the last thing you want to worry about is the insurance. When my dog Bibi eventually passed, they quickly and without being asked canceled her policy and sent a sympathy card signed by the staff. I will always remember how touched I was by these incredibly thoughtful gestures. I highly recommend Healthy Paws to all my friends and family with pets.

Molly Knobler

Healthy Paws has been a lifesaver for our family, I wouldn’t own a pet without it. I recently had to take my dog in for Emergency Care for ingesting ibuprofen, and she needed a 3-day stay including medication for her aftercare. Not having to question how to pay for the care she needed was huge. It was so easy to upload the invoice to start a claim through the app, and it was processed within 2 days, with constant communication. The customer care team even followed up to see how she was doing. I highly recommend Healthy Paws for their ease of use, care, and quick processing and reimbursement.

Desiree Matia

Negative Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Reviews

We thought Healthy Paws was a great insurance because our claims get approved quickly and AT FIRST it was very affordable but going on our 3rd year now they have increased our premium by $100 the second year and now $60 this third year. We started paying $58 a month and now we will need to pay $200. In the middle of a pandemic, how do they expect people to afford this?

I assume it’s because of the amount of claims we have filed for our dog yet their policy CLEARLY states they don’t raise premiums for filing claims. I am enraged that I have to pay more in premiums for my dog than I do for myself and that this company thinks it’s okay to triple your premium in 2 years.

Amanda Gonzalez

Our monthly bill increased by 5 dollars without any notification that I received. The reason for the increase was the company had to pay more in our state. I canceled my insurance because this is a ridiculous reason. I should not pay extra because the company profit did not match what was expected. As a customer, we should be able to trust the insurance company but Healthy Paws failed completely. I did not have any claim but still, my insurance increased. What will happen when my pet gets older and we really need insurance? What a waste of money. So disappointed.


I’ve been working with Healthy Paws since August on a simple skin condition claim. They required 3 years of back records that my vet could not fax. They had to be mailed, so they closed my claim. They have now received the paper records, but I have contacted them 2 times to reopen the claim, but I can’t get a response from the Appeals or Help email address. My first claim with them was excellent, but this recent experience has been a huge disappointment.

Brenda Alvarado


It’s time to wrap up this Healthy Paws pet insurance review. We’ve covered all there is and on our way to the end, we discovered that Healthy Paws truly is one of the top pet insurance companies out there. The company offers master-crafted healthcare coverage for pets while keeping things simple and readily accessible.

We’re huge fans of their lightning-fast claim processing and reimbursement speed, their charitable approach to tackling social issues and helping homeless pets, and the trust customers put in their work.

However, the lack of an accident-only plan and wellness options might be a deal-breaker for some users. The absence of discounts and more ways to trim down the monthly premium is another minor drawback of Healthy Paws.

All in all, Healthy Paws is a leader in the industry and we see no reason that that should change in the near future. If you’re willing to compare it to more companies, check out our other reviews at ProtectMyPaws.

Healthy Paws Alternatives

Petco is a great alternative to Healthy Paws for everyone interested in a thorough wellness coverage for their precious puppy or kitten. The Vital Care plan includes unlimited routine exams, vaccines, grooming services, and even free bags of pet food. To win big, you can collect reward points each month which you can later use for more free stuff for your pet.

If you want something similar to Healthy Paws, but with even greater reimbursement power, check out Wagmo. The pet insurer has been around for only a while, but they quickly jumped to great heights since they decided to indulge their users with a 100% reimbursement rate that they can find deposited in their bank account in only 24 short hours. Transparency and simplicity are some of Wagmo’s core strengths in attracting more pet owners to their service.

Lastly, a tool that honors innovative technology – Pumpkin. This young pet insurance business is quite budget-friendly and provides resources that you can use to predict your pet’s future health problems, hence help you avoid them or assist you in mitigating the costs to remove them. Pumpkin reinstates curable pre-existing conditions, and just like Healthy Paws, regularly donates to charitable organizations helping animals in need of healthcare and shelter.


Is Healthy Paws operating normally since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out?

Absolutely! Every Healthy Paws employee started working from home as soon as the pandemic started to help flatten the curve. Their working hours remain the same so you shouldn’t expect any declines in service.

Can I use the physical exam records that were performed for my pet before I adopted it from the shelter?

Yes, you may use your pet’s adoption physical exam if it was performed by a licensed veterinarian. If you’re unsure of it, you can send Healthy Paws your exam documentation and they will check it for you and promptly let you know if you’re good to go or if another exam should be performed.

Should I file a claim for a veterinary procedure if my deductible is higher than my actual vet bill?

We definitely recommend submitting a claim for any veterinary procedure, regardless of its cost. This will help toward maximizing your annual deductible, which once reached, will stay taken care of for the rest of the billing cycle.

What payment methods are currently accepted by Healthy Paws?

You can pay for your premiums using any credit or debit card issued by MasterCard, American Express, VISA, or Discover.

Why is there a $25 entry fee when enrolling with Healthy Paws?

The company charges this one-time $25 fee to cover administrative costs, costs for setting up your account, and the costs for monthly billing. It is the only fee required by Healthy Paws for the entirety of your policy lifetime.

Due to privacy concerns, you cannot discover who signs up to become a Healthy Paws policyholder. However, Healthy Paws will send you an email to let you know that a donation has been made on your behalf.

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