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Eusoh Pet Coverage Review

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We’re hosting another alternative pet coverage solution on our website! Meet Eusoh – the community sharing concept where no credit companies are involved.

By avoiding the traditional pet insurance model, Eusoh is all about trust, empowerment, and fairness. They gather pet parents from all around the country and comprise a community that invests in coverage for everyone’s veterinary expenses.

By using the power of peer-to-peer allocation and innovative tech, Eusoh is able to offer a fresh new perspective on taking care of your pet.

Eusoh’s coverage is even more comprehensive than that which is usually offered by pet insurers. In this review, we’ll explain how they succeed in doing this.

And on top of this all, they’re even more affordable than the rest of the pet insurance options on the current market.

To learn why Eusoh is so big on affordability, transparency, community, and accountability, continue reading this Eusoh pet coverage review and discover if they will adequately fit your requirements.

Eusoh’s Pros & Cons

No physical exam is required for signing up with EusohHigher than average waiting periods
Affordable monthly feesHigh initial deposit
Comprehensive coverage for illnesses, accidents, wellness, prescription medications, and moreNo mobile apps are available
Coverage for bilateral conditionsPet coverage isn’t flexible
Coverage for euthanasia, cremation, and burial costs
$10 multi-pet discount
An unlimited 24/7 televet service at no extra cost

Eusoh’s Key Attributes

  1. Underwriter: While Eusoh may seem exactly like a pet insurance plan to the average customer, it is actually not. The service is a community pet coverage system that pays out their customers’ veterinary costs using funds gathered by their own community of pet owners. Their business model doesn’t stem from a bank-sponsored credit loan program, therefore, credit rating agencies don’t rank Eusoh.
    • AM Best Rating: N/A
    • BBB Rating: A+
  2. Exam period: There is no requirement for a complete physical exam prior to joining with Eusoh. During the process of signing up, Eusoh will require you to fill out a questionnaire for your pet. There will be questions regarding your pet’s medical records and you must answer as truthfully as possible. Getting caught in a lie, later on, may very likely lead to dismissal from Eusoh’s program.
  3. Increase in monthly premium: Eusoh and rising premiums are like two sides of the same coin. The program fees aren’t even real “premiums”. You only pay in accordance with the monthly costs of your Eusoh community. So, the price of your monthly fee will largely depend on how many veterinary visits/procedures were there in your community and how expensive they were. But there is a monthly maximum that guarantees you will never pay a cent beyond that. Currently, that maximum is set at $65/month.
  4. Claim submission time limit: You have 30 days from the date you received your veterinary invoice to submit your claim with Eusoh (with this insurance provider, claims are simply called expenses). If you breach this 30-day timeframe, the Eusoh community might not reimburse you for your veterinary expenses.
  5. Claim processing times: It all depends on what date you submit your expenses. Eusoh starts processing your submitted expenses right away but distributes reimburses on the 28th day of each month. For example, if you submit an expense on March 23rd, you will most likely receive your reimbursement in 5 days. But if you submit an expense on March 29th, you will have to wait an entire month to get your money back.
  6. Waiting periods: Eusoh imposes waiting periods just like pet insurance companies do. While they aren’t ahead of the pet insurance sector in this aspect, their waiting periods for all accidents, illnesses, wellness, and orthopedic conditions are conveniently the same. To be able to submit a claim for any type of veterinarian expense, its invoice must be set after the 30th day after your enrollment with Eusoh.
    • Accidents – 30 days;
    • Illnesses – 30 days;
    • Wellness – 30 days;
    • Orthopedic conditions – 30 days.
  7. Pet insurance coverage with Eusoh is valid throughout the entire US but can’t be purchased by residents of the states of Washington and Kentucky. However, the Eusoh team works fast to make their services available to these guys too. The rest of US residents can purchase Eusoh’s pet coverage plan and use it with any veterinarian they want. Eusoh doesn’t have a network of veterinary service providers.
  8. Bilateral conditions like knee tissue issues, luxating patellas, hip and elbow dysplasia, cataracts, cruciate ligament events, and anything that might affect both sides of a pet’s body, aren’t excluded from Eusoh’s coverage. Most pet insurance providers exclude these conditions even if they were pre-existing only on one side of the pet’s body – they will exclude the other side from coverage as well.

Eusoh’s Pet Coverage Plans

We’ve already discussed that Eusoh’s pet coverage doesn’t work exactly as an insurance plan. But when you gather all the information about it and see it in action, the resemblance to traditional insurance is uncanny.

All of the notable characteristics of a pet insurance policy are there: annual deductible, annual claim limit, reimbursement and copayment percentage, even waiting periods. The biggest difference is the background process of funding your pet coverage.

While regular pet insurers are handled by underwriters and large administrators who are there to ensure funds are in place and credits are stable, Eusoh depends largely on their own community of pet parents.

Now, let’s focus on what all the limitations of the single Eusoh pet coverage plan are. You can review its details right below:

  • Annual expenses benefit limit: $8,500;
  • Annual out-of-pocket sum (deductible): $250;
  • Reimbursement percentage: 80%;
  • Member share (copayment percentage): 20%

The tricky part about Eusoh’s reimbursement approach is that it’s based on a benefits schedule system. The company keeps track of the average pricing of every single instance they cover, and they have a TrueVet Guide where you can check out all benefit prices. However, if what you paid is lower or higher than Eusoh’s average pricing, the company promises a regional variance added or subtracted from your reimbursement amount. So, you should always expect to be reimbursed about 80% of your veterinary expenses.

There is also an initial deposit of $48. This deposit ensures you’re willing to provide for your community of fellow pet owners. It’s there to secure reimbursements for everyone in the community, whenever someone needs one. Out of each deposit pooled in your community, a small portion is taken whenever a member needs to be reimbursed. After each month you will need to refill its balance so it’s $48 again.

The deposit also ensures you will stay committed to your Eusoh community. Eusoh will refund it back to you after you spend an entire year with them or if you wish to cancel after the first year. However, they won’t refund your deposit if you wish to leave earlier than that.

Then there are Eusoh’s waiting periods. They are the same for every coverable instance and last for 30 days from the date of your enrollment. So, the waiting period for all accidents, illnesses, preventative procedures, alternative therapies, and everything else, is 30 days.

Ultimately, it’s good to know that you can use Eusoh’s pet coverage at any veterinary, emergency, or specialty clinic within the US. This pet coverage provider doesn’t comprise a network of veterinary providers.

What’s Covered With a Eusoh Policy

We went through all the information provided by Eusoh about their pet coverage and we came to the conclusion that this provider of pet healthcare coverage definitely surpasses a traditional pet insurance plan.

Eusoh’s community covers almost everything that you do at the vet clinic with only a few exceptions that aren’t covered by pet insurance companies either.

So, in one comprehensive plan, you’ll receive coverage not only for accidents and illnesses that struck unexpectedly, but also for planned routine and preventative procedures, alternative therapies, annual checkups, prescribed meds and supplements, and a ton of other veterinary expenses.

Here, we’ll include a list of the most commonly sought-after veterinary requests by pet owners across the country:

  • Accidents – expenses for taking care of poisoning, ingestion of foreign bodies, fractures, injuries caused by a moving vehicle, lacerations, cuts, sprains, burns, tears, and more similar injuries;
  • Illnesses – expenses for immediate one-time or continuous treatments for disorders of the skin, digestive system, urinary and respiratory infections, kidney stones, hair infections, eye and ear conditions, removal of fleas, ticks, and other parasites, and much more;
  • Cancer treatments – cytology, biopsy, maxillectomy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and more;
  • Hereditary and congenital conditions – diabetes, luxating patellas, wobbler syndrome, intervertebral disc disease, glaucoma, elbow and hip dysplasia, and more;
  • Fees for veterinary visits – expenses for annual check-ups, consultations, treatments advice, and more;
  • Diagnosing and lab testing – radiology, MRI, cardiac imaging, doppler, CT scans, skin tests, allergy test, virus and bacteria tests, X-rays, blood panel, urinalysis, ultrasound, and more;
  • Prescribed medications, vitamins, and nutritional supplements – reimbursable only if prescribed by a qualified veterinarian and approved by the FDA;
  • Surgeries and hospital care;
  • Medical supplies – casts, splints, band-aids, bandages, splints, etc.;
  • Dental care – costs for caries restoration, treating, gingivitis, periodontal disease, stomatitis, tooth extractions, tartar removal, pulpotomy, and more; 
  • Alternative and holistic therapies – hydrotherapy, homeopathy, naturotherapy,  acupuncture, chiropractic therapy, laser therapy, and more;
  • Pet wellness care – wellness exams, vaccinations, total blood count, fecal tests, heartworm tests, anal gland expression, and more;
  • End-of-life – costs for euthanasia (anesthesia included) administered by a qualified vet, cremation, and burial;
  • Medical waste fees.

To be really certain of the medical treatments or medications that Eusoh will cover for you, you can access their TrueVet Guide – a tool located in your account’s dashboard which lets you search for everything you have in mind and gives you info if your terms are reimbursable and what the average costs for them would be.

What’s Excluded From Eusoh’s Coverage

As instructed by Eusoh’s guidelines, the Eusoh pet community doesn’t allow coverage for certain conditions and veterinary procedures.

However, when we compared Eusoh’s exclusions to what most pet insurance companies exclude from their policies, we are delighted to say that Eusoh is quite generous with its coverage options. Their exclusions are only a portion of what top pet insurers ban from their plans.

To get what we’re talking about, check out the list of exclusions by Eusoh:

  • Pre-existing conditions;
  • Spaying or neutering;
  • Dental cleanings;
  • Preventative gastropexy;
  • Medications for routine treatments such as preventatives against ticks, fleas, heartworm, and similar parasites;
  • Aesthetic and cosmetic procedures with no intention to better the health and wellbeing of a pet such as tail docking, declawing, ear cropping, dewclaw removal, eyelash removal, etc.;
  • Grooming and bathing including medicated baths;
  • Pet food, even if it’s prescribed by a qualified vet;
  • Costs for veterinary treatments designed to deal with complications arising from breeding and pregnancy;
  • Nail trimming;
  • Nutritional supplements that aren’t prescribed by a qualified vet (may be reimbursable if they are prescribed for treating a coverable medical condition).

Extra Features – Unlimited 24/7 Televet Service

There’s one complimentary feature coming with each Eusoh subscription. It’s a tool located on your Eusoh online dashboard which allows you to get in touch with a virtual veterinarian.

Every time you have a concern about your pet’s health or a question about your Eusoh pet coverage, you can get a hold of one of Eusoh’s skilled veterinary professionals and get the answers you so desperately need.

The service is made available by FirstVet – a leader in online veterinary consultations. They partner with Eusoh to provide their customers with top-notch veterinary advice any time they wish.

This 24/7 virtual vet service can help you save precious time and unnecessary costs by taking a trip to your local vet clinic. If it’s a matter of emergency, your dedicated Eusoh veterinarian will advise you to visit your vet, but otherwise, they can consult you on how to deal with your issue at home if they don’t deem your situation as an emergency.

Eusoh’s Pricing Quotes

The monthly fee that each Eusoh member pays is comprised of two parts: a) a subscription fee that goes to the Eusoh team so they can take care of their platform, the community, and all of the processes that connect the two, and b) a community fee that comprises a pool of funds which are later used to reimburse each member for their veterinary expenses.

Eusoh’s subscription fee is always $17/month per pet. This fee is used to make revenue for Eusoh but also for keeping the platform alive. This allows Eusoh to never meddle with the rest of the community funds and keep their interest aligned with their core mission.

The rest of the total fee is meant to comprise the expense-share pool used to reimburse everyone in the community. In the beginning, your initial deposit of $48 is used in the expense-share pool. A portion of it is taken each month to reimburse those that submit their expenses (if approved). The next month, your fee will be a product of the subscription fee + what was taken from your deposit during the current month.

At most, your Eusoh pet coverage monthly price will be $65/month tops.

Discounts and Savings

Eusoh makes every effort to keep the price of their pet coverage package at affordable levels at all times. We’ve already seen that for the price you pay, Eusoh includes everything you’ll ever need for your pet’s healthcare. Pet insurance prices can sometimes be even higher than that of Eusoh’s, and they don’t even cover wellness care in their base coverage plans.

Like that’s not enough, Eusoh even offers discount and savings programs so you can lower your monthly fee even further.

There are several of those and we’ll explain them here:

  • Multi-pet discount: If your love for pets is uncontrollable like ours and you own a whole bunch of them, Eusoh will grant you $10 off of the monthly fees if you sign up more than 2 pets with them. That is $10 less for your third, fourth, fifth, and every subsequent pet that you add to your Eusoh plan.
  • Employee benefits: Eusoh is a new pet coverage solution that’s just now emerging among the many other options in this sector. But they are partnering with companies across the country fast. Employers find it very beneficial to offer pet coverage as a benefit to their employees so they can keep them happy and more productive. And signing up through your employer will get you another discount with Eusoh. So, check with your HR to see if they offer the Eusoh program or let them know about it.
  • Promo code: Lots of insurance agents and rescue centers partner with Eusoh to offer their pet coverage solution to more pet parents. They usually grant a promo code with their referral to get you to sign up at a lower fee. Such code is HEAT and if you enter it during registration, you’ll get the first two months of your Eusoh pet coverage plan free of the subscription fee. That way, you’ll save up to $34.
  • Avoiding transaction fees: Depending on which payment method you’re using to pay for your monthly fees (and even to withdraw your reimbursements), Eusoh collects a specific fee. For example, credit cards have transaction fees of 3% + $0.30 on each payment and you can’t even use this type of card for withdrawals. Using a debit card will cost you 1.5% + $0.20 on each transaction and $1.00 on each withdrawal. However, we recommend setting up an ACH payment method (direct bank deposit), because with this method there are no fees for transactions and withdrawals.

Eusoh also grants a 30-day deposit-refund guarantee if you haven’t been able to join a community group or you’re within the first month of your Eusoh subscription. If you fulfill these two conditions, you’re entitled to a full refund of your initial deposit.

How Does Eusoh Compare With Its Competitors?

Similar or different, Eusoh is definitely the only pet coverage product of its type. We’ve learned that the company is providing community-shared coverage for its clients, but at the end of the day, the final results involve waiting periods, deductibles, copayments, and reimbursements, just like traditional pet insurance.

That’s why we’ll compare Eusoh with other pet insurance providers to see how they hold up against them. 

The three comparison charts below involve Toto, Figo, and TrustedPals which are all quite original with their offers. Let’s see how Eusoh fares in this field.

Eusoh vs. Toto

Toto is an affordable pet insurance solution that might be better than Eusoh in a couple of aspects.

The company has a brilliant accident-only pet insurance plan that provides amazing coverage for under $10/month. They don’t have an entry fee as well.

But, Toto is quite restrictive to older pets when it comes to covering them for illnesses. Their wellness plan is also priced with an additional fee, unlike Eusoh’s coverage for wellness care which is included in the base plan.

Coverage Effective USAUSA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, and US Virgin Islands
Reimbursement80%Choice of 70%, 80%, or 90% of covered expenses
Co-Payment20%10%, 20%, or 30%
Deductible$250$100 – $500
Type of DeductibleAnnualAnnual
Claim Limit Options$8,500$2,500, $7,500, or $15,000
Accident-Only PlanNot availableAvailable
Wellness PlanIncludedAvailable
Unlimited Benefits Plan NoNo
Illness Waiting Period30 days14 days
Accident Waiting Period30 days2 days
Orthopedic Conditions Waiting Period30 days6 months
Bilateral ExclusionsYesYes
Chronic ConditionsYesYes
Hereditary and Congenital ConditionsYesYes
Dental CoverageYesYes
Prescription MedicineYesYes
Alternative/Holistic TherapyYesYes (30-day waiting period)
Behavioral IssuesYesYes (30-day waiting period)
Exam FeesYesYes
Exam Required for EnrollmentNoNo
Available At Any Vet ClinicYesYes
MicrochipYesOptional add-on
Minimum Pet Age LimitNo limit8 weeks for dogs and 10 weeks for cats
Maximum Pet Age LimitNo limit9 years for accidents and illnesses coverage;No limit for accident-only coverage
Entry Fee$48 refundable deposit$0.00
Monthly Transaction Fee1.5% + $0.20 for debit cards; 3% + $0.30 for credit cards (paid on every transaction)$3.00
Multi-Pet Discount$10 off on each pet after the second enrolled pet5% on multi-pet policies
Claim RepaymentOn the 28th of each monthWithin 3-4 days on average
Direct Vet Bill PaymentNot availableNot available
Money-Back Guarantee30 days30 days
AM Best RatingNot availableA-
BBB RatingA+A+

*companies compared in January 2022

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Eusoh vs. Figo

If you plan to travel around the world a lot with your pet, Figo might be a much better choice for you than Eusoh. Figo’s pet coverage is available worldwide and their waiting periods for accidents and illnesses are a lot shorter than those of Eusoh.

Figo also offers a 100% reimbursement with a choice of $0 deductible. You’ll definitely pay more than you would with Eusoh, but you’ll never have to deal with paying additional deductibles and participating with coinsurance.

Although, you’ll have to pay a $15 entry fee with Figo and not get coverage for veterinary exam fees included with your base pet insurance policy.

Coverage Effective USAWorldwide
Reimbursement80%Choice of 70%, 80%, 90%, or 100% of covered expenses
Co-Payment20%0%, 10%, 20%, or 30%
Deductible$250$100 – $1,500 depending on pet’s age
Type of DeductibleAnnualAnnual
Claim Limit Options$8,500$5,000, $10,000, or Unlimited
Accident-Only PlanNot availableNot available
Wellness PlanIncludedAvailable in all states except Florida and Utah
Unlimited Benefits Plan NoYes
Illness Waiting Period30 days14 days
Accident Waiting Period30 days1 day (3 days in AK, CO, FL, ID, MO, NJ, NY, UT, and WA)
Orthopedic Conditions Waiting Period30 days6 months (only applies to dogs)
Bilateral ExclusionsYesYes
Chronic ConditionsYesYes
Hereditary and Congenital ConditionsYesYes
Dental CoverageYesYes
Prescription MedicineYesYes
Alternative/Holistic TherapyYesYes
Behavioral IssuesYesYes
Exam FeesYesOptional add-on
Exam Required for EnrollmentNoNo
Available At Any Vet ClinicYesYes
MicrochipYesOptional add-on
Minimum Pet Age LimitNo limit8 weeks
Maximum Pet Age LimitNo limitNo Limit
Entry Fee$48 refundable deposit$15.00
Monthly Transaction Fee1.5% + $0.20 for debit cards; 3% + $0.30 for credit cards (paid on every transaction)$2.00
Multi-Pet Discount$10 off on each pet after the second enrolled pet5%-10% for each additional pet (depending on the state)
Claim RepaymentOn the 28th of each monthWithin 10 days (1-4 days on average)
Direct Vet Bill PaymentNot availableNo
Money-Back Guarantee30 days30 days
AM Best RatingNot availableA-
BBB RatingA+B

*companies compared in January 2022

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Eusoh vs. TrustedPals

TrustedPals beats Eusoh when pre-existing conditions are on the table. The company allows for them to be reinstated if they have been classified as “cured” by a qualified veterinarian.

TrustedPals doesn’t impose annual coverage limits and offers to reimburse your veterinary expenses with up to 100% of their price.

But just like Figo, TrustedPals has a large entry fee ($21) and they don’t provide a free-look period.

Coverage Effective USAUSA
Reimbursement80%Choice of 70%, 80%, 90%, or 100% of covered expenses
Co-Payment20%0%, 10%, 20%, or 30%
Deductible$250$0 – $750
Type of DeductibleAnnualAnnual
Claim Limit Options$8,500$1,000 – Unlimited
Accident-Only PlanNot availableNot available
Wellness PlanIncludedAvailable
Unlimited Benefits Plan NoYes
Illness Waiting Period30 days14 days
Accident Waiting Period30 days14 days
Orthopedic Conditions Waiting Period30 days12 months
Bilateral ExclusionsYesYes
Chronic ConditionsYesYes
Hereditary and Congenital ConditionsYesYes
Dental CoverageYesYes
Prescription MedicineYesYes
Alternative/Holistic TherapyYesYes
Behavioral IssuesYesYes
Exam FeesYesYes
Exam Required for EnrollmentNoNo
Available At Any Vet ClinicYesYes
Minimum Pet Age LimitNo limit8 weeks
Maximum Pet Age LimitNo limitNo limit
Entry Fee$48 refundable deposit$12.00 administrative fee and $9.00 medical records fee
Monthly Transaction Fee1.5% + $0.20 for debit cards; 3% + $0.30 for credit cards (paid on every transaction)$1.00 (waived if billed annually)
Multi-Pet Discount$10 off on each pet after the second enrolled pet5% for all pets
Claim RepaymentOn the 28th of each monthWithin 10 days
Direct Vet Bill PaymentNot availableNot available
Money-Back Guarantee30 daysNot available
AM Best RatingNot availableA+
BBB RatingA+A+

*companies compared in January 2022

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Customer Service

You can reach a customer support representative through a number of options with Eusoh. There’s a convenient contact form on their Contact page, but they also include a phone number, a live chat service that’s available during working hours, an email address, and you can even send them a letter.

Here are all of Eusoh’s communication channels:

  • Phone: (424) 389-0588;
  • Email:
  • Mailing address:
    Eusoh, Inc.
    9001 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 207
    Beverly Hills, CA 90211
  • Working hours:
    Monday through Friday: from 9 am – 5 pm PST
    Saturdays and Sundays: closed

If you need live veterinary assistance, you can contact a skilled professional through your Eusoh online dashboard. They are available 24/7 for all Eusoh customers.

When it comes to mobile apps, Eusoh doesn’t provide any. You can access their website and online portal through a computer or mobile browser.

Customer Reviews

Even though they’re still new, Eusoh claims to have about 25,000 registered members. Since registering with Eusoh is free, this number might not reflect the real picture of active Eusoh members. They state about 1,400 registered pets, so that might be a more realistic number.

Our point is, online reviews about Eusoh are still scarce. But, we dug deep and discovered a few lurking around the web.

We’ll include them here so you get first-hand information on what real customers testify about their time spent with Eusoh.

Positive Eusoh Pet Insurance Reviews

With Eusoh, I still have to meet my deductible but I don’t mind it since the monthly payment is still cheaper than all the top pet insurance I’ve been quoted and any vet visit goes toward the deductible or the community.

For Eusoh, you first ask to join a group/community. For instance, I joined the Urban Dogs group. When you receive a vet bill, you submit it to eusoh and if you meet your deductible, whatever is left over is split evenly among the members of the group. We’ve had some pretty pricey vet bills over the year but my monthly eusoh statement has never gone above $67 a month which is inexpensive compared to what I’ve been quoted by health paws, Trupanion, and Figo for her age, size, and breed.

I also like this community aspect because I feel like I am helping a lot of pets get the care they need and it allows pet owners not to be burdened by the costs of expensive vet care costs, which can be a huge barrier for potential pet owners and it keeps them from adopting dogs. There are so many dogs in the world who deserve homes.


I’ve been with Eusoh and they are a great company. They have paid on time and even cover Wellness. I feel good that my money is helping out other pet parents, great concept! So, Eusoh does charge a $17 per animal fee and that is for the management of claims and audits. The most you will pay is $48 per animal depending on how many claims there are for a month. They have over 500 members and are definitely worth checking out.


I have Eusoh for my two dogs. It’s great. Cheaper than traditional insurance as I’ve had that too. Figo insurance. I switched to Eusoh in May. The waiting period is 30 days which is nothing compared to six months with other insurance. Claims are completed right away. I was amazed at how fast it was. I would highly recommend Eusoh to anyone with fur babies. It really is peace of mind. Research it more but it is great.


Negative Eusoh Pet Insurance Reviews

My concern with it would be regulation and oversight, as this model allows the company to avoid being monitored. Given that it still requires a monthly payment, albeit a smaller one, I don’t find it an attractive proposition for my circumstances. The idea of starting a network of friends and family also seems ripe for resentment and abuse. Let’s say you told your cousin how to find a reputable breeder and they bought a puppy mill Pomsky/doodle/puggle anyway. Now the dog has a ton of expensive health issues that are all genetic, and your cousin wants your portion of the payment for those bills.

It would be natural to feel angry, frustrated, and resentful in that situation, which will impact your relationship with your cousin. Friends, family, co-workers are all people I want to never have financial dealings with, because it can negatively impact the relationship.


You have to wait 30 days before you can access your reimbursements.


Disappointed that they don’t cover pre-existing conditions.



It’s time we sum up everything we learned about Eusoh in this Eusoh pet coverage review.

Eusoh is an alternative to traditional pet insurance by offering a community-sharing pet coverage package that reimburses veterinary expenses for all kinds of medical issues – accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions, cancer, but also preventative procedures like vaccines and tons of laboratory tests.

There’s also Eusoh’s coverage for alternative therapies, anesthesia-assisted euthanasia, dental care, and prescribed medications. All for a low monthly fee that will never rise above $65/month.

Every Eusoh community member testifies that the platform is reliable and trustworthy when it comes to processing everyone’s medical expenses and reimbursing them in a timely manner. 

There is, of course, some room for improvement. Eusoh can tone down its waiting periods a bit and increase its reimbursement level (some pet insurers offer reimbursement of up to 90% or even 100% of veterinary costs).

All in all, Eusoh is one of our top recommendations. But we also recommend that you get familiar with all other options out there before making your final choice. Browse around Protect My Paws and learn about everything on the pet insurance subject.

Eusoh’s Alternatives

We’re still not done here. Let us help you with some more Eusoh alternatives!

ASPCA Pet Insurance is our first choice. This pet insurance company is backed by ASCPA itself – the pillar of America’s fight against animal cruelty. Their pet insurance plan is flexible, easy to understand, and quite comprehensive. They can be cheaper than Eusoh if you’re a cat lover. Additionally, they are the only pet insurance company that offers pet coverage for horses.

As our second choice, meet Pawp – another alternative to pet insurance. This guy provides coverage only for emergency situations and costs a flat fee of $24/month. If you don’t want to bother with increasing monthly premiums and deal with tiresome insurance policies, this is the option for you. It doesn’t provide a lot, but it’s super-affordable and will get your pet covered when they need it the most.

Lastly, Pet Assure, just like Eusoh and Pawp is not an insurance plan but an alternative pet coverage solution. It’s a low-cost discount service that holds the power to cover all pets in your home for a flat monthly fee. It offsets only 25% of your veterinary expenses but covers literally everything. Pre-existing conditions, breeding and pregnancy-related complications, and spaying/neutering are all covered by Pet Assure. With them, you can even put exotic pets on your policy and get them covered too!


Can I edit my questionnaire or the pet details on my Eusoh profile after I successfully signed up with the community?

Unfortunately, no. To keep fraud at bay and maintain its integrity, Eusoh doesn’t allow any manipulations with the data they already have. The only thing that you can change on your profile is the picture of your pet if you haven’t uploaded any during your enrollment process with Eusoh. There is a possibility that other changes could be performed, but you’ll need to contact and they will work with you to see what can be done about your request.

Is Eusoh available in my state?

It depends on where you live, but most probably yes. Eusoh is available all around the US with the expectation of Kentucky and Washington. If you’re from one of these two states, you should expect Eusoh to arrive in your state pretty soon.

What happens if I’m not accepted in one of Eusoh’s community groups?

If you recently joined Eusoh and applied to join one of their groups but ended up being rejected, you are free to withdraw your application and request a full refund on your initial deposit.

I regularly check your TrueVet Guide to see if my medical expenses are reimbursable by Eusoh. What if some of my medical expenses aren’t listed there?

The TrueVetGuide gets constantly updated with new procedures or medications as members submit their expenses. If you can’t find the procedure or medication that you’re looking for, contact Eusoh at with the name of the procedure/medication, and they’ll soon let you know if it will be reimbursable by your community.

Why is Eusoh more affordable than traditional pet insurance providers?

Pet insurance companies heavily rely on underwriting services and risk calculators so they can manage safe revenue gathering and a reliable ability to reimburse. Eusoh simply relies on its members. There aren’t large groups of middlemen involved and fees for different kinds of administration and processing, so naturally, Eusoh is able to offer their coverage services at lower rates.

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